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  1. What say you? Listed for a dollar 800 mi away from me. The speakers are in pretty darn good condition. One small corner ding.
  2. Jim Pearce

    New Veneer?

    Hey there Jkent, Can you send me to a place to learn how to use Howard's restore finish on some junked up cabinets? Also, what is the proper way to reform corner bashes? I've read that some guys make a dam out of tape and then fill it with some material. What is the best material that will take stain and is relatively easy to smooth off and restore the sharp corners? I have some pretty simple stuff as in what's in the photo but I also have a couple of cabinets that have the entire corner flattened from being dropped. Second photo is of particle board cabinet that's han
  3. What can anyone tell me about these? I have a chance to get them for $80, whatever they worth more or less?
  4. A couple of pairs have been rebuilt by a physics professor here and the one with the aftermarket tweeter I have tried but was not impressed. I'm still trying to find out if it is faithful to Roy C's design. I have one pair like that and one pair with the red and one pair with that has no tweeters where I will use the black. A gift from the professor, extremely rough cabinets and mismatched foam woofer types that need foam surrounds. I recently bought a pair of first iteration cloth woofers that I have not yet tested but intend to use those there. Obviously they are g
  5. I was delighted to find that these are repairable even to the extent that Chris can 3D print missing parts of the flanges. I have a pair with the older red domes, a pair with the Hi-Vi and two pair of the three quarter inch black domes.
  6. I'm going to pass because I have found out that the tweeters are HiVi. I have two pairs of three-quarter inch rebuilt paper mache originals from Chris. Anyway, they won't work because they are not 4 ohm I guess. The ones I have are eight ohms and replacements for AR2 ax. Also, I'm assuming that the current dividing Network has been changed to allow the aftermarket tweeters. Admittedly 1700 bucks does sound absurd. I have seen a pair on a Korean auction site go for $2,000. I have them listed at 1500 and am waiting.... Have about 600 in them.
  7. I've seen what looks like his recommended air core inductor in there. Do I need to look at the values of the capacitors? What else?
  8. Breathlessly waiting for the replies on the dented domes! Very basic question here, what type of capacitor would offer the best longevity and performance in terms of sonic character? I guess I'm asking about what type of capacitor would be neutral sounding and last a long time.
  9. There is a guy here locally that has a pair of refurbished 3as and has dropped the price from 1100 to 800. I offered a pair of University 315c drivers in great shape in exchange for the Acoustic Research speakers and 300 cash. Looks like they have Hi Vi. I have two pairs of three-quarter inch original tweeters that are rebuilt by you know who. They are 8 ohm, however. What say you? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/108565251054913/
  10. There is a guy here locally that has a pair of refurbished 3as and has dropped the price from 1100 to 800. I offered a pair of University 315c drivers in great shape in exchange for the Acoustic Research speakers and 300 cash. What say you? I'll post his ad in a moment.
  11. This was very helpful. I have a pair that I used too much stuff on and need to clean it off. I guess I'll get it super soft with toluene and scrape it with something round ended like a popsicle stick.
  12. Yeah, man. Trial and error on little bits of the goop taught me that toluene is the way to go. I had one pair that I over applied the material to, have thinned it just a tiny tiny bit so I could put it on more evenly and use two coats based on return speed of the woofer. Yeah, one needs to be very careful about keeping the material on the cloth only. I have found that thin a bit capillary action will help to spread the material to the edges of the surround. Also have a pair of 17s and 32s where this stuff was absolutely wonderful, thank you Roy!
  13. Yes! SOP! THANKS FOR HELPING ME PRIORITIZE THIS. I have not opened them yet from the shipping carton, also have two pair of the rebuilt small black tweeters which I have not yet opened... and thanks to all of you for the many many years I have been following you, you know who you are!
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