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  1. Giorgio AR

    Sad news

    Robert will like this photo, he loved the small ARs, mainly AR7, but also all those with 8" woofers, I still leave you a nice picture, made today of my AR7 and AR4x, I know you really appreciate it !!
  2. I have to solder the aluminum cables of the 1" 3/8 AR tweeters to lengthen them with copper braids and I have finally found a person who can do this job. The tweeters in excellent condition belong to a pair of my Heathkit AS-2a . When they are ready with the elongated copper cables, I will do an experiment: I have always wanted to try these tweeters with the AR3a, but aluminum is difficult to solder, with copper cables, the test with the AR3a becomes achievable! I could just replace one to compare with the 3/4" tweeter on the other speaker. Is there any member who has tried the AR3a with the AR3 tweeter? In the Heathkits, the aluminum wires are locked by screws (the same ones that AR used for the rear connection) and these have sheared the delicate aluminum shortening the cables!
  3. Wonderful tale of a story of two generations, nice to see dad Marsi working manually in construction: let's remember the effort of those who built the cities we live in now and the sacrifice made to give a better life to future generations, how much sacrifice and effort they have made our parents. Frank, from the history of your family I understand why you keep everything you have bought in HiFi in over 50 years of passion: each purchase cost effort and sacrifice (at the time also the objects, in this case HiFi equipment were built to last decades and be easily repaired to work again giving new satisfaction for years): people now quickly replace any item either because it soon becomes "old" or breaks and needs to be replaced or is out of date! We preserve and appreciate what other people designed and built years and years ago: these objects have exceeded the life of those who built them as a testimony of the goodness of past projects! To top it off my currently running pair of AR3a play with McIntosh Mac4280: 100w X 2 at 4 ohms, AR LSTs are provisionally paired with a 40w x 2 tube amp. I often change the electronics in rotation, however satisfied with all the combinations, the sound pressures obtained change, the quality and AR sound always remains! Mac4280 & AR3a Pioneer C21, Nuova Elettronica tube amp. & AR LST AR speakers: AR10TT MK2 are related to McIntosh Mc2105
  4. I publish for documentation a photo from my archive of an early AR2 specimen with the aluminum double cone basket (this photo of AR2 was found by me years ago on the Web), the serial number was 3xxx.
  5. Ronan, currently I have connected a tube amp to my AR LSTs with great satisfaction. Pioneer C21 preamplifier and Nuova Elettronica tube amp (1990 year) with KT88 (40w x 2), excellent sound quality, good volume (clearly the AR LSTs would support numerous multiples of power).
  6. Bravo Luigi, a good anamnesis, experience, observation and an eye accustomed to grasping details are able to make a correct diagnosis without other help! The same can be said of Xtophr, the enigma here is easily solved with the only help of a 1.5v battery to find the correct polarity, Jay will inform us of the right positive contact of this Franken cone. P.S. Jay, The date of the AR14 cone is easily 7736, the stamp probably hand-stamped and variously positioned on a magnet or basket is sometimes moved, not very impressed, partially canceled, sometimes even 2 stamps with different dates, an example in my 2 AR3a tweeters below. 6441 or 7505 ? Probably the stamping worker was confused that day or did some printing tests! Even here it might look like 7488
  7. I don't know if there are technical differences between 200040-0 and 200040-2 woofers, but the magnets are the same, even cone paper will be the same, probably different color shades, just wanted to add that the 200004-2 round magnet woofer is a replacement probably after the second half of '84 made by Tonegen for AR: tipical TNG the anti-rust treatment in yellow nickel of frame and magnet, moreover the identification plate on the magnet covers the original TNG code and the red label on the sides of the frame indicates that this speaker is a replacement (this will probably sound the same as the others, as per AR tradition).
  8. To help you, I am attaching photos of a pair of my original AR48B woofers (I own all the AR48B kit except the cabinets!), these have the foam glued to the rear of the cone. They are numbered 200040-0, 84/32 dated. Finally woofer always 200040-0, dated 82/01 replacement AR intended for AR38s
  9. Here I open a new discussion on the little known AR3a Limited, built under license from Acoustic Research in the early 90's due to the market demand at the time. These replicas were produced in a few examples mainly for the Asian market, but from various finds in Italy of these specimens, by now certain also the production in Italy for enthusiasts who at the time wanted a new pair of AR3a (also produced in Italy and rarer, replicas of AR10TT of which I own a couple already illustrated here). From what I have read and found over the years, the various AR3a replicas had the speakers and the crossover in common (this differs from the original AR3a due to the presence of L-pad instead of original 15 ohm pots and the possibility of bi-amplification). The differences between the various specimens were in the veneers (vinyl or wood) and in the face frame in 2 versions: narrow frame and large frame. The specimens that I found for sale in Italy have large frames and wood veneers and are in my opinion the best aesthetically of this production: At the front and side view they are indistinguishable from the original construction, the walnut, however, being of Italian origin, has different grain and veins from other sources of wood. I hope to have opinions, stories and specimens to learn more about these replicas, I hope that the Asian forumers will write and illustrate their specimens and maybe we will get to know these speakers better. Under a topic on AR3a Limited And here what I recently inserted in the "For sale / wanted" section: Other interesting topic We have a good start and already 4 pair of "replicas", I hope more AR3a Limited copies and more information about them will be added. Giorgio
  10. Yes Roy, the surround is probably not the correct one (personally I have always bought the foams from Larry, who you know well and they are the best ones for our 12" woofers), the upholstery covering the frame around the foam is not the correct one either. As you know I also own a pair of AR10TT "Replica" made in the same years as the AR3a "Reissue" or "Limited" in Italy, I think these AR3a Limited were also built in Italy, so the cabinets will have been made by the same furniture maker as mine cabinet: the walnut looks exactly like the Italian national one and the back side covered entirely on the entire surface is identical to my AR10TTs. I found another pair of AR3a Limited for sale in the USA which, unlike, have a vinyl veneer and a differently coated back side; face frames are also thin ones, while the front baffle is in chipboard (large face frames and plywood front baffle in the probably Italian ones), in addition, the woofers of this second pair appear to be subsequent non-Tonegen replacements: long tinsel and greater angle from the dustcap, different cone pulp. In this photo, on the right the TNG 12" woofer of AR10TT Replica, with the original aesthetic ring covering the frame, on the left an original 200003 woofer of the AR10TT MK2 with a ring that differs from the original foam. Finally another 200003 AR10 MK2 which preserves what remains of the aesthetic ring around the suspension. As always, I insert as many photos as I can to document our beloved AR speakers to help those who need documentation!
  11. A pair of rare AR3a Limited has popped up, sold on an auction site! It is in impeccable condition and with real walnut veneer: perfect speakers as well as the cabinets (these look like new), the only flaw I see: the linen of the canvases is a little stained and discolored. This couple is in Italy, I have no interest or connection with the seller.
  12. Just see a beautiful pair of AR11 for sale on famous auction site Eb.. 300 dollars is cost!
  13. Great find, as RickB already said, the speakers are easily restorable: correct new foam, check value of the condenser (if Sprague should be in place), cleaning of the teak veneer, subsequent treatment with Linseed oil (or other favorites) and you will have a magnificent pair of AR7s.
  14. Giorgio AR

    Sad news

    Robert you and your passion for AR will remain in my memories.
  15. Thanks Giovanni, I have owned these AR10TT Replicas for a long time, but little have I found and is known as documentation of these speakers. I consider the mid / high section in these TNG component Replicas superior to the US originals, but (I tested the speakers with a pair of 200003 original AR10TT woofers for a few months) I prefer the US woofer over the TNG: it is certainly more present and "harder" ".
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