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  2. bubu91220, An original or properly restored Allison:Four woofer will have a foam surround and a textured paper cone that has a sticky coating. The woofer in the picture you provided has a rubber surround and smoother cone with no coating, and is not an original Allison:Four woofer. The only proper replacement for this woofer is another Allison:Four woofer, which has an 8 ohm impedance to match up with the series wired pair of tweeters. Woofers from any of the other Allison two-ways (models Five, Six, CD-6, CD-7) are 4 ohm units and are not direct replacements. I've included a picture of an Allison 8 inch woofer to illustrate what an unrestored unit looks like (usually with lots of dust on the cone!).
  3. Nice! To This day I’ve never had the chance to compare the LST’s to my IC20’s
  4. May as well Consolidate the EMI stuff I found online,here. I may find more and add to it. https://speakerholic.blogspot.com/2016/10/emi-630-speakers.html https://sfmkm.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_59.html
  5. Having had time to listen to these 630,s as well as having done a couple nights research. These have a very pleasant sharp sound to them. Sometimes surprising with details not heard before. For the record what I have are the bookshelf version of the EMI speakers sold that year. There were 4 versions. I found a photo in a advertisement but now cannot find it. I also have this PDF which is big and detailed. I will try to post it up here. No success. How do I upload a PDF from my file's?? By jove I think I got it hfe_emi_matched_loudspeaker_systems_1969_en.pdf
  6. The 3.9 for a 4.0 is fine. The 5.6 for a 6 is just outside what I would be comfortable with, but it will likely work as well. Remember the original caps you are replacing were very likely +/-10% tolerance caps. If they were amazingly close, figure they were plus or minus 5% so on a 6.0uF cap gives a range of 5.7 - 6.3uF. 250V rating is more than adequate. Madisound carries a 6.0 clarity PX cap and other sites and brands offer a 6.0 as well. Maybe you have limited options for where you can order?
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  8. This is a woofer Allison ?
  9. For sale is my Bob Latino VTA ST-120 vacuum tube amp. It doesn't get a lot of use and I am trying to down size in preparation for moving. It comes with the following tubes. All tubes have been tested for emissions, shorts and grid leakage on my Sencore TC142. (4) Sovtek 6550 and measure 110 on emissions (2) Tung-Sol 6189 and measure 93/94 and 93/93 (1) NOS RCA 12BH7A and measures 100/101 (1) Sino 5AR4 Rectifier I would prefer to not have to ship. So for local pick-up (for now). I live in MetroWest MA area and will deliver within a certain distance. Asking $1200
  10. this is a picture of the woofer , i think is not good version
  11. @brianw Did you ever get plates made for a replacement tweeter? Sorry, got distracted with other projects and never posted the AR9 tweeter measurements. Both of my tweeters measured fine with an ohm meter. The foam gaskets were hanging off the back and stuck to the face plate in a few spots. I pulled them off and now on tweeter measures open circuit, perhaps there was glue on the lead in wire - don't know for sure. Anyway, here's more on the 3D printer that I've been using:
  12. The YouTube person who complained about stringing got a lot of comments from other users who pointed out that one free "slicer" program works best with the Ender printers and that's what I use. No problems with stringing at all. I began to have trouble with the first layer sticking to the bed after about 50 prints. The Ender printers have a unique sandpaper like finish on the print bed, other people print on a smooth surface, some even use glass for flatness. One of the first things you'll learn when printing on smooth beds is that you need to help the first layer stick, many use glue stick, some use hair spray. I did not need anything for the first 50 prints or so and I've come to the conclusion that some of the rough surface has worn off so now I use glue stick and it works perfectly again.
  13. Giorgio AR

    Sad news

    Robert will like this photo, he loved the small ARs, mainly AR7, but also all those with 8" woofers, I still leave you a nice picture, made today of my AR7 and AR4x, I know you really appreciate it !!
  14. Bonjour, j'ai trouvé des enceintes alisson 4, les woofers ne sont pas d'origine, Le woofer du modèle 5 ou 6 ,lc110, lc120 convient au modèle 4 ?
  15. I have to solder the aluminum cables of the 1" 3/8 AR tweeters to lengthen them with copper braids and I have finally found a person who can do this job. The tweeters in excellent condition belong to a pair of my Heathkit AS-2a . When they are ready with the elongated copper cables, I will do an experiment: I have always wanted to try these tweeters with the AR3a, but aluminum is difficult to solder, with copper cables, the test with the AR3a becomes achievable! I could just replace one to compare with the 3/4" tweeter on the other speaker. Is there any member who has tried the AR3a with the AR3 tweeter? In the Heathkits, the aluminum wires are locked by screws (the same ones that AR used for the rear connection) and these have sheared the delicate aluminum shortening the cables!
  16. Wonderful tale of a story of two generations, nice to see dad Marsi working manually in construction: let's remember the effort of those who built the cities we live in now and the sacrifice made to give a better life to future generations, how much sacrifice and effort they have made our parents. Frank, from the history of your family I understand why you keep everything you have bought in HiFi in over 50 years of passion: each purchase cost effort and sacrifice (at the time also the objects, in this case HiFi equipment were built to last decades and be easily repaired to work again giving new satisfaction for years): people now quickly replace any item either because it soon becomes "old" or breaks and needs to be replaced or is out of date! We preserve and appreciate what other people designed and built years and years ago: these objects have exceeded the life of those who built them as a testimony of the goodness of past projects! To top it off my currently running pair of AR3a play with McIntosh Mac4280: 100w X 2 at 4 ohms, AR LSTs are provisionally paired with a 40w x 2 tube amp. I often change the electronics in rotation, however satisfied with all the combinations, the sound pressures obtained change, the quality and AR sound always remains! Mac4280 & AR3a Pioneer C21, Nuova Elettronica tube amp. & AR LST AR speakers: AR10TT MK2 are related to McIntosh Mc2105
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  18. Frank, That is an amazing story and historical accounting (I loved the photograph!) I do “travel” quite a bit lighter than yourself, especially because we are contemplating a move possibly in the next year or so. My gear constantly evolves and when it does, the older is either used up, sold off or both.
  19. Ah okay, thanks Roy good to see you on here, all the best!
  20. That's good to hear. I have retained every piece of audio equipment I bought since 1967. Including the Dynaco PAS-3X, kit I built, a ST-35 tube amp, ST-120 kit I built and all of the Phase Linear amps and pre-amps I bought when I retired in the early 2000's. I even have the new then Shure cartridges from the start in 1967. Though I started fooling around with old radios found in the neighborhoods trash cans or the ones my father messed around with. A Shure M3D, M55, M91ED, Empire SE/X , a Shure Type III, Shure Type IV. Let's not forget every AR speaker also. Of course every vinyl disk I bought since including the first disk I had to have because the tune was so catchy back in 1961-62 of the Ventures, 'Walk Don't Run', a few 45RPM in much played condition like Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen, Green Onions by Booker T and the MG's, Heart and Soul by The Cleftones, etc. At the age I was at of 11-12, my weekly allowance was all of 10 cents, I to save up for weeks to afford a "AMT" model car to build. It did take time to save up unless I was thrown .25 cents to a .50 by a visiting relative or my parents had a little to throw my way every once in a while like a couple of dollars but, that was very rare. Coming from a family that began in 1930 living in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn there was never any extra money. Money only went for necessities primarily and living expenses, gas, electric, food and car fare though we all walked where ever we had to be. Mother made my pants and suits and my 3 older sisters skirts, blouses and dresses. We did not accept GOV. hand-outs.By the early 1960s things were changing for the better carrying over from the fifties in this country. Life was very tough for depression time immigrants and everyone before that, some did well, some barely recovered afterward. Mother worked in a sweat-shop on a sewing machine in a factory making blouses, coats and other clothing, my father worked on 125th. Street and Lenox Ave. as a 'timber-man' shoring-up the building's sidewalks and basements on either side of the street as the steam-shovel dug the subway tunnels right down the middle of the street. The sidewalks and curbs and actual buildings on either side of the street/hole had to be supported with 12"X12" timbers so the buildings would not collapse into the huge hole they were digging as NYC continually expanded it's subways. Luckily for me I was born in 1949 four years after WW II had ended and the country was on a roll during the 1950's so, my life was made better for me by my older siblings and my parents and a flourishing economy. We all loved AMERICA dearly. Life back then for mostly everyone was difficult and certainly very different than it is today and it was before my time. We didn't have a car until the oldest sister finished college and started working at a private school in Brooklyn. First car in 1959 that she bought a used 1955 Chevy Belair 4 door in the popular turquoise and white paint scheme. Family left Brooklyn in 1961. It's been for some time the fourth largest city in the country with just over 4 million in population. Ah Brooklyn, with-out it, NYC would never be NYC. The story goes that the Dutch named it originally as the area of 'broken-land' henceforth Brooklyn. I have a couple of early photos of my father using a two-man handled saw because chain saws were probably rare and or a new, yet to be manufactured tool. He had two huge two-man saws however, someone stole them out of the garage. Call me a hoarder in todays terms but, back when my family began, one repaired or repurposed objects when broken or kept them for parts and I was taught those same things. Metals were always held onto especially. All of the family's food was made from scratch, left-overs saved for tomorrow's side dish. And "newandold" coming from small discarded kitchen tube radios, junked TVs with one 12 inch speaker as most had back then was the 'norm' for me as my starting point. When I decided to go solid-state in 1972, of course S.S. really wasn't wide-spread like today. Transistors were still not so widely used or even known of by most of the general public. Even the phenomenal Bob Carver was forced to use Delco transistors that GM was using in their truck ignitions as many transistors were yet to be develpoed that could handle high voltage as those did. Luckily, my rebuilt PL-700s use more modern "On-Semi"/"Motorola" power-transistors with a larger "SOA' and the two amps were rebuilt by one of the last PL gurus in Washington state. The way I talk, one would think it not out the realm of possibilities for me to buy a larger burial plot so I could take my LST's with me. I don't know what others feel about their speakers but, what I own was a long time in coming to me and the attraction has never left me. Though I have to admit, this whole present issue of the virus, political unrest and the discourse of many things through-out the world has really set me back where I rarely do any listening these days- I sure hope that passes soon. Music has always been a saving grace for me with rock to speak my mind and classical to express my deepest emotions. BELOW: My father is on the right wearing the plaid shirt, over-alls and cap cutting a heavy timber around 1927 to 1930, just before the depression hit hard. He was 18 to 21 year old and fresh off the boat a couple of years before that. Notice construction clothing was very different back then. He told me stories of when fellow workers would become injured and then they were finished as workmen's comp and insurance for the working class was non-existent. FM 1k
  21. I was one of those who went from the 60 WPC AR to the phase 400/2000 preamp back in 77. Everything about not enough juice came to an end, requiring only a common sense level of discretion. I’ve stayed with Bob Carver designs right up to the here and now with Sunfire Signature. I swapped the 400 after over 11 years of service for Carver’s 1.0t
  22. I'm interested, we'd have to discuss the logistics and particulars. In any event, this sounds like lots of fun.
  23. https://groups.io/ there is your link…through there, you will find that Allison group
  24. Hopefully, he’s still with us….last time I spoke to him he was in the office 20 years ago clearing it out after the failed attempt to get the company up again. Somewhere around that time he had a heart attack, but was recovering. The real story lies with anything and everything ROY ALLISON. You should join the Allison Speakers group (Groups.io) you’ll have to look it up on the search engine, but some of the last who are knowledgeable about RA are still there.
  25. BTW, can I use 3.9uF/250V to replace the 4.0uF/250V, and either 5.6uF or 6.8uF/250V to replace the 6.0uF as specificied? I found some Clarity caps with them.
  26. Hi lARrybody, Do you mind if you could post the picture how to wire the dayton caps with the wires? Obviously it will be different from the original AR. Thanks.
  27. cool thx for the info i want o contact him ! i am also a writer and would like to do a story about Allison speakers ! that name is pretty common actually ! do you have any other info that might be helpfull in finding him ? i will be professional and polite!
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