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  1. KLH site says it should be shipping in April of this year. The appearance is more like a 3way large advent with a low woofer crossover. The specs look good.
  2. The short answer is, you are probably correct about the pots. The bypass idea will not improve your speakers and will make them unbearable unless your ears are specially suited for the over-prominent mid-range sound of your modified speakers. Are you the original owner? Can you supply photos with grills off?
  3. Assuming they are in good shape, all three of the woofers have near identical performance. There is no practical difference . The square magnet woofer is the latest version of the three. Same for the mids: Assuming they are working correctly you won't hear a practical difference, they are essentially the same. My recommendation would be to make sure every driver in your reassembled LSTs operates to your satisfaction before selling any spare parts. You should replace the fuses with new ones even if the old ones appear to work. If your LSTs have Sprague Compulytic caps throu
  4. The Walsh driver is an almost full range omni-directional driver still used by Ohm in their more expensive speakers. The Ohm L is a decent box speaker that does not have the Walsh driver.
  5. If they don’t have a Walsh driver there is nothing special. If they do have a Walsh then how old? They are still in business and provide repair parts, some of which are expensive.
  6. I knew there was a good image of a large value Sprague Compulytic on the site somewhere. This is from a 2006 thread about an early LST with a 5000mf that shows the capacitor is non-polar. A 2500 is on the right.
  7. All the speakers required to make a 4 way LST that doesn’t need a rear wall.
  8. Occasionally the question arises as to which AR speaker sounds the best. Of course, the answer is a subjective judgement but if one reads the product literature from the classic period, a stated goal of AR was to make their speakers sound the same. The graphs above, taken from the 1975 product brochure, show the AR5, 3a, LST and LST2 will all sound the same, above 500hz, to a listener positioned, in relation to the speakers, as depicted in Fig2 . Below 500hz, they will also sound the same except at lower frequencies where woofer size and room boundaries affect ba
  9. Yes. I saw that yesterday and elected to remain quiet because the OP did not claim ownership of the speakers pictured. This thread now has enough off topic material to make it volatile.
  10. Kent is correct. If you still want ready made wires it will be difficult to find for those models. If you are not willing to DIY by attaching spade or ring termination to the wires then your quickest path to ready made wires are these, below. Spade to banana adapters. You can also use pin terminators or your existing bare wire ends. . I currently use them on two pair.
  11. Show us the terminals or name the speaker model.
  12. I took the challenge and spent some time searching. These don't look like any AR model I can find. Three items: The drivers are wrong. The woofer resembles those used in Kef speakers and the tweeter is unlike any AR driver in the library; no AR ever had wiring directly into the rear of the speaker; the vinyl covering doesn't look right. These could have perhaps once been ARs but they have been modified beyond recognition.
  13. For estimates to rebuild drivers send a Personal message to @RoyCand /or @Chris1this1. They can restore AR3 mid drivers and tweeters that meet threshold repair criteria. Not all mid and tweeter bodies can be restored to health. If all we can know before the purchase is the grills show no sign of removal and the cabinet integrity is not impaired I would offer no more than $300 and that is betting the woofers are cloth surround, way less if the cabs have joinery problems from moisture. I guess I am just too picky. Aadams
  14. I have purchased old Spragues from known and trusted sellers. They work fine. If you have listened to these speakers and can't hear a problem then this cap replacement is precautionary rather than remedial. You could leave the big cans in place and replace all the smaller values. Cap replacement in working speakers is rarely a big payoff excercise.
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