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Found 7 results

  1. Temporary while other things in the house get rearranged, remodeled and recapped. Love having the 10Pi up off the floor. The tube amp for them is on a small table behind the right speaker tower.
  2. A 100 mile drive (each way) made me the proud owner of a pair of AR9's and 10pi speakers. The 10pi are almost perfect. Just a small back corner chip on the top of one and dirty and thirsty for oil. They should clean up nice. The drivers in the 9's are all good. One speaker has lifting of the veneer on the side/bottom. The MDF has swelled some. These too need a good cleaning. The side grilles are original and all but one has a small hole in the fabric. The front grilles have been replaced and need to be stretched better. Its odd but these have the plastic pegs reversed - mounted to the cabinet and plug into the grilles. Also, I have a few broken ones. A few small nicks here and there but not significant. They are beasts and my back will attest to that. Having trouble uploading the full pic of the 9's
  3. A friend of mine gave me as a present, a pair of AR 10Pi. I can assure that I have never had a better pair of speakers than these ones. I made the mistake to selling them. After many years I found an ad that a fellow was selling a single AR4. I bought it at a very low price. I was very curious, havind had ARs before. I had a big surprise when I instaled with my Maranz SR4000. The sound was just perfect, with such small cabinet and primitive tweeters. (The cone ones) Inmediately I started to look in EBay the other one, witch I found very quickly. But as I live in Lima, Peru, the shipping was going to be ten times the price of the speaker. Fortunately I have a son living iin NY and I asked him to buy it and take off the woofer, the tweeter and the crossover and in his next visit to Lima bring then to me. At the same time another ad showed another fellow selling a pair o AR 38s. I bought them inmediately, because it is very difficult to find in Peru any pair of AR speakers. These speakers were in a perfect shape, they sound marvelous, but they had the primitive tweeter cone type and I started to look for the dome type for these speakers, witch I found incredibly, brand new ones. I have installed already and the sound is better but not too different than the original ones. Fot these reasons I will never change my ARs any more.
  4. Does anyone have dimensions for the metal stands for the AR10Pi pictured below?
  5. What type of load does the AR10Pi present to an amplifier? Is it considered a reactive or a resistive load? I'm thinking it's a reactive load due the the autoformer.
  6. Like the title reads: Want to buy stands for AR10 Pi speakers.
  7. I just purchased 2 complete sets of AR10pi Crossovers. Before I do anything with them, does anyone with the instrumentation and tools, have any interest in plotting out some data? The only cost associated would be the postage back to me.
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