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  1. I had a novel idea from a guy, he said contact cement thinned with lacquer thinner and it stays flexible what about acetone?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/753040155436115/
  3. Jim Pearce

    A25vw for 150?

    Opinions, please?
  4. https://m.facebook.com/groups/341271296224434?view=permalink&id=1211115995906622
  5. Pardon me guys, but are you referencing the black front wired three quarter inch dome that is the second generation 2ax tweeter used in the AR 3a and the LST as well as in the AR 2ax? I may have a source for a couple of them as well as having worked with restorations on these by an excellent engineer that can rebuild them. He has a great reputation and a long track record of outstanding work.
  6. Then those are the things that I will do! Thanks, guys...good to be back in the world again, 'eh?
  7. The crossover is 5,000 not fifteen.
  8. I would like to know what a good test record is for assessing my hearing please.
  9. Right. The guy had the gear up on Facebook marketplace for 2 hours, I contacted him, an hour later he answered. I replied to his answer, no response. The next morning I saw that he had sold them. Someone probably offered him a thousand bucks.
  10. It seems there are some of these that I may have put too much dope on. What does one do? And how can one tell if that's what's been done? On the return speed, how slow is slow? How does one know if the fabric pores are completely sealed, maybe pull them and hold them up to the light? Would 80% visible light through the fiber be acceptable or would that be too much?
  11. Jim Pearce

    12.5 question

    You guys are amazing.
  12. Have a chance to get this combination for 250, what do you guys think? One of the tweeters are blown. Are these speakers really worth 2000 bucks?
  13. Jim Pearce

    ADS L1590

    Super happy to find this thread, I have a pair of these and had no idea they would be included in the class of loudspeakers featured by this page. Thank you all very much for your writings!
  14. Also, to shift gears a bit, what about running one pair of a speakers at the same time as running one pair of b from that 80w receiver that's been rebuilt...Polk rt16 plus ads L1290?
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