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  1. No. Use this Jkent list from above in this thread. You need a 4 a 24 and a 72 per cabinet. You are unlikely to find those exact numbers unless you have original caps in your speakers. If the original caps are Sprague Compulytic consider keeping, if not Sprague then replace using the guidelines from Jkent below.
  2. Chris The LS(i) mod brings the mid range balance into approximate alignment with an unattenuated AR9, which sounds quite forward in a reverberant room like the one you show. The LSI, having no attenuators, requires mild equalizer adjustments to give it the frequency balance or voicing of the AR3a, 5 or 9, an approach that should also work for an AR3 or LST. Adams
  3. The published performance for a 98LS is -3db @ 39hz and -3db @ 32000hz, so plenty of room for a hump in the mid range. I haven't seen anything published for the LSi. Edit: LSi published spec is identical and can be found here http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/special_sections/ar_uk_related_information/brochures/ar_uk_bxi_lsi_brochure/
  4. I would have to inspect the 3as that are priced at 1100. The hivis don’t add value unless you know they were installed correctly. Your tweeters are of no use in this transaction.
  5. In my case the LS model was unbearable without abnormal equalizer adjustments. After the "I" installation the equalizer was not needed. No auto suggestion involved. Adams
  6. Plain ole Alene's Tacky glue is better than the generic white glue and Nitrile is not needed. Nitrile gives you about 1.5 tries before you're screwed. These are not the woofers with which you practice your nitrile skills.
  7. Luxman Are you sure this is the correct photo? Those 4mfs are not Sprague Compulytics but ICCs. Had you shown this image earlier you would have definitely been advised to put in new 4mf caps. Adams
  8. The Masonite ring is a spacer and mounting surface. Don’t damage or remove it. Scrape glue with razor blade or exacto. Surface does not need to be perfect. Use Alene’s white glue. Get surrounds from speakerworks or parts express. Be sure to shim the voice coil. Search this site, there are a lot of 12 inch woofer repair threads. PIA on a phone keyboard.
  9. I thought the AR9 was not as good at presenting live performance recordings as the AR3a. I was wrong. It is just a good as an AR3a IF the Roy Allison Isosceles triangle rule for placement of any loudspeaker is followed. These snips are from the Allison CD9 manual. The problem with live performance recordings and speaker placement is when the speakers are too far apart the scale of the presentation can be overly large and not credible for a ”you are there” presentation. Spacing that works for studio recordings can be wrong for live performance recordings.
  10. L.T when you asked this question on Dec 10 2020 you said: Does anyone know if when they were new, were AR speakers sold with sequential numbers, and what was the approximate production date? My 17's are numbers 28937 and 28938. Any info would be great. Thanks! Your serial numbers have increased by 1. No they were not typically sold with consecutive numbers and with ARs consecutive numbers are not important. AR17s were packaged as pairs with one serial number per pair. You most probably have two speakers from two different packages. What matters most is what drivers are
  11. Same place you get your tweeters and Lpads? It is 3% off spec but probably close enough.
  12. I you had not yet touched it I would say leave it but you are in deep now. I think most here would advise you to replace the 4 with a new film cap. Just in case you don't know; Be careful with those mid range drivers. They make the tweeter problem seem simple.
  13. I noticed the clamps and wasn't going to mention that there was probably no need to remove the Spragues. The Compulytics have proven to be durable. Your meter may not be definitive in this case. Our late member Carlspeak did a lot of testing on brands of old AR caps and concluded there was no need to change Sprague Compulytics. I have 5s and 3as with Spragues and new NPEs. You can't here the difference.
  14. Will it connect and make noise? Yes. Will anyone here tell you to use it? No. There was only one tweeter model made for the AR5 and it appears identical to an AR3a Classic tweeter but is not the same. There are other AR tweeters that will exactly fit the hole but you will be experimenting with crossover modifications. Your mods may be spot on perfect for you but they will subtract value from the speakers and few if any here will be able to help you once you have cut your own path. Regarding cost: If DIY, in the U.S., the Hivi is the least expensive way to get close to the tar
  15. You need the parallel coil on the tweeter. Most have installed the coil on the back of the tweeter. I think the current advice is no cap changes. Here is a recent thread that talks about the front wired mod for the Hivi tweeter, Here is a very good AR5 restoration with Hivi
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