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  1. Hi Kent! Yes, the HiVi tweeters are still in use. I haven't sent the originals to Chris, yet. I'm curious, too, as to how they'll sound in comparison to the HiVi's, which I honestly consider to be very good. They certainly don't do anything to the sound that is negative! I'm thinking they may either stay in the AR-5's or go to the AR-2ax's IF the original tweeters warrant the exchange. Thank you for the kind words! I have to admit that I haven't had this much fun or been so enthralled by a piece of audio gear in quite some time. That's saying something! ~~Sara
  2. I am SO enjoying these speakers! They are so involving, so immersive. I'm past the point of marveling about their age and "antiquated" engineering, and simply enjoying them. Which is very easy to do. Fifty years of speaker "growth" and "design advances" and "new ideas" (plus Thiel/Small) mean nothing when I press "play" on my Marantz SA8260, turn off the lights, and sit back. These AR-5's make the room disappear, replacing it with the room in which the recording was made. They simply make great sounds, and they are astounding in that regard. The cabinet edges aren't beveled, the drivers
  3. @crumpets beautiful work! I'm with @Aadams, if those mids are working, leave them alone. And, yes, they are wonderful, wonderful drivers. Congratulations on your AR-5's!
  4. Just to add to my impressions, the HiVi's are working beautifully in my AR-5's. I've not changed the polarity on either tweeter, I don't know that I'd hear a difference. They certainly sound fine the way they are. I don't know that the AR-5's sounded like with the original tweeters, so no comment on that, but with the HiVi's - they're wonderful. Absolutely contemporary in their performance. Good luck with your AR-5's!
  5. I used short wood screws to secure the HiVi tweeters I'm using in my AR-5's. The screws are arrayed at the 12, 8, and 4 o'clock positions. There is no need to remove any wood to clear the terminals on the tweeters. Also, the HiVi tweeters come with a foam gasket. I used the terminals mounted on the front of the baffle to connect them, running the signal wire through the mounting hole at the 6 o'clock position. I used some of the "clay" sealer to close up the hole, from behind, after I ran the wire through it.
  6. Recorded with my iPhone XR. https://www.facebook.com/sarals/videos/10218307775596872/
  7. You are very kind!!! That means a lot to me. I've got more photos to share, but the software here isn't letting me - I keep getting a "failure to process - 200" error. When I get that cleared up, I'll put some more up. @ra.ra, you folks are terrific! Thank you so much!
  8. @ra.ra, I'll take that ding, with honor!! Maybe that's were the bottom octave is, tied up in those flat dust caps?
  9. This morning I completed the second speaker. I was going to determine Fs on the woofer, but I couldn't find a 10 ohm resistor. Nothing even close! So, that did not get done. I proceeded with the assembly, reasonably sure the woofer would be fine. I cleaned the pots with Deoxit, with success! The caps were all replaced, the HiVi tweeter was prepared with the 0.05mH inductor, and installed. I hooked up a source and tested the pots. They worked just fine. The stuffing went back into the cabinet, and then the woofer was installed. Another test was performed, using interstation noise from
  10. I noticed these on eBay yesterday. They look quite nice, and they come with original accessories. Someone may get a good deal! https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-SPEAKERS-AR-5/233141913361?hash=item3648574711
  11. "Value added", perhaps, with the supertweeter?
  12. One of the things I love about audio is the differing opinions,. What I find about that, when a piece is good - neutral, gets most right - most everyone agrees. I have had no experience with classic AR speakers in almost 50 years. I never heard the 2ax's before I acquired my current pair. I never heard AR-5's, ever. I wasn't even aware of them until I came to this forum. I've had many a speaker system since my college years, and - here it is again - what strikes me about the speakers I really liked is how similar they sounded. It seems to me that the current crop of well regarded ('book
  13. I noticed that inductor, Pete. The 2ax's were built to a price point, I'm sure. Even so, they have the same overall character of the AR-5's, the voicing is very similar.
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