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  1. You should get several answers to this question. If small enough a small “glop” of white wood glue might be enough. Please wait for more answers.
  2. Well couple of questions. What kind of cap and how and what did you use to test them?
  3. Try rotating the woofer. Sometimes the spider gets loose. That does happen by it also be loose so replying it may be the fix.
  4. File is too big max size is 199.76. Try resizing to 100k
  5. Hmmm, These may be the same woofers as the A25 model. How is it misbehaving? One seller has a p/n 509199 S Dynaco woofer on sale at the auction site.
  6. Here is the link for Roys' sealant, he is the person who formulated this for Vintage AR. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-SPEAKER-CLOTH-SURROUND-WOOFER-SEALANT-KIT-ALSO-KLH/193001721613?hash=item2cefcc8f0d:g:aUQAAOxy7rdREiMo:sc:USPSFirstClass!34691!US!-1
  7. Roy has the correct sealant at Vintage AR on the "auction" site. Much better and we know it is correct, the others -who know?
  8. RickB

    KLH Nine Prototypes?

    Hi, we need pictures. They should be in JPG format and no larger than 100K each.
  9. Hi the Hi-Vi tweeter and coils are available from https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-q1r-1-1-8-textile-dome-tweeter--297-417
  10. Hi, Your pix should be no larger than 100k. Downsize them and try reloading. Your problem sounds like the "classic" voice coil rub from your description. Removing both the outer surround and the dust cover. Then shimming the voice coil then regluing may fix this. There are several threads with more info out there.
  11. Hi and welcome. Where are you located and only one speaker? Pictures(no larger than 100k) would be welcome. Thanks, RickB
  12. Not only "enhanced" but the woofers looked replaced-double "YUK"!!!
  13. Hi Kap, Make sure your pix are no larger than 100k. Good luck!
  14. These speakers were the house brand speakers of a now defunct chain in California(University?).
  15. Chris1this1 and the Hi-Vi have gotten wonderful reviews but this link shows another replacement(maybe).https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/home-audio/mw-audio-mt-4121-75-inch-dome-tweeter/. Has anyone tried these yet?
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