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"Profoundly Retired" as our friend John O'Hanlon (johnieo) would say. Built my first kit in 1969 while a broke college student. That first stereo consisted of a dynaco ST-35 power amp, KLH Eighteen FM tuner and some Superex headphones. Cobbled together a plywood box to house it and added switches and jacks. Always the tinkerer. Later added a dyncaco PAT-4 (kit), AR-4x speakers, AR turntable and the Wollensak version of the first Dolby cassette deck. Still have the speakers, turntable and tuner.

Over the years I was always interested in hi-fi, especially budget gear. Subscribed to $ensible $ound magazine. Built some more kits (dynaco ST-120, Hafler 220, VMPS subwoofer). Always liked surround sound and video so there was a succession of surround sound processors and speakers.

Always a separates guy. I use a modern Onkyo A/V receiver for the home theater but the vintage system is all separates. Some receivers did reside there briefly: Sherwood, KLH, Marantz, Sylvania, AR, McIntosh. Even had an AR integrated amp/tuner combo but I just love separates.

Current speakers in the vintage setup in my work area are AR-3s that were modified (due to dead drivers) to make them 3a's with AR-10pi mids, Hi-Vi tweets and built-from-scratch 3a crossovers. A pair of Microstatic supertweeters sit on top. That system is "all American", with my old XA TT, a DB Systems preamp and tone controls, and a Hafler DH-200 amp modified with Musical Concepts boards and bigger output caps. Also in the shop are a pair of  AR-91s powered by an Adcom  GFP-565 preamp, Adcom 555 II amp and a little boost from an Allison Electronic Subwoofer. Source is a Tivoli CD player.The HT has a modern Onkyo AV receiver but the speakers are almost all vintage: Cizek KA-1 front, Cizek HTA rear, Cambridge Soundworks sides,a kit-built VMPS  sub, rbh center, Zilch Minimus 7 front wide and home-brew front high (yeah--a dozen speakers!). The Mini 7s will eventually be replaced with NHT Super Zeroes. There's also a Scott 299A tube amp that I restored. It allows me to play the HK T-60 turntable through the KA-1 speakers.

Other interests: Traveling and entertaining, restoring KLH Model Eight tube radios and most recently playing with my C5 Corvette.

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