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  1. Oh the tweeters and woofers are for the LST-2.
  2. Actually I’m doing that. The 10pi are finished and waiting for Chris to finish the tweeters so I can listen and determine if I want to put more $ into them for proper woofers. I really like the 10 pi, but not sure I like them as much as my ESS amt1b.
  3. I’ll go after the woofers after hearing the rebuilt tweeters. What’s in there are from Radio Shack and pretty light weight.
  4. Just sent all six dome tweeters to Chris today. Getting close to finishing my recent AR acquisition....AR-10pi and LST-2. Listening to the 10pi right now. I like them.
  5. Just finished one of the LST-2 grills with off white linen material from Gig Harbor, Wa. I was considering selling these as they need Chris to rebuild all six tweeters. With this cloth they look too nice. Keeping them a little longer.
  6. Just finished one grill for my AR-10pi. I made a frame from 1”x1” poplar, routed the 45 degree, glued and screwed the 45 degree corners the black speaker cloth over the frame glued with 3M weatherstrip glue. Came out pretty well. Now to make a second one.
  7. I have the 10pi on Craigslist. If they sell I will get Chris to tbuild the six dome tweeters on the LST-2 and keep those. If the 10pi don’t sell the LST-2 are up for sale.
  8. Pace marine grade wire came this morning in nine colors. I spent several hours re-wiring the internals of one of the 10pi. It worked first try and I’m sitting listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash “Guinevere”. Very nice even without any stuffing in the re-wired box. Takes a bit more push from my Pioneer SX-1010 than the ESS amt1b. I may become an AR convert. Switching between the ESS and the 10pi I can hear the hole in the midrange of the ESS although the ESS highs are much clearer-cleaner than the AR speakers. Another Thankyou to DavidR for sending the color coded connections and
  9. Thanks. Seems like the foam would get torn up after only a few removals.
  10. I’m thinking about making some grills for my 10pi speakers. The originals were a dense open foam that attached with a variation of Velcro. Was there some fabric on the foam or did the “Velcro” push into the foam?
  11. Ordered the Pace wire and some 3/16” female spade connectors. I decided to go ahead and clean these up. Will also order 15 ohm and 10 ohm Mills resistors from Parts Express. The 10 ohm are unfortunately on back order now.
  12. I have not yet ordered any wire. I looked inside my LST-2 cabinets to see what type wire AR used. By the wire code it was tin plated oxygen free copper, 18 gauge AWG. Pace wire is marine grade and fine strand. Just measured that white crusty R15 resistor. It’s supposed to be 15 ohm, but measures 1.9 ohm. The other 10 ohm resistor measures 11.4 ohms, I may replace that also.
  13. Also difficult to understand some of the connection modifications. For example terminal 8 on the auto transformer is soldered to terminal 4 on the tab strip. Then terminal 3 and 4 on the tab strip are bridged with a short piece of wire. I found a company called Pace that sells marine grade 18 AWG tinned oxygen free copper wire that looks like the right material and comes in the nine colors needed. Good thing I have speakers already in my system. These AR-10pi are just for fun...and they get funnier as I dig in. This is why the schematics and crossover photos above are greatly appre
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