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  1. Yes, they certainly do appear to be birch. They look original & very pretty - nice catch, Lakecat!
  2. Those Bose stands look great, but how easy would it be to tip one over?
  3. If your stereo amplifier could handle the very low combined impedance of an AR-3a and an AR-11 on each channel, you could do it; many amplifiers are not up to it, so it might be better to run a pair of stereo amplifiers, with each amp powering a single pair of speakers. It wouldn't be a good idea to connect the speakers in a series configuration, if that's what you mean by your "serial / quadro" question.
  4. Thumbs up for your "AR-3T", Roger. Could be the best of both worlds; the Classic AR-3a appearance, and the further-evolved AR-9 drivers. I hear an AR-91, but I see an AR-3a. The psychology of the AR enthusiast...someone should write a book.
  5. Simply Speakers' prices seem to be very reasonable for these specialty drivers.
  6. How about that? I never would have guessed. As Giorgio mentioned, I've never seen a King Wahoo resistor in an AR speaker. They must have gotten quite a deal on them.
  7. "King Wahoo" is a Taiwanese brand; does that seem odd for a late-model LST?
  8. It's true that Kloss' Novabeam projection sets were real-world, and groundbreaking, although still something less than the sci-fi dream of a huge TV screen hanging on a wall; or a wall that actually was a TV screen. I've always really liked the way the flat-screen TV was presented in Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 (1966). Having Julie Christie on board didn't hurt either! The version in the 1956 film of 1984 wasn't quite as desirable...poor Winston Smith.
  9. Only if it's a projection set; otherwise, it's hats off to Nick Holonyack, who invented the first visible light LED and George Heilmeier, whom we can thank for the LCD!
  10. Except for the big moisture stain on the one speaker, these don't look very bad at all - you should be able to keep them in essentially original condition, which would honor their history. Are the cabinets otherwise undamaged? The "AR" logo is painted on the badge, and using Brasso might damage it. There are brand-new reproduction badges available for very little cost. No need to replace the staples, as velcro strips will hold the grille panel in place and allow for easy removal should you need to get back in. There are members who've had their tweeters rebuilt, as well as several who are experts at dealing with the cloth-surround woofer, so wait for their responses.
  11. The KLH Five is another interesting re-introduction, along with the JBL L-100 Century, from a couple of years ago. Whoever currently owns the Acoustic Research or Advent brand names might be missing out.
  12. Those are really extraordinary - what a terrific job! I'm also interested in how you feel about the rebuilt tweeters against the Hi-Vi tweets.
  13. It's always been a puzzle as to how AR managed to turn those beautiful drivers into ugly ducklings. The ones in the Audio article are on par with drivers from JBL or Altec, but the ones that finally went into the boxes - yowp!
  14. Hello, Freek - Someone probably just painted over the walnut veneer and molding. Unless it's an automotive urethane finish (doubtful), it should be possible to strip and refinish the cabinets. There are some real experts on this site who can provide excellent guidance, if you want to do this. How much does the AR-3a sell for in Belgium?
  15. Please let us know what you think of the new paper & oil capacitors.
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