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  1. Your approach with parallel resistors makes sense in terms of power handling. For these little 2ax, I won't chase down the power handling specs for the drivers. Ultimately it is the current going to the driver that matters, too much for too long and the VC overheats, too large or too rapid transients and excursions can damage the driver. My going from a single 10 to a 12 watt resistor won't greatly affect how hard I can push these. Upon further review, using two 50 Ohm resistors in parallel to get my 25 Ohm target could provide some tweeter protection by splitting the current so either re
  2. I appreciate the responses and the level of thought. I did not find the cap fantasists quote thread anywhere but located a few others which address capacitor selection. I really wasn't trying to start yet another thread on caps. I was more curious whether boutique poly/film caps were worth it or more appropriate in the 2ax. As we all know, the engineers 40 years ago made their component choices based on what was available at the time. Obviously ESR values and recovery or transient time were important then as they still are now. Quoting from RoyC in http://www.classicspeakerpages
  3. I was excited to buy my first pair of ARs from Salvation Army quite awhile back. I have Klipsch and Pioneer HPMs and can't remember the last pair of ARs I heard so these went into the queue to be resurrected. I have not even played them nor removed the grills but it is obvious they have not been molested and the cabinets are in good shape. I restore with originality in mind. When I (rarely) sell, I do not try to get the last dollar out of a buyer. It's more important to me to save items from being parted out or sent to the dump. I took advantage of a snowy day to do my research at
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