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  1. Wide dynamic range music recordings seem to always involve percussion instruments at the highest peaks of loudness. These are some examples of accessible, non-esoteric works recorded with sufficient fidelity to span 12 to 15 decibels between the softest to loudest moments.
  2. If the problem remains in the same cabinet after the swap it could be the crossover or perhaps even something loose inside. The chances are low that two out of three drivers would have the same buzzing sound at 800hz.
  3. To be bullet proof, all you need is enough 4 ohm rated watts to achieve 15db of headroom. Keep in mind that most recordings don't need more than 9db of headroom. Recordings of solo concert grand piano and some orchestral recordings or any recording that relies on a low noise floor to hear all of the music, can hit 12db to 15db. Unless you listen to Hirez movie soundtracks you will never need 20db of headroom. The chart below is from AR and applies to all of their speakers. 106db in watts is 100 times the power required at 86db, which is the average continuous safe listening level for your ears. "Mac watts" refers to the tendency of McIntosh to publish power ratings for products that can be as much as 30% below actual performance capability.
  4. All of your mid drivers appear to be 3a style mids. Swap the 3a mid in question with the 3 mid. The crossover in the 3 is 1000hz. You should have a working 3a pair and the mid in the 3 that buzzes at 800hz may no longer have an audible buzz.
  5. What price purity? Performance vs Appearance. Consensus is: 1. The Midwest .75 tweeter is a good replacement, no mods required, for all 12 inch 3 and 4 way from 10pi through AR58s when used in pairs. The only purist replacement for the AR3a or AR5 is a rebuilt original. 2. No one yet rebuilds the dome midranges, but Midwest has introduced an AR9 series compatible mid-range that will work in a 58s in pairs. 3. New replacement woofers and reconed woofers are to be avoided unless there is no other option. If cost is not a barrier contact @Chris1this1about rebuilding your broken AR91 tweeters. Adams
  6. They were billed as a rock n roll speaker and had a very short life. The real value is in the drivers. Adams
  7. Aadams

    Sad news

    Thanks for this. From the time I joined CSP, his presence on the forum was ubiquitous it seemed, posting as late as March 2020, then he vanished. There are a few recent threads still awaiting his reply. His last visit to CSP was April 2020, the month he died. RIP RA RA Adams
  8. Hello Charles You've been away for a while. Which habit are you asking about? Frequency of application or material applied? I prefer Howard's Feed and Wax over linseed oil or Watco for maintenance. As for frequency, I dust weekly but can't remember the last time I re-oiled or waxed a cabinet.
  9. Is the 200028 or the similar 200044 an ideal substitute in a 525hz crossover? NO. Is it an adequate substitute? Depends on the listener's tolerance.
  10. Giovanni I am not referring to use of the 200028 mid in the AR9 but as a substitute mid in an AR 3 way with a 525hz crossover, for example AR3a,11,...................
  11. The AR9 mid has a resonance of 800hz. The region from 525hz to 800hz is over a half octave. Whether or not you would hear the difference would depend on how attentively you listen and to what you listen. It is easily in the female voice range.
  12. Hi adams. Thank you for your reply. I have attached photos. I hope this helps.






    1. Aadams



      Start a new thread in the forum and post your photos there.

    2. Aadams


      You are correct.  The serial numbers explain the difference.  Same speaker 2 different generations.  The speakers are excellent examples of each version.


  13. Start a new thread and supply good quality photos of both front and back with grills removed.
  14. I have seen the pressurized box topic mentioned somewhere in a general discussion about packing and shipping speakers but I don't think it was here. Something I have seen but cannot find here and you may know: Did Roy Allison upgrade E. Villchur's personal AR3a pair with his Allison tweeter? Thanks Aadams
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