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  1. Here you go. http://sportsbil.com/ads/l-1090-brochure.pdf
  2. So these are 3a grills with the linen material. One of my sets has these, obviously replaced.. The 3 grills are a completely different material called Saran. It’s actually a plastic weave, and the frames are plastic.
  3. Send the mids to Roy. See what he says. Regarding the woofers, you will not find cloth surrounds in the wild. You need to get the complete woofers. The cabs finish And color is up to you, but natural color watcos is what I’ve used on all the restorations I’ve done, and sometimes I mix in medium or dark walnut color where color matching is required. Glenn
  4. Beautiful work on those Kent! I’m sure your client was thrilled when they saw them for the first time! Kudos to Larry for making the grill frames for you! Cheers, Glenn
  5. I agree with briodo, sell them in tact as they are. They can be easily restored. Too bad you can’t keep them and have the Restoration work done, they just might unseat one of your other set of speakers.
  6. Hi Mike, Nice 3s, but unfortunate for the woofers issue. The woofer missing the surround with the foam ring around the dust cap is a correct 3 woofer, but the cloth surround has been removed. It was originally glued to the Masonite ring, which was glued to the basket. The 2nd woofer is a later model woofer. Maybe for the 3a, or another model. We would need to see the magnet and numbers. Being that the 3 is very desirable and valuable, you should really get correct woofers with the cloth surrounds. Occasionally I've seen these refoamed, but could never figure out why, unless they were seve
  7. Regarding the Spragues, I'd still check them. I removed them in a set of 3as I restored several years ago, and surprisingly they were way off.
  8. Unfortunately, your pics are not visible.
  9. Tough call. They are difficult to find, and expensive. I would personally hold onto it as a backup. The tweeters are much easier to get, so save up for their rebuild.
  10. I found the easiest way to remove the woofers in AR speakers is to remove all the sealer putty around the basket edges and cab gap. Then you can get a wide blade screw driver under the basket edge and start prying it upward. Use a putty knife between the baffle and screw driver to protect the baffle from the screw driver as you pry the woofer loose. Once you break that seal, it will lift out easily. Notice that greenish color on the magnet? Don't touch it, or breath any dust from it. I would wipe it with wet paper towels before removing it from the cabinet. Glenn
  11. If those were mine, I'd completely, carefully sand the cab to the veneer surface. Then apply Watcos Danish natural color oil. The vintage veneer will darken, and usually will absorb 5 wipe on applications, I never paint it on, but wipe it on with cut up cotton t-shirts or an old sock. The veneer will absorb the first two applications almost immediately. Allow each application 24 hours to dry, then hand sand with 600 grit. I do this between each application. Good luck, Glenn
  12. Beautiful 3s you have there! Someone did a pretty sloppy job trying to bridge the leads. I'd remove the added wires and replace them with a single strand. You could use copper strands from untwisted speaker wire, pull a couple strands for your repair. Give yourself plenty extra to work with. When you join the copper and aluminum lead, be very careful as the aluminum is very fragile. Carefully make a little hook at the end of the aluminum wire, and a hook with the copper wire that has extra to wrap around the aluminum wire. You can try to solver it together, but definitely wrap with electr
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