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  1. It'd been a while since this thread but I thought I would post a youtube channel review of these AR12's for your enjoyment. AR12 Revisited - 2Channel Audio In addition, I am listening to them right now with a Rotel RC2000/RB2000 combo and it's a great match. If you ever see this preamp/amp combo aailable, act quick. Good stuff.
  2. I have a few of these here if anybody is of need. 200035 (4 in total available) 200036 (2 available) AR7 woofer 561 7441 Needs new surround $40 shipped each. Shipping gets combined of course on multiples for a better deal. The surrounds were replaced on these and some were put on the rear of the cone for whatever reason. Not my doing.
  3. briodo, if you ever get the notion to do so, it wouldn't be difficult to re-veneer the top on the 58's. Id did my 3's and they look original.
  4. Since I sold my AR9's I really haven't listened to my various AR's other than the AR12's that are readily available and a nice format/size. This question got me thinking a little and I have a pair of custom 60w tube monoblock amps sitting here I should try with the 3's. It's stupid I don't listen to the 3's more after I put all the time and money into them, but that lacking upper range kinda kills it for me when I do. I might need to get those serviced. These AR92 I am working on will be a nice size/format too when done.
  5. Yeah, that' was my impression too. How about the plastic piece? I don't feel any screws on the inside. The large 80uF caps tested at 86 and 89. I nee to test them with my computer to see about ESR etc.
  6. Removed the woofers. They appear to have been refoamed at some point. One less thing to do! The vinyl came right off after heating it up a little with the heat gun. The edges here and there need to be cleaned up. As of now I'm thinking the fronts will stay the dark brown, unless I have get a new creative idea along the way. It would be best to not to have to work around the felt and the plastic piece. Anybody have any experience with successfully removing either?
  7. Picked up a fairly clean set of AR92 last month. All drivers work and they sound good. Even the acoustic blanket is fully in-tact. Grills too. I got these for only $40 so I have some room in them to put a little into them so I am going to put some respectable real wood veneer on them. Of course a recap as well.
  8. Let's see some photos of the cabinets once sanded. There may be reason to re-veneer the tops or bottoms at this point with what I am seeing. Hard to tell though. I think sometimes we all dink around with patches and filling when in the bigger picture it may be better to just cut to the chase and get some new veneer on there.
  9. Yeah, take Roy's lead on this point. I would. Hunt down a used one I guess. Sorry I did not get back to you.
  10. I've only dropped in on this board a few times in the past year so I unfortunately missed this. All I can say is Roy is the man!
  11. Find Glenns thread on his and see above for now. Otherwise typical AR restoration principles apply.
  12. Yikes, those woofers. Not sure they can be salvaged. Just gotta hope the glue isn't as strong is it is ugly. I would start by separating the surrounds at the edge of the cone and removing all of that through the frame first to make it at least seem manageable. May want to make sure you have operation tweeters first though, and if you don't, I'd be calling it a day with those and maybe the remaining tweeter and badges being of help to someone else. I've got an AR7 woofer sitting here doing nothing but taking up shelf space that I could send you, but shipping would just make that prohibitive.
  13. thanks guys. glenn did his grilles which inspired me to maintain the bevel on mine. It was difficult at best until I got access to just use the CNC. Glenn I believe went with 1" wood pieces but I went with the 3/4" BB ply to give it a bit more strength with consideration to those narrow pieces over MDF. With the velcro they end up nearly 1" out of course. Since these were CNC cut, I suppose I could easily cue up more if anyone is in need of frames. I can ship pretty inexpensively too. Let me know. Again, I miss 10" and 12" woofers.
  14. Finally got around to doing the grilles on the 12's. I've been off messing with other stuff including some ground up builds so since I have access to the CNC machine I went ahead and cut out new grille frames. Had some 3/4" baltic birch that seemed a good way to go since it was going to be painted anyway.
  15. First time checking in here to CSP in a while and it feels like I never was away. Love me some caps debate. Cool. Use whatever you want. Good catch by RoyC on the surround there. Roy keeping his eye on the ball. I'd reorient the coils too.
  16. Happy Holidays folks! Here is an initial one. Just finished restoring this Fisher tube console.
  17. Wow, yeah nice. Looks like they've been put away for a long time.
  18. I was given four of the 48b's. All surrounds needed attention. So far I got one set up and running and sold to my neighbor for $100. Two had spring terminals. Two had 5 way posts. They sounded good. But yeah, the finishes used are disappointing for sure compared to the AR's that came before. Could be cool to pull the vinyl and do a little real wood veneer on these.
  19. I have one nice full 4x in Walnut, and a 2nd that has a beat to hell cabinet not worth restoring. The parts are all good so I need a replacement cabinet if anyone has a nice unmolested empty one they can get rid of. Thanks!
  20. Pete, you still selling this stuff? I tried PM you but it said you can't receive messages. ?
  21. Really interesting. I am glad this came back up. I've been thinking a lot about speaker size and room matching lately. I think this was brought on by my discovery of how good the Ar12's did in my main listening room combined with the feeling that sometimes my much larger AR9's and ADS L1590's overpower the room at higher volumes. Too bad the 10pi did not stack up well against the others, and for interesting comments on the mid range SQ. It sure would be nice to have a more recent or modern build of an AR12 or 11 to try out. Something with a 10" or even 12" woofer but with improved midrange and tweeters. Nobody makes them! Especially in the old standard rectangular box format of the AR3 iterations. Maybe the ultra expensive Harbeth 40.1
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