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Greetings of the Season


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20 hours ago, AR surround said:

I love your AR ornament.  Does it include new capacitors? 

No, but the wiring was tricky ?

RoyC made the ornament from some of my repro badges. Gives the tree a little class.

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3 hours ago, xmas111 said:

The amps are -  Yaqin MC-100B  with KT-120's.    Sound very nice with the 3a's.

I have a Yaqin tube buffer. I switched the coupling caps to Mundorf and run some Tung-Sol 6SN7 tubes. I run my CD player into it.

I also have a Bob Latino ST-120 that I use with my AR10Pi and it sounds wonderful.

RodH upgrade.jpg

rodh CD3 6sn7.JPG



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