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    My 4x’s were the same inside as yours, except the woofer cones are smooth, not ribbed.
  2. Ran across a gent selling 2 pair on the local buy and sell. 100 bucks a pair. I went to have a look and one pair was fairly "unmolested", ser no 361017 and 361431. The other pair had a tweeter replaced and the box was refinished very poorly, the brass name plates were also long gone and the grills were held on with sticky tack (like a clay/paste/adhesive). He hooked 'em up and they at least made sound. He was in an apt building so he kept them on low (it would soon become evident that wasn't the only reason he didn't turn them up). So I passed him a hundy and headed home with my new find. I hook them up to my Sansui 350, give them a little power and.......yeesh, they sound like crap! Not just your garden variety crap either, huge steaming piles of something that came out of the south end of a dog that was sour and foul before it even went in! Buzzing, scratching, muddy and muted everywhere! You name it, it all sounded just....well, wrong. So, thinking I might have just flushed a hundred bucks, I get into them (sorry, didn't take inside pics). Ok, someone has been in here before, that much is obvious. I CAREFULLY remove the shroud material. Then the fiberglass. Yep, smushed in there pretty tightly and some of it right up against the cone. There's a jumper wire clipped across the potentiometer for the tweeter. More sticky tack smeared over the retaining clips (someone really likes this crap!). Yep, good bet the pots are dirty. So de-solder and pull the pots. Corroded pretty good, but it's all intact. I give 'em a soaking and a good cleaning. The drivers check out on a visual inspection and meter good. So back in the pots go, followed by the fiberglass (nice and loose), then the shroud followed by the main drivers. Hook them back up to my Sansui, quick nod to the gods, flip the power on and.......NIrvana! Sweet, smooth, full, rich and satisfying hifi sound! Now THIS is what I was expecting. You can tell they're still cold and stiff from years of non-use/neglect, so I'll burn 'em in overnight and try some "energetic" music once they're had a chance to wake up properly and give their throats a good clearing. Maybe I paid a little more than I should have, but vintage speakers are hard to come by around here and I usually go through all my "new" gear when I get it anyways. Next up will be a light restore on the boxes. They're actually in pretty good shape, so just a cleaning and finish refreshing will likely fix them up nicely. They're the oiled walnut boxes. Now I'm wondering if I should go back and "rescue" the other pair......LOL!
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