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  1. AR recommended 18AWG lampcord. Works perfectly
  2. I’m surprised no one has answered. What makes you think they are AR? I’d be curious to see the backs of the drivers to see if there are any identifying markings. What about the back of the cabinet? Any markings at all? I suspect they are generic ’70s acoustic suspension such as the XAM line from Korvettes. Not bad but not AR.
  3. Yeah, I agree with Gene and Bill. This guy is a good friend? He clearly has no respect for these speakers and you’re doing him a favor digging them out and hauling them away. Restoration could literally cost you hundreds of dollars and many hours of labor. Do you want to keep these yourself and use them? If so, that alone should give a friend some satisfaction. And if they do turn out to be “buried treasures” you might give him a gift to show your appreciation.
  4. Think I paid $50 for mine “as is” from a CSP member. Turned out one tweeter and one mid were bad. Seemed like a fair price
  5. If the 2500uF can is Sprague Compulytic my understanding is it’s probably good
  6. Higher voltage is fine but I’m sure the 2500uF issue has been addressed in these pages before. I’m not sure but I think some members said to leave it. Do you have a capacitance meter?
  7. Welcome to the CSP. Those black caps with red ends are the notorious Callins electrolytics. They are evil and must be replaced. I’ll leave it to our UK members to recommend brands and sellers. I seem to recall Falcon was one supplier.
  8. Sure looks that way. I PM’d ra.ra and asked him to weigh in just to be sure
  9. Interesting. I think you should check to be sure your speakers have the dual value 20/24uF caps AND that the 24 is wired into the circuit and not just left unused like Roy’s. But then yes—the caps you linked would be fine and no—you don’t need the tighter tolerance. If you order caps from PE I suggest you also get some of their foam gasket tape for the woofers Kent
  10. I’ve put an ad in “For Sale”. Don’t want to hijack this thread
  11. These are the very same ones on that auction site for $30 each (that’s not me btw). Available to CSP members for $30 a PAIR. And the included knobs are genuine DakaWare just like the originals (if you don’t need knobs I’ll knock off $2/pr) Send me a PM Kent
  12. JKent

    KLH Model Fives Recapped

    All manufacturers made little adjustments without changing schematics or service manuals but I have recapped dozens of Fives and have never seen 2x4 and 2x3. It’s always 3x4uF and 1x3uF so that’s what I would use
  13. They seem very substantial—much heavier than the original AP units
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