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  1. Try this website> https://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com/ People there will know.
  2. I know the feeling. Thanks for the tip on the Aleenes
  3. Toluene might do it but you might have better luck with lacquer thinner. Toluene was more commonly used as a carrier and not an adhesive diluent. See if a small, thin tipped 'paint by numbers' paint brush would get in there. The only issue I have with Alenne's is: Can it be softened for removal? I haven't tried (yet) messing with some popular adhesive solvents et al. Lastly, if you REALLY think you can center it without rub then that might be your easiest way out. Good Luck and wear nitrile gloves when handling toluene and lacquer thinner. Toluene will pull fat from your body right thru your skin.
  4. The Way Back Machine ! I took a screen shot and downloaded it.
  5. Where's Aphenos when you need them. The attached sheet is hard to read but they are NOT 4 ohm loads. The schematic above has all the drivers labelled as 8 ohm.
  6. AR93_1of2.TIF AR93_2of2.TIF AR93_LMR.TIF AR93_tweet.TIF AR93_woofer.TIF AR93_xover.TIF
  7. No problem. You can probably find the original AR drawing and related info in the Library.
  8. I have a 1-2100450B that has the split cone found in the LS and LSi models. New poly-ether surround. 4.6 DCR (from an AR94) I also have a 1210037- 0B that was in an AR9 with a replacement label 200027-0. 4.5 DCR and an old but intact surround.
  9. I might have one. I'll take a look and get back to you.
  10. Steve wrote some of the best and interesting posts here on CSP. He had a lot of insight on many audio topics. So sad. Sorry for your loss Ella. It's our loss as well.
  11. Hey Frank MicroAcoustics was a small producer of quality phono cartridges. They got into the speaker business with those Micro-Statics. I believe their next speaker was the MA FRM-1. A 10 inch woofer of good quality (don't remember the make) and a 5-tweeter array with Peerless tweeters. Almost everything else was on the cheap. They sold very well. A friend of mine gave me his pristine pair. Each speaker had a different type of stuffing and a single electrolytic cap for a crossover. I built a crossover for them and put a Miflex KPCU-1 (all copper cap) in the tweeter cap cascade bundle. I added AR stuffing from some AR94s I parted out. I use them with a tube pre and an Emotiva A-100 headphone/flex amp. Vinyl is real nice to listen to. The sad part of the story is when they introduced their FRM-3. Bose went after them for copyright infringement as a knock-off of their 301. Happy part is they won in court and their speaker was said to sound better. Sad part is the big corporation with deep pockets and big lawyers put MicroAcoustics into bankruptcy. That was the end.
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