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  1. Thanks for the compliment on the case. The reason I went with solid oak was that it was so darn light without the case I couldn't push in the pushbuttons without pushing the whole thing back. The case weighs a lot more than the preamp does!
  2. Ohmahgawd!!! When I was a teen those were just the holy grail for me. I still haven't found one in reasonable condition ( with working transformer, everything else can be fixed ) for a decent price.
  3. That's a really attractive Crown preamp. So different in appearance from the IC-150. I really wasn't diminishing the quality of the IC-150, it's just that after recapping it I wasn't overwhelmed by it. I also had come across a D-75a at a hamfest for spare change that was a decent low power single space rackmount but the torroidal power transformer in it had a fit when an incandescent dimmer was in use on the same branch. Really bizarre mechanical hum that disappeared when the DC spikes from the dimmer weren't present. If I run into one of the above mentioned amps at a hamfest or other oc
  4. If you do remove the cap you'll be able to visualize whether the coil is centered if you do have to re-glue the masonite ring.. There are different techniques people have for centering it if necessary, maybe the others here would like to share their personal favorites.
  5. I like the separate power supply design of the DB. If the Dynaco had one for the PAT-4 the inductive hum issue wouldn't have been a problem.
  6. Crap! you're right, that's the Phase linear. The Crown was resold, the Phase linear won out. ( it won the WAF anyway ) There was just something about the Crown that was a little too early solid-statey for me but everyone's tastes are different. Ahhh, A Simpson 260. I have a few. From a series 3 through an 8. Bulletproof.
  7. Check to make sure that the masonite ring the spider is attached to hasn't loosened from the basket. I have experienced this on more than one original die cast 10" AR woofer. If yours needs to be repaired, be sure the voice coil is centered..... I re-adhered them with slow set epoxy.
  8. A followup to this post; Kent, I finally am having the opportunity to see Ballykissangel. What a fun, wholesome show. AR Pro: Per your suggestion I picked up a Crown IC-150 to replace the PAT-4 (which I was never able to fully resolve the hum issue with ) and did the full recap. The sound is quite neutral and I did make a reproduction enclosure but out of oak instead of walnut. Only problem was..... It was too big to fit in the allotted space in the video rack! So it is now upstairs in the living room with a Hafler DH-120. These are connected to my pair of AR-2Ax. So
  9. It got my attention. But I gotta say that with my now aging back even the 3a's are getting a bit heavy for casual schlepping!
  10. Aargh! The boss would give me a quizzical look and ask “ Why is is again, that we need these extra two speakers and all these confusing controls? “
  11. Hi Bill, Back when I was in high school I remember that a buddy used a Dynaco Quadraptor. It was kinda cool, a soundstage was created which complimented most material nicely. IIRC he had a pair of large KLH for the front and a couple of 8" Fisher (maybe XP-56) for the rear. I hadn't thought of using this preamp to take advantage of the effect. Since this is for the living room system which also is a Video setup with 2 channel audio, this could be fun. The only smaller ones I have right now are a pair of diminutive DLK 1/4. I have a Crown D75 I could use for t
  12. Hi Bill, I had gotten the 2000 about a month ago. It is quite spacious under the hood. Mr. Carver could almost have put it into a pack of Kools! After receiving it it was unbalanced and grainy. Replacement of the caps helped, but I experienced the phenomenon of "capacitor aging" I had always sneered at. After running it continuously for a week or so the sound quality was astoundingly better. Think it'll be a nice pairing with the DH-120. Lou
  13. Hi Kent, Yes, I have had a few of the Dynaco pieces along the way. The only one I was less than impressed with was the 120. I had that in the late 90's, it was recapped and had the output transistors replaced when I first got it. Just didn't have the robust character I had associated with the Heath W-6M monoblocks that had disappeared from our rehearsal space. Currently, a rebuilt ST-150 runs my pair of 3a. I had not ever used a Hafler piece previously, nor an amp with mosfet finals. Just received it Friday, in good condition as the photos suggested. Ch
  14. Hi all, I was the lucky recipient of a nice auction site find yesterday. A darn near pristine Hafler DH-120. Planning to pair it with a Phase Linear 2000 preamplifier after it has had the electrolytic caps replaced. This will be the first Hafler amplifier I have acquired. Also, the first mosfet final amp. These will go into the rotation up in the living room, bumping the Scott 388 receiver I rebuilt a few years ago. The 388 rebuild was mentioned briefly in a post on AK; https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/scott-388-rebuild.729576/ They
  15. Or at least practice on something less unobtainium.
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