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  1. RoyC


    Thanks Greg, At this point I'm fairly certain the Euro AR-2xa is the same as the last version of the US 2ax. Roy
  2. RoyC


    Craig, It appears to be a conventional AR-2ax crossover. Are there any components attached to the woofer? If you reach up to the midrange driver magnet can you feel anything other than the magnet? Does the woofer have a square, modern style magnet? In the mid 70's AR added 3 ohms to the original 2ax midrange, and then simply changed the mid's voice coil to 9 ohms (dcr) from the original 6 ohms. Some later woofers also have various components (resistor/caps) soldered to the terminals. These changes were made when the alnico magnet woofer was replaced with the ferrite magnet woofer. There was no AR-2"xa" marketed in the US , but I wonder if this resulted in the European AR-2xa. The US version of the AR-2ax underwent alterations with no name change. Roy
  3. RoyC


    The pots are part of the crossover. You can't miss it, after removing some cabinet stuffing.
  4. RoyC


    Yes, those are a later version with metal shafts instead of plastic. It would be interesting to see the crossover. Roy
  5. The caps for the tweeters and mids remained the same (4uf and 6uf). Roy
  6. The cabinets date to the late 60's/very early 70's, the metal pot shafts and cabinet tags are from the mid-70's, and the serial numbers on the woofers and tweeters show 1983. These are Frankenstein 2ax's probably built from parts on hand at a service center. The back-wired 3/4" tweeter body remained largely unchanged for a decade, and was used for both 4 and 8 ohm versions. I would have the tweeters rebuilt. Someone improvised in that department. Roy
  7. I agree, Larry...Paxto's 2nd woofer appears to be an early re-cone. The first one is completely original. Roy
  8. I've used inexpensive acrylic based paint sold in craft stores for well over 15 years, with no problems.
  9. As The Rolling Stones said, "Paint It Black"! Roy
  10. Hi Tom, The crossover appears to be the earliest iteration, which was more complex than its successors, but I have never seen one with that woofer circuit. Is this one of your specimens? Roy
  11. RoyC

    KLH Model Twenty

    I would also be very interested in the AR speaker on the right side of the photo. Roy
  12. Great work, as always, Kent! Roy
  13. Robert, They are rated as 8 ohm tweeters, but there are no "drop -in" replacements available. Any drivers you use other than used originals will require development of an appropriate crossover. Based on your posts regarding your woofers, in the absence of original drivers, you are essentially designing a new speaker system in an MST shaped cabinet. You could call it the "RST". 🙂 Roy
  14. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any. Roy
  15. What "guy", Jim? I've tested many materials including liquid electrical tape. This includes measurements of Fs and Fc, which is a foreign concept to most of our internet "experts". The liquid tape forms a rather tough membrane, which reduces compliance rather drastically. Bear in mind compliance is extremely important when it comes to acoustic suspension speakers. Any compound which becomes a membrane or forms another layer of material over the surround , regardless of its flexibility in cured form, will add mass and reduce compliance. This rules out adhesives, caulking, and other materials of this type. You seem obsessed with this topic. Exactly what surrounds are you intending to treat? With the notable exception of KLH woofers, very few woofers actually need to have their surrounds re-sealed. The original treatment does not just disappear, so anything added to the surround must be carefully evaluated. You are coming up with "ideas" discussed and considered a decade or so ago. On the other hand why don't you try some of these things and tell us how it works out (just kidding, of course). Roy
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