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  1. I don't know of any 2500uF non-polar caps being made today. You can get (2) 1000uF + 500uF or (5) 500uF. Did you want to stay with non-polar caps like ones that came with the speaker or upgrade to film caps? Film caps cost more but will always measure the same. They are also physically larger than an equivalent capacity NPE cap. (NPE = non-polar electrolytic) Attached is what I'm putting into my second pair of 9s
  2. DavidR


    Looking for a crossover schematic for the Ken Kantor designed AR302. Also any inside pictures the crossover. I believe is a circuit board mounted to the plastic piece holding the binding posts.
  3. You should start your own thread. You will get more responses that way. Short answer is Madisound sells Bennic and MDL NPE caps in 1000uF and 500uF. Get (2) 1000 + (1) 500 per speaker. Just parallel them together.
  4. Here is a well known source on eBay >>> https://www.ebay.com/usr/looneytune2001 Other members may have some other good sources.
  5. I don't think so. They sure don't test the same on my Agilent cap meter. The Parts Express test the best vs MDL and Bennic. Other companies (like Meniscus Audio) sell those and they are known as Black Beauty. I've complained about the Parts Express 220uF NPE caps. It seems to be the only cap that does not measure close. They are within tolerance but most of the large caps are 1 or 2uF away from stated value vs like 15uF for the 220uF cap. I concur about Parts Connextion and their matching. No one else comes close.
  6. Why not use a 200uF + 150uF ? I got my NPE caps from Parts Express for my 90s.
  7. @CYNR/Lonny They look kind of neat closer up.
  8. 50 VAC not DC The 80uF has 50VNP and the 24uF is labeled 50 VAC. All the old Callins I've run across are rated with AC which makes more sense.
  9. Check out this link. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/original_models_1954-1974/original_models_schematicss/restoring_the_ar-3a/ I'm sure several members who have worked on these will be along with suggestions. Good luck
  10. Frank are your Phase Linear amps a magnetic field design like many of the Carver amps were? Many Carver amps do not do well with a 4 ohm load which at times hits 3.2 ohms in the 9 and 90. That's why I finally moved on from Carver, including the modified ones. I tried many models. I've never looked back.
  11. For sale is my Bob Latino VTA ST-120 vacuum tube amp. It doesn't get a lot of use and I am trying to down size in preparation for moving. It comes with the following tubes. All tubes have been tested for emissions, shorts and grid leakage on my Sencore TC142. (4) Sovtek 6550 and measure 110 on emissions (2) Tung-Sol 6189 and measure 93/94 and 93/93 (1) NOS RCA 12BH7A and measures 100/101 (1) Sino 5AR4 Rectifier I would prefer to not have to ship. So for local pick-up (for now). I live in MetroWest MA area and will deliver within a certain distance. Asking $1200
  12. Try Lacquer Thinner; it contains many solvents and one in the mix might do it.
  13. I have no problems getting good bass........very good bass. I found that both the Pre amp Amp play a big role. A good current pushing amp does the job. I did find bass improvement, especially in the LMR, with the recap. I suppose you could try it. As I said above about another pair of speakers. It just sounded right with the tweeter out of phase. It maybe as simple as that. Perhaps Tom Tyson has some knowledge on this.
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