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  1. Hi Kent, Given the availability of the clearly superior Parts Express and Bennic electrolytic caps, I stopped recommending the Erse NPE's some time ago after, like David, doing some basic tests and dissections. :) I frequently work on cheaply made old speakers, and I wouldn't have a problem using an Erse electrolytic as a repair part for the really crappy 35v capacitors found in many of these...but there is really no compelling reason to choose them when better electrolytic caps are readily available. There were some negative comments made along the way in the forum about Erse film caps. I don't have a problem with any of those. Roy
  2. -Your inductor values are correct, Ben. -3/8" gasket tape works well for the woofer and mid. I prefer to cut my own tweeter gaskets from foam sheets found in craft stores. -The 3a Limited had a film cap for the 4uf tweeter capacitor and modern electroytic capacitors for the large values. The largest value, 150uf, consisted of (3) 50uf caps wired in parallel. Frankly that is the way I would go. There is no reason to purchase costly large value film caps for these speakers. If all goes as planned, they will sound as AR intended, and you will love them. Roy
  3. Hey Ben, The AR-3a Limited had 18 ga coils. By the time the Limited showed up the 17ga AR coils were long gone. So 18 ga air core coils are what to shop for, and dcr will be what it should be. Where are you located? Parts Express has the capacitors you need in exact values. You can also build capacitors. For example, two 20uf caps wired in parallel make one 40uf cap. Roy
  4. Hey Larry, Technically there would be a shift in the original crossover point as well as less sensitivity in the speaker with the replacement woofer, but if you can't hear a difference I wouldn't worry about it. The amp should have no functional issues. If audible difference are slight, room placement and balance controls can be helpful. Roy
  5. It isn't the switch or the cap. The broken tiny voice coil wire is a common point of failure with this tweeter. If the issue is just a broken lead, the enamel coating on the lead must be removed before you will be able to make a successful connection. It is not an easy repair, and it may be burned out anyway. Whatever the case may be, the tweeter is the culprit. I can be of assistance with the woofer. Send me a PM. Roy
  6. RoyC

    AR 5

    The front-wired tweeters and mids are the most common configuration. I'm not sure when the back-wired version showed up, but I believe it was after 40,000. (There were around 50,000 AR-5's manufactured.) The leads under the tape are copper tinsel wire with no special coating. If the tape is peeling up, you can very carefully replace it on the mid's leads. The tweeter leads are tricky, and are usually better left alone unless you have done it before. On the other hand, the tweeters often have compromised output, and may need to be removed for service anyway. Check 'em out first! Roy
  7. Ben, 1- The Midwest tweeter is more like the original 3a Limited tweeter, so it will be a better match for this version of the 3a than for the 3a Improved (which was equipped with the original 3a tweeter). 2- I don't recall...Send a photo of the rear terminals of your speakers. I replaced the entire board. 3- Yes, just connect the circuits internally. 4- I can't think of a reason to leave the old crossover in place unless it is just easier to do so. There is no "vintage" value to the old crossover. You will obviously have more room if you remove it. 5- Just take your time and ask questions if something comes up. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or issues along the way. Roy
  8. Stephen, The HiVi tweeter has significantly greater output than the original tweeter, and is the most likely source of any dissatisfaction you may have to this point. Additionally, compared to the limited settings provided by the switches of the 3a Improved, the variable level controls of the original AR-3a makes it much easier to dial in the desired balance. It's very doubtful anything will be accomplished by trying to replace the midrange voice coils (which, by the way, is a very unlikely possibility). Replacing the Solen capacitors is not going to significantly change anything either. Roy
  9. What do you mean by "serviced"? Roy
  10. As Mike and Kent have assured you, the AR-3a Improved's original tweeter is wired as shown in the schematic. Bear in mind, however, that the HiVi tweeter is not the same as the original tweeter, and its use in the original AR-3a, with an added parallel coil, provides an approximation of the original sound. Consequently, contrary to the theoretical assumption we made when writing the 3a restoration guide, some people prefer the polarity reversed and others do not. In other words, there is no "correct" configuration when using this tweeter with the 3a. To make matters more interesting, the 3a Improved is a different animal than the original 3a. I only know of one other person who has tried to use the HiVi tweeter with the 3a Improved, and after much experimentation replaced it with the AR-11 tweeter. In my opinion, Kent's advice is the best you will receive under the circumstances. Roy
  11. The manufacture date code on the large Sprague shows 17th week of 1973, and I assume the "75" stamped in the cabinet could mean 1975, so that one is certainly a very early specimen. It makes sense, as I have seen more than a few of the more common AR-11 sibling with at least one Sprague capacitor. At any rate, good catch David...and apologies to Aadams who makes a valid point. Roy
  12. Interesting...I guess I've only been seeing the later ones. You obviously have a photo of one with Spragues. Is that one yours? Roy
  13. The 10pi never had Sprague capacitors. bb57...where are you located? Roy
  14. It can be done. See photos in this listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-AR-3A-TWEETER-REPLACEMENT-FRONT-WIRED-CONFIGURATION/192876357048?hash=item2ce853a5b8:g:lZgAAOSw5cNYE3fz Alternatively, you can simply use the existing screw holes in the tweeter flange with aggressive thread screws: https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-6-x-3-4-deep-thread-pan-head-screws-black-100-pcs--081-435 Make your own holes in the gasket.
  15. Continue investigating your electronics. The large capacitor is not the problem. Roy
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