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  1. I've never done anything as big as a 3 in lacquer but have had really excellent results with Minwax rattle cans lacquering my KLH Model Eight radios https://www.amazon.com/Minwax-15200-Brushing-Lacquer-12-25-Ounce/dp/B0002YOPOG/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=minwax+lacquer+gloss&qid=1627995593&sr=8-2 The Gloss has no flatting agents, which tend to dull the appearance. I apply 6 or more coats outdoors, about 15 - 30 minutes apart then wait a couple of days and buff them a little with white ScotchBrite to soften the appearance. I'm certainly no expert at this but I've found the Minwax to be the best. Tried Rustoleum brand spray lacquer and it was terrible. I forget the term that applies but lacquer melts each previous coat as it goes on, leveling it and making a good bond. Kent
  2. JKent

    KLH model #12

    I'm going to hijack this thread for my latest KLH Model Twelve project. A fellow CSP member picked up a very nice pair and will be doing the cosmetic work himself but he sent me the contour boxes to rebuild. I'll let him chime in if he chooses to. He reported that one box was dead in the midrange. I've ordered new capacitors and resistors and am waiting for delivery but decided to tear apart the dead crossover while waiting. I tested the woofer, mid and tweeter outputs by connecting a full-range driver to the woofer and mid outputs and a tweeter to the tweet and found that the woofer output was OK but the mid and tweet were very weak. Pulled all the caps. Some were doubles but wired in parallel. I was amazed this crossover worked at all, given the readings. I even replaced the battery in my Capacitance meter and checked it on a new capacitor. So here are the readings: Marked Reading 3 MFD 0.02 2x2 MFD .001 .001 2x4 MF .002 .002 2x4 MFD .001 .002 2x4 MFD 1.02 0.62 50 MFD 2.9 50 MFD 4.4
  3. You could make your own, or buy this 50' cable and cut it in half https://www.parts-express.com/RCA-Patch-Cable-50-ft.-Nickel-Plated-240-044 It's very likely your old capacitors are off, so another option would be to open up the speakers and replace the capacitors, and while you're in there install some 5-way binding posts to replace the RCA jacks. That's what I did with similar Model Twenty speakers. The RCA jack should then be covered to prevent air leaks. Kent
  4. I’ve had excellent results with Minwax gloss lacquer in a rattle can. Dries in minutes. Recoat in 10-15 mins. Very forgiving. On my KLH radios I either clean with lacquer thinner or sand., then spray 4-6 coats. After a couple of days a light buff with white ScotchBrite gives a softer finish.
  5. JKent

    KLH Model 38

    Beautiful work! Henry woulda been proud.
  6. JKent,

    I just got an Advent Model 400 and two of the Model 400 speakers and you are the closest thing to an expert I have found anywhere on the internet by a loooong shot. I'd like to freshen up the cosmetics and I saw you (at one time) had repro faceplates. Do you still have any? What is the cost including shipping to Tryon, NC 28782? Also, How can I wire the two speakers to the Model 400 so I don't cause any damage to the unit?

  7. I'd contact the seller and tell him you want a refund because that's not an AR-4x. Any problem, you can file a complaint with ebay but most sellers are honest and will correct a mistake. There are two listings for real 4x tweeters on there now, $49.99 each (I have no connection with the seller) Kent
  8. Well, Henry Kloss is said to have remarked that he "finally got it right" with the Model Six. So I think he was pretty proud of them. BUT beware (and I should have mentioned this earlier) early Sixes have epoxied-in drivers, making them a royal PITA to work on. Guess Henry was so sure he's gotten it right he didn't want anyone inside. If the Sixes you're looking at have the epoxied drivers, I'd stay away. The Twenties are fine if your amp can handle the 4 ohm load. I added 5-way binding posts to the ones I worked on. The Six was a bigger speaker, with a 12" woofer. The Twenty had a 10" woofer (actual sizes of all KLH woofers were less than stated). Kent
  9. Beats me. The 20 was part of a system, 4 ohms and with an RCA jack fo hookup. The 17 was the 8ohm stand-alone version. Get the Six.
  10. Two problems with those: First, they are the wrong value. You need 15 Ohm, those are 30 Ohm. Second, like the expensive Ohmite pots, those are open in the back and you would need to construct some sort of enclosure to keep the fiberglass out. If you check the For Sale section you'll see some pots I'm selling. https://community.classicspeakerpages.net/topic/13225-potentiometers-for-ar/ PM me if interested. Postage to the UK is $26 USD for the 4 pots you will need. Kent
  11. "Before" it was filthy, grille cloth was faded, cord was stiff and a knob was missing. Pretty now but needs work.....
  12. Nice radio but full disclosure: I don't have a lot of technical expertise. I just bought one in similar condition--nice cosmetics but not working. Mine's a 21/II. I replaced a dried out power cord and the 2000uF filter cap but still no go, so it's off to Tim at Bristol Electronics. He'll have it good-as-new. btw, don't just go by appearance on that fuse. Check the continuity. Good luck and keep us posted. Kent
  13. Welcome Jason Are they the highboys or the lowboys? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectilinear_Research_Corporation Show us some pics! Either way, pretty special (although I have not heard them, I did have some III Minis that were very cool). Definitely keep if you have the room. Or put them on the curb in my neighborhood 😉 I would recommend replacing the capacitors. Mine had black caps with red ends--those are notorious for drifting. You can use NPE for the 90uF and film for the 2uF. Kent
  14. Sorry I missed this. Hot glue “may” damage caps. Use something like E6000 or tie wraps on bases.
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