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  1. Frank knows how to stack !
  2. I kind of like the silver trim.
  3. AR-91:1979-1982,12" Woofer,1.5" dome Mid, .75" dome Tweeter, Range: 35-25K ± 3db, 87 db, xover 700/7500hz, power req 15-200 w, Ohms: 3.2-4 ohms, 31.5x14x11.5, 53.0 lbs AR-58: 1981-1983, 12" Woofer, 1.5" dome Mid, .75" dome Tweeter, Range: 37-25k ± 3db, 87 db, xover 700/7500hz, power req 15-200 w, Ohms: 4 ohms, 27x14x11, 52.0 lbs The above info is from http://www.aphenos.net It would seem the 91 has a slight edge in bass otherwise all is much the same.
  4. Not the audio site to shoot the bull. It is dedicated to the preservation of classic speakers and mainly those from the New England area. Many of the members here are also on AudioKarma. Enjoy your journey.
  5. The AR91's were driven by a 500wpc SS amp (bottom shelf of the rack) and the 10Pi by a 60wpc tube amp that is behind the right tower. It wasn't a good match as the gain of each amp is different and the tube amp bass is way different than the SS amp bass sound. Probably because damping factor in a tube amp is very low and the SS amp is >500 DF into 8 Ohms. I did this while I was recapping my 90's which are/were the speakers used with the SS amp.
  6. So we should refer to you as General Marsi. 🙃
  7. Who's this Frank Marsi guy ?
  8. I like having the triode and pentode mode but I'm usually in pentode mode because of what I'm driving. The ST120 is 35 watts per channel in Triode. Not sure about the ST70. You should ask Bob. Join the website and send him a PM. Go to the website: https://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com/
  9. I have a Bob Latino ST-120 tube amp. Bob is a great guy and will always provide superb assistance. I drive AR10Pi and AR91 in pentode mode without issues. I've even driven my AR90's.
  10. One mid/woofer and one tweeter left.
  11. It's difficult to put a value on them if they can't be auditioned. There's no way of telling if the ferrofluid in some of the drivers has dried up. Certainly the crossover components will need replacing but that's not a big deal.
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