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  1. Wow....that pair carries some of the earliest serial numbers I have seen! Great capture....let us know how they sound.
  2. I found another seller that has 12 pieces left. I got 4...and asked that it be left in one piece. I know that Roy and others looked for awhile for a match back long ago. Shame it is being discontinued. Maybe the 28 ct will have to be the replacement. I am going to stretch this 28ct here over the grill I have to make for the 3a pine and check it out. Or as the sewing lady said...to bleach the darker 18ct they have.
  3. I got the correct 18ct several days ago and there was a note attached from seller saying they only had one piece 18x27 left. I send her an email saying I would buy two pieces but not one....and explained I only bought one to match a vintage speaker grill to another speaker I had. Told her that this 18ct was a perfect match to these vintage speakers and a shame it is not available anymore. She wrote back.... New message from: nimbleneedle1 (5,579)
  4. Where are you located in Ohio? I am a little south of Akron. Would like some pics of both cabs with drivers in them so I can determine if worth driving. I like taking projects and saving them. Thanks.
  5. Thank you my friend....:) I invented new cuss words over this!...lol. Thanks!...nice to see others like it as well. Never knew graining in pine could be so purdy! Thanks!...my new favorite too! This is what I started with....notice the social security number etched in top...sigh.
  6. I got er done!...:) It came out real close and am happy with it....well...more relieved than happy!..lol. It was a lot of work and redos at least three times on bottom where I experimented. Ended up using Puritan Pine stain at full strength....some sanding...but mostly using utility blades to bring out the graining. Then whitewashing with thinned almond paint...then more utility blades on it. The fronts had paint really thinned. What was tough...was doing the one two years ago and not remembering a lot of what I had done. Going over the old post here helped some but since they were so di
  7. Thanks....I did find it on Ebay. Had two left. Crazy it is being dropped.
  8. So much for the kudos!....sigh. Just got this email from 123....no longer available... This is Nancy from 123stitch.com. Looks like we shipped you the incorrect count fabric on order #2214327. Unfortunately we have just been notified that this fabric has been discontinued and we are no longer able to get it. The only size we have left in stock is a 13x18 so we are unable to reship this fabric to you. I'm so sorry for the mix up! Anyone know of another source? This sucks.
  9. Yea...it comes folded but I wet it after I install on grill and shrinks okay. Your material is 18 count so you're good to go....:)
  10. A pic to show the difference...so you know I wasn't being OCD about it. It is a difference.
  11. LOL!....do you know how hard it is to count those dang threads?!!
  12. Have ordered from them for close to eight years now and never a problem. Ordered the 18 count Lambswool Linen for the pine 3a I am currently doing and finally received it today after some lag time due to their business being very busy and short of help. I get the material out and it just didn't look right. I held it up to the current 3a's I have and it had a much tighter weave but same color. It did have a tag on it saying it was the 18 count so was scratching my head...thinking maybe they have changed it in the last two years. I decided to call them to see what was up. I explained to the lady
  13. I really can't as the first one I did has the veneer sanded down pretty good so not gonna touch it again. It is a challenge for sure and something I have never done...but love the challenge. It doesn't have to be perfect...just close...and hope I can highlite the graining. On another note, I see a pair of pine AR3's up on the auction block on Ebay. Will be curious to see what they go for in their original state...:)
  14. Being a contractor, have always hated pine. But the graining in the veneer really got my eye. It is different...and I really like it.
  15. I am trying to match this one from two years ago. It was stained dark and had a helluva time getting it out. It left the dark graining to which you see in pic. I actually took thinned latex almond paint and spread on cabinet and wiped lightly...and it came out nice. I really don't want to do a dark stain to this new cabinet and go thru that hassle again. I used a Ipswich pine stain...thinned to darken the graining a little. Maybe sand it a little with 220...then try a small patch on bottom with the same almond paint. That will tell me if it is dark enough...or close enough!
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