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  1. Just to give a follow up to those who have given some very valuable suggestions to me, I finally got around to changing the position of my speakers so they would be pointing straight out instead of slightly toed in and I moved them back towards the rear wall and the change was dramatic. I got a full stereo image with proper center imaging finally and there were big improvements in the mid bass response. Who knew? All these years I was missing out on how much better these speakers could have sounded. Thanks everyone!
  2. That's so interesting and it explains why my dad had them mounted flush against the wall back in the 60s when he owned them.
  3. I've always heard that moving the speakers away from the front wall (the wall behind the speakers) about 2 to 3 feet is best, but from what I am reading that is not true of vintage AR speakers.
  4. Thanks guys. Just want to check with @genek when you say the back wall you mean the wall behind my head correct? I know it gets tricky because the front was is the wall you face while listening to music.
  5. This is a helpful recommendation. Thanks Aadams!
  6. I know that when Villchur and Kloss designed the early AR speakers, they were designed to be mounted horizontally and on a bookshelf, but that is not really possible in my apartment and thus i have my speakers on AR stands mounted vertically. My question though is about whether or not is recommended that they be toed in at all. I have 2a speakers that have been upgraded to 2ax speakers and I they are 8 feet apart and approximately 2 feet from the front wall. My seating position is about 8 to 9 feet from the speakers. I currently have them at a slight toe in where you can see the inside edge of the cabinets slightly. I have read that early AR speakers are not meant to be that far from the front wall and not designed to be toed in. I realize that this all subjective and placement is really whatever sounds best to your ears, but I wanted a good starting place in terms of what the designers intended and what is practical given my dimensions. Thanks in advance John
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