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  1. Those meters do show up on eBay. Purely cosmetic imho but they look cool. Enjoy the amp and especially the music!
  2. Nice amp. I really like the look of the DA-M10 meters that go with it.
  3. JKent

    KLH model #12

    Ebay. Watch for Model Twelve woofers with the double magnet. A pair of Model Five or Twenty-Three woofers would probably be OK.
  4. I modified a pair of 94Si’s by adding an L-pad to tame the tweeter. Also increased the woofer cap from 40uF to about 70uF, made a grille to eliminate the sock and moved the terminals to the back. I sold them to an acquaintance and every time I see him he raves about those speakers! https://community.classicspeakerpages.net/topic/8149-ar-94si-improved/
  5. Here's what I mean. Your image was 42" x 56" with a resolution of 72. I resized it to 4.5" x 6" with a resolution of 100 and saved it at a quality level of 8. Now instead of 2.17MB it's 105kb.
  6. Andrew If I may offer a little unsolicited advice: Those huge 2-3MB HEIC pics don't show up. Members have to download them and open them. Best thing is to resize to about 100KB and convert to jpg. I use Photoshop Elements but there are certainly other ways to achieve this. Generally I take my iPhone pics and resize them to about 6" on the long side with a resolution of 100 then save at a quality level of 8. Usually works perfectly. Kent
  7. Don't get me wrong. That's a nice amp and should pair well with your similar-vintage speakers. I just think it's more likely that the amp would have issues. I've acquired many old amps and receivers over the years and always have a pro check them out. Look at it this way: Your speakers have 1 or 2 (I've never been inside the 18) caps that, if they go out of spec, may cause changes in the crossover point that may or may not be noticeable. If you have to pay a technician to replace them I think you get very little bang for your buck (or euro as the case may be). OTOH, an amp has dozens of capacitors and numerous other electronic thingies, any one of which may go bad after 40 years and exposure to dirt and damp. Failure of any one of those components "may" cause others to malfunction and in the case of an amp, you're talking about an instrument that's constantly plugged into 220 volts in your home. That could be bad. In my experience Technics equipment is well-made and reliable. My technician uses only Panasonic (Technics' parent company) capacitors in his repair work. If you like the amp why not get the honest and professional folks at Uniaudio to check it out (or, if they don't do that work maybe they could recommend a technician who is familiar with older amps). Just a suggestion. Of course your speakers will work perfectly well with a newer amp. It all depends on how much you want to have "vintage" gear.
  8. Welcome killsapo. Nice speakers and amp. I doubt that new capacitors in the speakers will make much, if any improvement. If you could do it yourself it would be worth it simply for longevity. I would be more concerned about your 1979 amp, found in a damp basement. I would recommend getting that thoroughly checked by a competent technician. btw, you can find the owner's manual, schematic, service manual and some other documents here: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/technics/su-8044.shtml You can download them free--all you need to do is register. Good luck. ciao, Kent
  9. The "hinge" is the positioning tab. You need it to prevent the pot from turning. These replacement have a shorter threaded section than the originals so there is no room for a lock washer. Giorgio marked the new pots to show how the terminals correspond to the AP pots (B, 1,2).
  10. Those look great! Good to know the vinyl came off so easily. Interested to see how the grilles come out and why you removed the peg sockets.
  11. Came across these being sold on consignment in the local electronics store. I never heard of them and had no idea CJ made speakers but it piqued my interest. Turns out Synthesis was a separate company. The speakers were designed by Dave Fokos, who later went on to Boston Acoustics and others. Based on the very little info I could dig up, these were bookshelf versions of the LM210 floor standers. Somewhere there's a TAS review of these but I haven't read it. They were supposedly designed to compete with the Rogers L3/5A's. They are ported, with a Dynaudio D28A/F tweeter and a Vifa 6.5" poly woofer. Crossover and wiring are said to be of the highest quality. Finish on all 6 sides is light oak veneer. I brought them home to audition but haven't listened yet--don't really have a good spot for them. A pic harvested from the interweb below: Anybody have any experience with these?
  12. JKent

    KLH Woofer 116808

    Try https://www.speakerworks.com You'll have to do some measuring because they don't list KLH. Are those 8"? Maybe this: https://www.speakerworks.com/8-inch-speaker-repair-kit-p/swk8a.htm Also check out their helpful re-foaming video. Note this is for ONE woofer so you'll need 4. Be sure to get the LATEX adhesive. Also, this does not include dust caps so if you plan to shim you'll need dust caps and shims. They're very helpful so ask how many bottles of adhesive you'll need (no more than 2 I'm sure) and what a package price would be for everything. Another option is Rick Cobbs on ebay. I've never used him but have read any positive comments. https://www.ebay.com/str/looneytune2001 Good luck. Come back here with any questions. We may not know the KLH Model 283 but many here can give advice and guidance on re-foaming your woofers.
  13. JKent

    Speaker Relacements

    The Model Twenty-One designation was used for radios--five of them but none had tweeters. I'm guessing you have a KLH Model Twenty-Plus. Very nice collectible system. The speakers sound good so why would you want to replace them? If the drivers are shot there are usually used ones on ebay.
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