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  1. Andy, you certainly need no introduction to this audience—your name is well known. A big welcome! Happy to see you here. Kent
  2. JKent

    KLH Model Fives Recapped

    Yes, yes and yes 😀
  3. JKent

    KLH Model Fives Recapped

    his photo shows what I mean. The wires from one end of each of 2 caps are soldered to the same point. These happen to be 3.9uF but that's close enough.
  4. JKent

    KLH Model Fives Recapped

    Just twist one lead from each cap together, or solder one lead from each to the common point. Short answer: no. But look at the previous posts in this thread. I have seen burned and/or cracked resistors in KLH Fives and Twelves. Most old speakers came with 10w resistors. The Fives and Twelves had 5w resistors. New 10w resistors cost about a buck apiece so I figure they're cheap insurance. Kent
  5. JKent

    KLH Model Fives Recapped

    Welcome Arch420 Schematic: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/klh_5_klh_model_five/klh_5_schematicsservice/ Caps: (1) 25uF, (1) 16uF, (3) 4uF, (1) 3uF per speaker Resistors: (2) 15 Ohm, (1) 10 Ohm, (1) 6 Ohm, (1) 5 Ohm per speaker. Originals are 5w. I like to replace them with 10w. Kent
  6. I'm sorry. That has been sold.
  7. You can call Bill. I’ve used his services a couple of times and thought he was very reasonable
  8. See the AR-3a restoration guide. Same for the 4x: 18 count linen in lambswool color from 123-Stitch
  9. Those pushed-in domes are unfortunately pretty common with Allison tweeters. I've had some success wetting them with water and using a tube to suck them out. You have to be very careful of the delicate leads but it can sometimes work.
  10. Welcome sandman I think patience is the key. Sooner or later they may show up on ebay. Those repros (they're not mine btw) aren't bad and they're inexpensive. No one but you will notice they're not authentic and you could use them until you find the genuine article. Just my 2 cents. Kent
  11. Maybe your early Model One is a prototype? I agree with your decision to use a later xo. btw—any Cizek fan will get the extra credit question.
  12. mhardy You said you are aiming low. PartsExpress and others, including Vintage-AR, sell the PRT as a drop-in replacement, even though the 4x tweeter crosses over at 1400Hz and the PRT specs are 2000-20000. The speakers pictured in my post were not mine but were refurbished for a CSP member. To my (admittedly old) ears, the speakers sounded fine with the PRTs. Your last post says you need a single replacement driver. I assume you mean the woofer? So of the 4 drivers in the pair the only good one is a single woofer? Here's another option (from RoyC): Find a pair of Avid 100 speakers. T
  13. Looks like about 39mm. Basically the same diameter as an L-pad
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