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  1. I’m looking for a copy of the L1090 manual. I’d anyone has a paper or PDF copy, please let me know! :)
  2. npt3

    ADS L1090 tweeters

    You are a life saver! I was not curious enough to slide the door on the bottom of the speaker to discover the HF level switch and the two fuses (Buss 1.6A and 2.5A fuses.) The HF fuse was blown. I'll order up some replacements for both speakers. Thanks Jeff!
  3. npt3

    ADS L1090 tweeters

    Just found a BEAUTIFUL pair of black L1090s for very little money. On initial listening though, one of the tweeters seems in need of repair. I’m new to the ADS world, but are L1090 tweeters the same as used in other models? Or, are there other (e.g., Peerless) tweeters that would work, too?
  4. I’ve just come into a restored ADS A2 integrated amplifier and a T2 tuner, both of which are missing the hinged rear panel that completes the amazing Dieter Rams industrial design. WTB one or both.
  5. Hey! Glad to see the forums back up and running. I've just starting using my Allison Threes again (the home office routine!) and have discovered that both of the the surrounds have finally bit the dust. I had Bill LeGall at Millersound fix my midranges a couple of years ago, and he's amazing and wonderful, but I'd like to try to find someone local in MA who's worked on the Allison 12" woofers before and can fix them. Any suggestions??
  6. Parts question: two of the tone control knobs on my new Citation are non-standard replacements (god knows why.) Does anyone a) have a good source of originals or close-to-originals, or b) know of someone who can make reproductions?
  7. Thanks Kent! I was sure it would be you with the save! ? My dad grew up in Linden, so I know that Ho-Ho-Kus is not a mythical land! I'll keep Tim's info on file.
  8. Hi all - I've just come in to the very rare Citation Receiver, bought from the original owner. It's in great shape, but IF I developed a problem (not unheard of for a 40+ year old amp!), who's your go-to for repair/rehab?
  9. Interesting (not the stripping and sanding part, but the "dye them black" part.) How do you dye veneer (and what do you use)? Is it like applying Watco oil?
  10. Hi all - this question is general in scope but specific for my mint oak-finish Allison Nines that I found recently. They are sonically and physically perfect, but in my new listening room the oak finish is a little...off. I've repainted the front panel of two pairs of AR-3s with a flat black paint and a foam brush to freshen them up, and it looked great. But I've never done veneer, and I know you can't reverse the process. So, two questions: Am I insane to consider doing this? Has anyone done something similar to their ARs (probably the later models), and how did it come ou
  11. Haha! I got my Threes from the original owner 18 years ago for $350 (a princely sum for me at the time) and I'd say I got a fabulous deal all these years later. You can't get two pairs of mint tweeters, mids and woofers for that price today!
  12. I really lucked out with these. Back in the day I auditioned a pair of Nines and LOVED them, but couldn’t swing the $$ for them, and bought a pair of CD7s instead. So, it took a while, but I finally got a “new” pair ?
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