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  1. Be careful. The tweeters have plastic flanges and maybe these mids also. If they have never been removed the hardened sealant can make driver removal difficult and damage from too much force is easy. If all you are concerned about is leaks, you can push in a bead of duct seal around the circumference of the mids and tweeters. Deal with the woofer seal and stuffing first. You probably don't have leaks around the other drivers. I recommend not removing them unless there is a good reason, in which case it is definitely better to use gasket tape for re installation. Adams
  2. There is no practical difference in the bass performance and the cap is not part of this problem. Assuming you have compared the bass of this pair with your other 2ax pairs in the same position, it could be the surrounds but I would be thinking first about the gasket seal around the woofer and your stuffing. You seem to have a blend of glass fiber and polyfil. They are interchangeable but not ounce for ounce and if you have too much of either it will overdamp the bass. As I recall from a RoyC post, you should have around 22 ounces of glass fiber or 16 ounces of polyfil in the 2ax. There is no rule of thumb for blending the two materials in the same cabinet. If your seal around any of the drivers is not air tight it can degrade bass performance. It looks like you have scrapped away most of the sealant around the woofer hole. Try using foam sealing tape if you can obtain it, otherwise the duct seal material works just as well but less forgiving to remove and replace especially with chipboard baffles. Check the other drivers for air leaks around the edges when you do the push test on the woofer after it is intalled. The only leaks in the cabinet should be around the pot stems. Adams
  3. Did you mean to say the cloth surrounds have been replaced on the problem woofers?
  4. Based on the above statement my two cents is 1. Disconnect the working tweeter and you will have a pair of AR2x or 2. Install matching HiVi Q1Rs. I don't have a recommendation for the 4x but the Q1R has never been adapted for 4x application in this group.
  5. Shavitz. Forgot to add, if your 3as have Sprague Compulytic caps they are probably good. "Compulytic" will be printed on the side of the can.
  6. Either will work. I used 3+3. Adams
  7. This is about big band jazz rather than orchestral recordings but the same topic. Technically good modern recordings of professional big bands are scarce. The best bands from the era are long gone and many of the stereo recordings from the era were done with over emphasis on stereo effect. The staging is almost always wrong and with few exceptions they are more tolerable in mono playback. If you like big band jazz on your AR speakers, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra recordings are technically excellent and maybe the best assembly of musicians seen in decades for this music idiom. The 2020 releases are outstanding live performance recordings. Just thought I would throw this into pile. Adams
  8. I used the Parts Express grey fabric and AR55's earlier 98ls project as a template. The only thing I would add is the original AR fabric was far stretchier than the PE stuff. The stretchier the better because the corners on these grills are not easy to get right.
  9. Do AR speakers really sound that good? Yes they do. Your description from 2017 is perfect.
  10. Assuming all the parts are correct and working properly, you will probably hear no practical difference between any version of the 3a that uses rotary mid/ hi attenuators. Original alnicos are older and comparatively rare. Original tweeters will need a rebuild even if they seem to work. Recommend you down load and get familiar with the images in the restoration guide so you will know something about what you are purchasing. Beware of any repairer who is not versed in old ARs. There are plenty of working 3as for sale if you are not going to do the work yourself. The price to have them properly restored vs purchasing an excellent pair from Vintage AR, for example, won't be much different. Adams
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  14. Remove and disconnect the tweeters, make sure the wires are not touching, then play something through the woofers.
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