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Found 14 results

  1. Hi,I just picked up a set of ar5's in decent shape for what I would consider an o.k price, not great and not too bad. I have three days to decide if I want to keep them, and they are going to need work, I just am not sure if this set is worth the expense.One speaker works pretty well as in sounds is coming from all three drivers, the other side as very soft/muted sound coming from the high and mid. From initial research I assume this is a pot issue ( and that I should do the soak/clean/etc. that I have seen. The other option I am seeing are to buy newly manufactured ones on that auction site
  2. This topic was spawned from the AR forum discussion of Dome Mids vs Cones. Let me say first of all that I prefer AR 12 inch speaker systems over others because they have the sound qualities I like already designed into them which in turn makes them easier to set up for my listening preferences. However there are at least four problems with owning 12 inch ARs : The parts supply is diminishing The price is climbing for complete functioning units as well as good DIY candidates Shipping, which is almost always required, risks damage
  3. I have managed to secure a pair of AR-5's. They were one owner speakers. On initial inspection, they seem to be quite good. The cabinets are very nice, as is the grill cloth. The woofers and mids work, I'm not sure about the tweeters. I need to do the battery check on them. The controls are iffy, no surprise there. The woofer surrounds are completely shot, also no surprise. One has holes in it, the other is solid but very fragile. I'll hook that speaker up and give it an extended listen before I start restoration on it. I ordered and received a refoam kit from Vintage AR.
  4. Hi all! I am currently restoring a pair of AR-5 speakers and would like to thank all of you for the information you have shared on this site. I have a question regarding the insulation within the units I acquired. Please note the speakers are within 2 serial numbers of each other and date stamp on one woofer is April 4th, 1973. I suspect this speaker is completely original. The other speaker appears to have a replacement woofer with a PN 200004-2, which from my research should be ok. My primary question has to do with the insulation. The one I suspect is original was completely filled w
  5. Boston Acoustics CR 75 vs AR 5 Short version: Above 200hz the BA CR75 is easily the equal of the AR5 in clarity and if you are willing to sit in the small sweet spot it can completely match the AR5 in sound quality above 200hz. This last qualifying statement, re: sweet spot, is also true for the AR2ax, IMO and I'm guessing probably a large number of modern, two way bookshelf speakers as well. Long version: Manufactured in the early 2000s, the BA CR75 is a ported two-way bookshelf speaker with a 6.5 inch woofer and 1” dome tweeter. Crossover point is 2500hz, with frequency
  6. Cambridge Soundworks Model Six vs AR5 This was a subjective comparison of performance above 200hz. Performance below 200hz for both AR5 and Model Six was identical in this setup because both speakers were on a switch serving as satellites for a shared bass system. The Cambridge Model Six is a 2 way acoustic suspension speaker, designed by Henry Kloss, with an 8” inch bass/mid and 1 ¾ cone tweeter crossed over at 2000hz. I bought mine new in a $50/pair closeout about 12 years ago. This would seem like a no brainer against an AR5 but when you eliminate bass as a criterion
  7. Hi guys, i just scored a set of AR5's. They are in desperate need of some TLC. Woofers and mids are good, although the woofs need some new foam. Both front wired tweets have loose leads and need to be fixed. (In case that fails, i can go the Hi-Vi way.) But there is one thing that bothers me, those pots are dry AF. But really dry! I can't get any sound with those in the signalpath. I know that these things go fubar after 40+ years,but i don't tend to use tone controls anyway. My question is, is there a way to completely bypass the tone control pots on the AR5's.? And what do i need t
  8. I've just uploaded some AR speaker reviews from High Fidelity magazine to my server. You can access them here: https://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch/
  9. I've acquired a nice pair of AR5 enclosures; I've managed to find the appropriate woofers and there are viable options for the tweeters. I am now searching for a pair of AR5 midranges. If you have a pair or know of a source please let me know.
  10. The AR-5 was a great-sounding speaker in its own right, but it was a sales/marketing flop. At the time, $175 ea. was very high compared to the 2ax’s $128 and the Large Advent’s $102/116. Especially for a speaker (the 5) with low bass so deficient compared to the OLA. What AR should have done is come out with a 12” 2ax, not a 10” 3a. Looking at the cost-up from the 2ax (AR’s own parts price list), the 12” woofer is $20 more than the 10” woofer. That’s retail, so wholesale (AR’s likely cost at manufacturing level) would be half that, or $10. The slightly larger 3a-sized cabinet
  11. Hi folks, so time flies and i finally tried to install the Hivi tweeters in my AR5s. Carefully removed the tape holding the very thin copper wires, then took the tweeter out. I have zero soldering experience (and practically no knowledge of electronics), but just wanted to see if the Hivis worked. I carefully attached the copper wires to the new tweeter terminal, but no tweeter sound. rather than messing anything else up, i put the original ones back. So now what- there are other things that could be wrong, but I'm not sure i have the skill set to figure it out. I'd really like to hear what t
  12. Something about unfinished pine cabinet models for me lately. On the relative heels of those real nice AR2's I came into this very nice set of unfinished 5's today. Everything is intact and functioning. Pots are rough but found spots to get all drivers working. Great grilles and badges. Stickers on the back are like new. Must have been in a console or up on a shelf all these years. Serial numbers are 28834 and 28840. Sound is okay. Bass is oddly lean. Do seem to soak up the power. Hard to judge at this early juncture.
  13. Hi All - Just joined the site after coming across my first pair of Acoustic Research speakers - AR5's to be precise. These showed up in somewhat decent shape from 5 feet away, but the finish on the veneer was missing in patches, along with scratches, mostly on the bottoms, and a few small chips. I did hook them up to a Marantz 1060 briefly at very, very low volume, and noted all drivers were working, although the woofer surrounds were shot after peeking through the grills with a flashlight. A bit of oxidation in the pots as well, as moving them around a bit would cause one of the tweeters to c
  14. I saw these AR5 speakers on CL. The tweeters do not look original. Can anyone confirm this? http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/ele/5820005273.html
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