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Found 15 results

  1. Hey! Glad to see the forums back up and running. I've just starting using my Allison Threes again (the home office routine!) and have discovered that both of the the surrounds have finally bit the dust. I had Bill LeGall at Millersound fix my midranges a couple of years ago, and he's amazing and wonderful, but I'd like to try to find someone local in MA who's worked on the Allison 12" woofers before and can fix them. Any suggestions??
  2. Greetings, I understand that the later oem replacement woofers for Allison One woofers were made by Eminence for Allison. How different are these from the originals? Does anyone have photos of them or Thiele/Small parameters? I see on ebay someone is selling Allison One speakers. ..too cheap, don't look like mine.
  3. I have the older production Allison drivers listed below. All the drivers have been verified with ohm check and with music earlier this year. I would like to see them be used but would also like to still have a couple spares for my newer production Allisons. I wonder if anyone is in the opposite situation. (?) I would love to horse-trade for newer production (2000+) 3 ohm parts in any quantity. Let me know what you need and what you may have to trade. Any quantities and combinations will be considered. J I am happy to e-mail more pics. As others, I struggle to upload to this site. What I have, Older production: 3- Tweeters 3 ohm. All have 1991 date stamps. 3- Midranges 3 ohm 3- 8” Woofers 3 ohm. Two appear to have been re-foamed at some point, they’re in decent shape. The third needs new foam. What I would like, Newer production: Tweeters 3 ohm Midranges 3 ohm 10” Woofers 3 ohm
  4. Greetings, No longer looking... Please ignore...how to delete post?
  5. My father passed away and my mom is moving out of the house. My father was an avid Allison speaker fan and has 4 pairs in great condition. I would really like these to go to someone who appreciates them at least for parts or using them. They are very lightly used as most of them had never been used in my father’s house and remained in boxes. Let me know if anyone would be interested in making a minimal offer (even if you just want to pay to ship them your way). The speakers are in St. Paul, MN. 4 are Allison 3s (corner style) in a cherry wood. 2 of them have crossovers in them and 2 do not. Another pair is a black pair of IC-10s with crossovers. The grills are scratched but the speakers are in great shape. The last pair is rosewood and appear to be from the Allison Acoustics company and look like the traditional Allison loud speakers but I’m not sure on the model. Let me know if you’re interested and if you need more info. I’m not an audiophile so you might have to explain thing in laymen’s terms to me. Thanks and hope someone will love these!
  6. Hello all, I have recently purchased a pair of CD-7's in the Greater Austin, Texas, area from a Craigslist seller. These speakers are my entry into vintage audio. My acquisition price was $150. They are in very good condition, and are sequential serials. One front grill is missing, and a top grill has a slice in it. I had done sufficient research prior to auditioning them to know to check the cones and surrounds, all of which were in very good shape. They have expected cosmetic dings, but should clean up nicely with some polish. I expect to purchase modern grills from Etsy. While they sounded very good placed against the wall in my challenging listening area, with some male vocal recordings I noticed that the vocals didn't coalesce as well as could be expected, so yesterday I took them into Texasound, a local outfit that specializes in vintage speaker repair. http://texasound.blogspot.com/?m=1 Upon initial review with Lou at Texasound, he informed me that the surrounds appeared to have been replaced during the past 10 years, and it was even possible he had done the work himself. I'll have Lou bench test them to see if any caps need replacement, or if the problem is more due to my source material or recapped 90's-era Rotel AVR. Thanks to this forum for maintaining information about the Allison lineup. I hope to get many years of enjoyment from these speakers. austingonzo
  7. Hi. I’d like to buy a pair of CD9s, most preferably in the walnut finish. Not looking for a project, so the cabinets and grilles need to be in good to very good condition. Let me know, I’d be happy to give yours a good home!
  8. So I found a pair of 6s (late model) which looked like a refoam and refinish job, but to my horror, when I unboxed them, the doofus seller packed them in a way that the front grills were pulverised, and the tweeter domes were, well, not nipples anymore. Goddamit. Questions for you Allison fans (FYI, I've owned a pair of new 7s and am the current happy owner of a late model pair of Threes. I've restored two pairs of AR-3as and a pair of AR-4s, too, so I know how to do stuff, ;-) ): Most importantly: Are my tweeters hopeless, or is there a way to fix them? If I need to replace my tweeters, will ANY Allison two-way tweeter work as a drop-in replacement? (e.g., Four, Five, 'classic' Six, CD6, 7/CD7, AL110?) How is the Allison badge fastened to the speaker? (does it screw in, is it glued on?) Has anyone ever replaced the spring-loaded speaker wire terminals with 3-way binding posts (and if you have done so, how?) And yes, I've already ordered a new pair of front grills from Alex Bobotek. I'd be grateful for any advice you may have. Happy New Year!
  9. Hi everyone, Been doing some reading on Allison speakers because I'm picking up my first pair today! They're refoamed Model 5's. One of the grills is broken which I've heard is common. And I'm told there's a slight dimple in one of the tweeters. The cabinets are absolutely perfect. They look amazing. My question is.. does $225 for the pair sound reasonable? It seems it to me, but wanted to get the experts take. The only vintage speakers I own currently are some EPI A70s so this is new territory for me. I just purchased a 1968ish AR Ax turntable and am hoping the Allison's will be a good match. I'm running a single ended class A tube amp, but I don't think it has enough power to drive them. It only outputs 8w per channel stereo at 4Ω. So I may be in the market for a new amplifier. Too bad Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and ask my question. Thanks for all the contributers here! Some great info. Hopefully one day I will be one. Thanks in advance! Joe
  10. Hi - if anyone has a CD6 manual, could you post it up here? I've just added my manual for the Three and the CD7 in the Library Additions and Corrections forum, BTW.
  11. Including the "Speaker Impedance" info sheet, and "Switching Circuits for 4-Ohm Speakers." CD7.pdf
  12. My copy. Enjoy!Three.pdf
  13. Hi Guys, I am the second owner of these speakers and they are spectacular and nearly perfect... I didn't want to sell them, but I have too many sets of speakers and nothing to drive them. They have not been used for quite a while and are in perfect condition, except for two minimal tears which are pictured in pictures 2 and 3. Best offer gets them. Want them gone by this weekend.. Cash Talks! Thanks, Marc
  14. Hey everyone I just signed up because I am looking for folks more knowledgeable than I (which means folks that know absolutely anything about classic speakers). This seemed like the place. I have a pair of Allison Sevens. In very good shape except for the screens which are mostly shot. I think they've gotten a bit more damage even since these pictures were taken. Can anyone tell me anything about these speakers? History, quality, value, etc.? Many thanks in advance for any help and for sharing your knowledge...
  15. I recently had a pair of AR 5 tweeters rewound from the inside out ( re-wired) and made new again @ 70.00 each and they sound fantastic! Would these tweeters or perhaps AR 3 tweeters or any AR 4ohm tweeter of this vintage make a suitable replacement for Allison tweeters??
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