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  1. Final post from me. ALL Speakers from this post have been claimed and distributed. Thank you for all the interest and help. I’m so happy they are not ending up in the trash. Thanks to all and happy listening! Jeff (Long live Roy Allison)
  2. Here’s a quick update on the 3s. austingonzo has squatter’s rights on them if he can make his travel arrangements. If not, others have started asking about taking them. Please email me at producerjeff@hotmail.com with any serious inquiries. Thanks.
  3. I still have the 3s, probably until the end of July as my mom is moving out of her old house. Unfortunately I can’t store them any longer than that. And just to be clear from earlier posts, I believe this to be one pair of corner (one face) speakers and one pair of just the cabinets. I’m guessing the cabinets were in better shape and maybe my dad wanted to switch the existing speakers into the empty cabinets? I have no idea if the speakers work or will need fixing. I can definitely set up a meeting time and place if you want to make the long drive (they’re free).
  4. A bit more info on the model 3s. I believe 1 pair is intact (but not sure if they are fully functioning as I have never tried to hook them up). I think the other pair might just be the cabinets, so really looking at 1 pair of speakers. And as far as shipping to TX, I looked at an estimate online and it looks like it would be several hundred dollars. I don’t think that price would be worthwhile when I can’t guarantee the condition. Sorry, wish you were closer and I would just drop them off for you.
  5. The mystery pair and IC-10s have been spoken for. If anyone wants the Model 3 corner models let me know. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the heads up on Hi-Fi Sound. I’m posting pictures of all of these. The last ones are the model I am unsure about. I took one picture with the grill off in case that helps identify them.
  7. My father passed away and my mom is moving out of the house. My father was an avid Allison speaker fan and has 4 pairs in great condition. I would really like these to go to someone who appreciates them at least for parts or using them. They are very lightly used as most of them had never been used in my father’s house and remained in boxes. Let me know if anyone would be interested in making a minimal offer (even if you just want to pay to ship them your way). The speakers are in St. Paul, MN. 4 are Allison 3s (corner style) in a cherry wood. 2 of them have crossovers in them and 2 do not. Another pair is a black pair of IC-10s with crossovers. The grills are scratched but the speakers are in great shape. The last pair is rosewood and appear to be from the Allison Acoustics company and look like the traditional Allison loud speakers but I’m not sure on the model. Let me know if you’re interested and if you need more info. I’m not an audiophile so you might have to explain thing in laymen’s terms to me. Thanks and hope someone will love these!
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