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  1. Hi Giorgio, Just popping to say I love my 7s mated with my KLH Twenty Seven receiver. I listen to the combo daily in my kitchen. Plus, I am cooped up and bored. P
  2. Very cool service bulletin, Kent. Thanks!
  3. I can attest to this. One of the screens fell off the mid on my AR 3s, and I haven't gotten around to re-gluing it yet. One speaker has noticeably higher output than the other. P
  4. Hi Chris, Nice speakers! I can't help with the date, but I think Markkb and our friend Denny Roll took care of that. Where did you get those stands? I am looking for something like that for my 3s. I tried my 3s with a couple of tube amps: 30 watts up to a pair of 60 watt Dynaco Mk III. They didn't come alive until I put them on a lot of SS power, currently a Marantz 240 (~160 watts).
  5. Thanks Glenn. I've been thinking about what to do with the cabinets. I had originally planned to sand, stain, and lacquer, to restore the original finish. I have been considering sanding then oiling them with something like Watco Mahogany. While not the original finish, the oiled cabs would go well with the rest of my oiled speakers. Plus, it's a lot easier than spraying lacquer for those not experienced. I sanded and oiled my mahogany AR 7s a couple of years ago, and they are beautiful. What are your opinions, good people, on originality of finish? Peter
  6. Hi Glenn, Happy New Year! Well, I finally expect to have a permanent position within the month. I've been consulting with a new start up since the end of October. My boss says to expect a permanent position in January. It will have been a little over a year since I have had permanent employment (and seven months in 2019 with no job.) Once the contract is in hand we'll start looking for a new house. There is one just across the street from us that I want. Mostly because it has a two storey, 1000 sq. ft., heated and insulated barn! A big workshop is just what I need! Peter
  7. Thanks Robert. Yes, this is one of the ones I picked up in the spring. The cabinet restoration came out really nice. I was laid off at the end of March, and just started working again. All the hobbies were put on hold during the interim. I don't think too much catnip. Just a big, 14 pound cat looking for a comfy place to sit! Peter
  8. Thank you for the advice. This pair is a slow moving project. They are on the shelves for now. I'm just looking for ideas to have in the back of my head for when I do get back to them. Peter
  9. Greetings, This was a 4x woofer. Should I consider having it reconed or just look for a replacement? L_P
  10. Got one! I'll be posting about it when I can start cleaning adn evaluating it. Peter
  11. I agree that you have a very valuable pair of speakers. I also echo ar_pro that you should do nothing to them. You can check ebay sold listings for sold prices.
  12. I think this project, along with a few others, is on hold for now. I am awaiting news on a new job. Upon which, a new house will be in our future. My time now is occupied with prepping our current home for a potential sale. I'll post updates once things are more settled. Peter
  13. Be careful with your woofers. The white dust on the magnets is cadmium corrosion. It IS toxic. If it is not too late, you should wear nitrile or latex gloves and wipe it off with a dampened rag. Windex or other gentle cleaner will work. Then promptly dispose of the rag and gloves. DO NOT try to blow or vacuum it off. As other have said rebuilding the crossovers is pretty straightforward.
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