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  1. Kent, you are correct. on all counts for some reason I associate Dire Straits with OZ, sorry for the confusion. I can't always explain what is in my head, remember it is stupidhead
  2. the main reason is as you say "it would sound great on the 2-ax's" and the fact that powerglide is from OZ is "the connection". Telegraph Road is the first song on possibly the best 20 minutes of vinyl for critical listening imho.
  3. Telegraph Road would be a great "christening" powerglide
  4. looneytune2001 on ebay has had the correct foams in the past but it has been a while since I have looked filled filet for boston acoustic 10"
  5. can't say enough about agreeing with all the above, and more. one of those genuine people that is so rare anymore.
  6. I have used Aleenes with good result. Funny Kent, I thought the same about the grill cloth. Have fun Sara, be sure to get the correct foams for these.
  7. nice team effort! looking forward to updates
  8. Hi Adam, Nice thread and project, take your time and research and get answers before doing anything that might not be reversible. On your sealer question, if we are talking about the "gasket" between speaker and baffle then using either a clay like product (mortite) or a foam strip is generally the approach for "sealer" but possibly your reference is a sealer for the surrounds on a cloth surround woofer? If you have foam surrounds, replacing with fresh appropriate rings is fairly simple, if cloth surrounds there is much bad info on the web and can lead to using a material (permatex for example) that will dry out and stiffen the surrounds leading to other than desirable performance. There is an appropriate product for this application developed by one of our members here and will "seal" the cloth effectively but will not stiffen over time. In all cases, sealing is a very important aspect to acheiving acoustic suspension. Take your time and enjoy! Geoff
  9. the holes in the frame don't look to be very big and can likely be made invisible with good filling technique. I could be wrong but I believe they are Birch.
  10. thanx to everyone, these answers help settle my concerns. the chart for fuses will be helpful for sure.
  11. Hello fellow members. As many of you know I am a fan of the vintage AR speakers. Let it just be said I have a number of sets to choose from in the various 2, 3, 4 and 5 models. My particular favorites are the AR5's. Over the years I have seen cut sheets for all these models and when looking at amp power ratings 100 watts per channel is generally cited as the max power recommended. Over the past few years I have also been on a quest for some vintage amps and am a bit nervous about a few of them. First off I have acquired a Marantz 2230, 2270 and 2325. All have now been gone through by very qualified techs (2230 Pat Font and 2270/2325 Randy Buckner) and am trying different combinations to evaluate the synergy between the various models. I also have a completely McShaned HK Citation II that I got from Don Sachs. I am actually using that with the 2230 as pre and driving a refurbed set of 4x and the result is sublime. I have been using the 2270 to drive a stacked set of 5's on top of a set of 2ax and have been quite happy with the result. I just got back the 2325 from Randy and this 125 watt per channel beast on paper would have too much power, I think. When he tested it he got 140 per before clipping, yikes. Before sending this out to Randy it cooked a pair of KLH 5s which I had gone through. They sounded quite good at moderate volumes but if jacked up over 12 o'clock the speakers would "snap" on heavy bass notes. One day my wife was listening and had opened the windows to hear the music while she worked in the garden. When I got home the speakers were buzzing and haven't been heard from since. The question is will the 2325 have too much power and is there anything (in line fuse?) I can do to safeguard the speakers? I have also recently gotten two Dynakit ST70 amps which I hope to work on this Winter. I am not too worried about their power being too much, much like the Citation II. Then there is the two (yeah two) Nakamichi PA7 units I fell into earlier this year. I could not pass them up once I did a bit of research on them. The price was right and the one owner (who I know to be a reasonable sort) history was too much to pass up. I am likely sending these to Randy for his magic and a refresh but on all counts would be the same concern I have about the 2325, just too much power for these models. I have seen a spreadsheet someone created that has specs all on one sheet but can't find it anywhere now, Robert you must have it yes? Please post or send if you do. And I do ask myself "My God! What have I done?" thoughts, ideas, whatever. Obviously I need help, maybe a support group if you know of one. Geoff
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