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  1. I'm the original owner of my AR9's that I bought when they first came out and they don't have the foam inserts. They never did. The tweeter has a thin foam pad around it but that's it. And I'm pretty sure the tweeters I replaced at one time and that's why they have the thin foam pad around them.
  2. You should be fine. The AR-2ax's have a maximum rating of 100 watts. BTW my first set of AR speakers were 2ax's back in the early 70's....loved them! Here's a link to our library which shows the power handling of AR speakers.
  3. Nice job Kent! They look awesome and the grills will give them the finishing touch. I'll keep watching your progress with these..... John
  4. I had the same rattling issue with my AR-2ax's several years ago. As it turns out it was the spider coming loose from the basket. Roy's picture show the same thing I found with mine. Here's a picture of what mine looked like. John
  5. The LST has 4 tweeters, 4 mids and a 12" woofer and is a 4 ohm speaaker. The LST-2 has 3 tweeters, 3 mids and a 10" woofer and is a 8 ohm speaker.
  6. Sold my LST-2's a few years ago. (Kind of wish I didn't but I still have the LST'S) Kent's advice is excellent as usual, listen to him! Take your time and you should be fine. The LST-2's are fine speakers and should give you many more years of service. As for those "Spectral Balance" knobs, I'm pretty sure there's TWO set screws in each of them. Good luck with them. John
  7. Here's a link to the stands I made for my LST's a few years ago if you're interested. LST Stands John
  8. All four tweeters should have the same output.
  9. Agree with all of you! Roy is a true gentleman of this hobby of ours.
  10. Wait every year for that picture Roy........ Merry Christmas everyone. John
  11. Beautiful job DavidDru! Looks brand new. Bet it sounds awesome. John
  12. The amps are - Yaqin MC-100B with KT-120's. Sound very nice with the 3a's.
  13. The 3a's are all decked out.... And season's Greeting to everyone.
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