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  1. Hi...yes, I still use my 2205 for the 4 ohm speakers. I had it recapped so it's working great. I can't comment on the other amps as I have only had this 2205...but amazing that 402 didn't sound as good as expected. I still haven't refinished the LST's yet. Their placement makes it tough to find a spot for them....so been on back burner.
  2. Plus the new caps and the new pots from Kent!...:) Been trying to be critical of the sound over being in love with them and WANTING it to sound special. I have adjusted mid to half and tweeter to about 75% for most of my music. I can't get over the bass though. These woofers are something. Yes...they are the best sounding 3's I have owned. The lacquer has dried completely and left a nice sheen to cabs and are as smooth as a babies skin. I didn't think anything would top my pine 3a's that I redid....but these are right in there. Not as much work as those dang pines were but just something special about these. Especially as mint as they were...for being over fifty years old. Thank you all for the compliments. You guys know the effort put in them and I appreciate the replies.
  3. Interesting....as this seems to be the baby brother to the AR12...which was touted as a rock n roll speaker also....and short lived as the 8 was. I have never seen an 8.
  4. Sheesh....and I thought I was anal..lol. Weird in that he said it took eight coats of lacquer to get where he wanted it. I found the same thing when using lacquer. I also sanded 220 on first five coats.....then used tack cloth for cleaning. I then used 1500 on the rest...and the tack cloth...which I love using. Remember....I did one section at a time...one coat at a time....with lots of protection to keep overspray off the other sections. I went thru eight or nine cans of lacquer @ $11 each. The finish is baby soft smooth and really like how it came out. It will patina nicely with age. As nice as these speakers were to start...it made the time worth it. With the experts refreshing drivers and getting those awesome pots that Kent sells....these are the best sounding 3's I've heard and can adjust the drivers without dropouts!..lol
  5. Wow!..thank you AR_pro.....that makes me proud for you to say that. It was a lot of work with that lacquer for sure. Amazing how this story turned out. I thought I was buying pine 3's to match my pine 3a's.....had never seen birch....ever.
  6. Thank you guys....they should age well. It was worth putting in the time and money.
  7. Finally finished these beautiful blonde babies yesterday. There is seven to eight coats of lacquer on these cabinets to get the look I wanted. This is pure lacquer over birch....no stain. It was very difficult for me not to use stain as I wanted to highlite the grain....but wanted them to be as close to original as possible. This will be the last lacquer job I ever do on cabinets....what a pain!.....sigh...but this was original when new. The tweeters were sent to Chris for his refresh....mids to Roy for his magic.....got the new pots from Kent and work great. Used Jeff's suggestion and cleaned grills with Simple Green. The woofers were in such great shape and they sound the best I have had over the years....they really go low! I was very fortunate to find these rare blondes and was willing to put in the work to make them very nice again. They sound fantastic and have the love affair with them right now.....
  8. Thanks Roy....now onward to get her finished! ..:)
  9. Has been awhile since I've done new caps...etc inside cab and am using these new pots for first time. I need some expert eyes to look at pic and see if I have this correct before I finish and do other. Thanks for any help.
  10. That looks great! I will try it...thanks..:)
  11. Well...decided to go all new so removed and sanded to bare veneer. Three coats of lacquer but may do five to get a nice look. It is coming out a very nice blonde and I like it. Got the other one to do.....then the pots from Ken and caps go in. Anyone ever clean these grills?...with success?
  12. On another note, I was talking to Roy after he did an awesome job on the mids on these AR3's. I asked him after the many, many AR3's he has come across....do you remember about how many birch 3's he had seen. His answer....one pair!
  13. Just be careful with this seller. His feedback isn't the best.
  14. I love the blonde look so I removed all the lacquer on cabs with lacquer thinner and fine steel wool. Little bit of work but it came out nice. Letting them set up and will do a final wipe down with steel wool. Will probably do a sealer....then the lacquer. Showing a pic of woofer after I removed grill. The grill had never been removed. The lower bolt section of woofer shows the duct seal filling one hole. There was no bolt there....because a hurricane nut was missing. The lazy worker just filled it....and it passed inspection?...lol.
  15. Those 2a's are like brand new! Graining is same but these don't look as blonde....lighting? Finished removing lacquer from both cabs yesterday. Been busy with family issues so haven't had time to work on them. Plus...the rain has been non-stop...sigh.
  16. For the last fifteen years, I have searched sites for AR speakers. I have looked at hundreds and hundreds of AR 3's and 3a's....and have never seen birch. I got these thinking they were pine as birch never entered my mind...lol. No one on this forum has ever highlighted a birch cabinet purchase (that I can remember) or posted here they have a birch AR on this post. That is why I asked about rarity as I have simply never seen one.
  17. Yea...was going to wet a spot to see if it needed a light stain but being blonde like it is....saves me a step!..:) Thanks for the info...
  18. I have used the MinWax on my first lessons in lacquer with a pair of cherry 3's I did a couple of years ago. With poly, I can elevate speaker on its back and spray the poly on all four sides. I tried that with the lacquer and had runs everywhere!..lol. I learned quickly to do only one side at a time laying flat so the lacquer can self level. Lacquer thinner is your friend also. The cherry 3's came out very nice but took me three times longer than poly...sigh. So now I get to have more fun with lacquer!...lol. But these deserve it so do it I will.
  19. Nice AR2a's! Yea...they are birch and as much as I hate lacquer...I will do them right. This purchase was such a serendipity thing. The seller was such an awesome guy and even drove two hours to meet me halfway. My saving grace was he simply refused to ship them...and had higher offers from other countries. Your collection from what you have posted in past is huge...and full of rare speakers....so have been jealous here too!...:)
  20. Also...is birch more rare than pine? I just never see birch...so curious.
  21. I can confirm they are birch. Lacquer finish was easily removed from one bottom with lacquer thinner...showing the birch grain better. They are in fantastic shape and excited to get these bad boys back to like new condition. Anyone know what stain that is on them? Looks to be really light.
  22. Got em all apart...to refinish. Does this look birch to you?
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