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  2. Hello, I own a pair of Teledyn Acoustic Research AR-48LS. I need to know the year/years of production. The serial number is ARUK058284. Can you help me? Best regards, Livio
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  4. Hi! I just ran across your Post, do you have any more available? Thanks!
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  6. I have a set of AR 9's that don't work in my new house. Cant get the required side spacing for the woofers to sound correct. Was told the LSI model doesn't give up much to the older AR 9 except for deeper bass. Due to size shipping isnt an option. I am in the Tacoma , Wa area.
  7. JKent

    KLH model #12

    One last comment (for now): Check out this KLH Service Bulletin http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/other/klh_schematicsservice/klh_service_bulletin_60.pdf Re-sealing the cloth surrounds on KLH woofers can make a HUGE difference. Our RoyC makes the ONLY sealer you should ever use and it's sold by ebay seller Vintage-AR. Experience has shown that it's helpful on some AR woofers but not necessarily all (the AR-4 for example benefits little) but I can tell you it turns a KLH Model Five from a pretty good speaker into a great one.
  8. JKent

    KLH model #12

    Welcome 82nd I'm a fan of the Fives and Twelves and although I've restored a couple and recapped many I don't have any right now. KLH always spelled the model numbers out but let's use shorthand and call them 5 and 12. The driver question has been kicking around fo a long time and has not been fully resolved IMHO. Let's start with the mids because that's easy: They're the same. KLH called their 4" full-range driver the "Twelve point five" (no idea why) and started using it in the Model Eight tube radio when they ran out of 3" drivers. It was used as a mid in the 5 and 12 and as a ful
  9. 82nd-EOD

    KLH model #12

    Hi, I am trying to find what is the truth as to what drivers are used in the KLH model #12's? I have a one set that has been rebuilt, And sound GREAT. A second set I just found for next to nothing, One of the woofers has been replaced with a newer 12 inch KLH driver. So now I am looking for a #12 woofer. I have people that say the drivers are the same as the #5, I have also other people that say the #5 and #12 are not interchangeable? After looking at the drivers I found that the tweeters for the #12 have M12 stamped in the front of the basket, Need to look close but they are on the model#12
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  11. Welcome Glenn First a disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about Snells. But I was intrigued by your question and wanted to try to help out. This thread has a picture of a J II crossover that’s far more complex than yours https://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=lddc55gu4l11o86rpqode9t4t2&topic=31803.15 Snell is no longer in business but according to the now defunct Snell website, this outfit is selling parts https://www.atomichifiandtv.com/snell-acoustics.html I don't see a lot of Snell enthusiasts here but maybe you'll get lucky. Also try AudioKarma.
  12. I've owned my Jii's for three years now having bought them on ebay. The mid range is sounding a bit muddy so I thought I'd open them up and possibly replace the caps on the crossover. When I took the woofer out I found, to my surprise, the barest minimum of a crossover. The woofers are directly wired to the input terminals and there is just one capacitor on the tweeter circuit. No other components at all. I also discovered there was no wadding at all, just the inside of a bare box. I would like, if possible, to re-instate the crossover to as near the original as possible. Does anyone have a sc
  13. I bought these speakers and the crossover is loose inside the cab. Please see attached pics and advise where that crossover should go and also how best to stick it to the board please?
  14. Yes, I just got the owner on the phone and he said the Negative is on the left, thanks for confirming! I am not an audiophile but these speakers sounds great to me, decent bass, good mids and highs and just enough power for my Garage and even loud enough [without distortion] to cover the yard too.
  15. Hi Mike and Welcome Loof at this thread https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-24-no-idea-where-to-put-this-thread.459130/ It shows Ground (-) on the left and 8 Ohms (+) on the right. Kent
  16. Hello all, Last night I got a pair of kLH Model 24, only I am not seeing any markings on the speaker terminals to know for sure which is negative and positive, any ideas on this please or should I just switch between them to hear which sounds cleaner? Thx.
  17. Having owned both, I'd keep the EPI 100s; not much of a contest there. As for future value, you won't get rich from either pair so I'd call that a tie.
  18. "You make it sound like owning these speakers is an investment. Neither speaker is particularly valuable, in spite of being very popular. In my market, neither of them would bring much over $100 to 150 unless they were in pristine condition. But they are an easy sell considering their popularity." It's not that they are an investment, but I am a collector with over 13 different sets of speakers, so value is one consideration among many. I really don't expect them to gain much in value considering that there are so many for sale on eBay and Craigslist, especially the Model 17 which
  19. Great pictures! Thank you for the additional information
  20. The tweeters work and sound fine. The woofers point upwards, and so catch dust. They look dirty but it's just from being pointed "up".
  21. The woofers have been recently reformed. I'll put pictures for you
  22. Please post clear pictures of the woofers with the grills removed....Have they been refoamed? The other tweeter... is the dome damaged like the one pictured?
  23. I have several EPI speakers, including a pair of M100. I also have several KLH speakers, including Model 6, Model 17, and Model 20 (4 ohm version of the 17). All of them (except the 17) have been fully restored (surrounds taken care of and recapped with new 5-way binding posts as needed). The KLH Model 6 and 20 are in constant rotation in my main office system. I listen abut 8 hours a day. The EPI M100 is in my shop system, but I rarely listen to them. Instead, I listen to my Epicure 20+. That system also has EPI M70 that I prefer over the M100. The M70 is an amazing speaker, but the 20+
  24. I need to make space in my basement because it's getting too crowded with sets of vintage speakers. I've decided to part ways with either a set of KLH Model 17's or a set of EPI M100's. The EPI's are an early edition with Walnut cabinets, rubber woofer surrounds, and the first generation tweeter. The KLH speakers are probably from the early 1970's and are in good shape, refinished, recapped, and sealed recently with Roy's goo. The EPI's are also recapped, refinished, with new binding posts replacing the original EPI garbage. The EPI's have better bass response, even though the woofers are smal
  25. Oh the tweeters and woofers are for the LST-2.
  26. Actually I’m doing that. The 10pi are finished and waiting for Chris to finish the tweeters so I can listen and determine if I want to put more $ into them for proper woofers. I really like the 10 pi, but not sure I like them as much as my ESS amt1b.
  27. I’m going to be a thorn in your butt! Before you can make an educated and real sonic comparison, both need to be restored. This may not be something you want to do, or invest the money into, but both are excellent.
  28. These are historic, investment speakers. Every part can be rebuilt or replaced. Sonically, when properly restored, are phenomenal sounding. I have two pairs, both found at thrifts, both I’ve completely restored. Mids and tweeters were sent to Roy. He also repaired one of my woofers, replacing the spider because of some distortion. The mids are critical in bringing these back to near new sound. The tweeters are more readily available, used in the 2as as well. If the tweeters in the set you’re looking at need replacing, should not be problematic. Stains on the cabs doesn’t mean they are unf
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