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  1. JKent, one question: please diameter in mm., original Aetna = 32.5 mm. Holes in masonite between potentiometer measure 43 mm., it is possible install a pair potentiometers with a diameter max of 42 mm. in AR3a /2a etc. Giorgio
  2. Dear Giovanni, thank for your greath informations and the unseed article atached in photo (great article!). I knew that in the first examples of AR3a's the woofer has undergone various evolutions up to then reach the final form and finally land in the following AR10/11 and derivates. As soon as I can insert photos of the variations from the originals woofer. As you know I'slow in my works but the complete revision of this pair of AR3a's is already planned,crossover also! It Will all be documented with photos and published over time on site for the benefit of all!
  3. Just buy this pair of early AR3a, n ° H3a 3603 and 4342. My great surprise after removing the glued grilles, in the one with n ° 3603 (this probably has undergone maintenance over the years) I found the woofer with cloth surround. The other speaker was untouched and has the woofer with foam surround, clearly to replace the foam! This pair is the octave I own with 12 "woofers and I'm happy with it, I finally now own a 12" woofer with Alnico magnet! The surprise immediately after removing the grilles The speakers after removing the grilles fixing glue and starting cleaning
  4. Bravo Frank, you added another pleasant story of a purchase (now almost 50 years ago) of a pair of AR Improved, the AR3a that replaced the previous AR3, the "best AR ever built" and that AR declares, as then will also with AR10 to be a further improvement of the previous series! They are gleanings, but all the top-of-the-range ARs are the best speakers produced at the time of their debut, each one however has its own characteristics, but all are at the top. Probably in this philosophy we can also understand the AR LST, a category apart from the AR3 / 3a / 10PII / AR90 saga, but it can a
  5. Happy Christmas to all, happy listening to all! Sincerely, Giorgio.
  6. Pierce, lately of woofers for AR2 / 2a / 2ax you will find many offered on the Web and at different prices, but the monetary demands have risen: you can always negotiate the price, in my opinion a correct price starts from 50/60 $, even if you find requests (which seem excessive to me) up to and over $ 100 each!
  7. Martin, congratulations on your Italian, if I can today I solder a cable where the clamp is broken and test the AR91. I think anyway I will buy a pair of immaculate 200032 mids as soon as I find them in pairs and at the correct price, I like to have my ARs in perfect aesthetic and functional conditions. Giorgio
  8. I received a pair of AR91s with very worn midranges as a gift: both domes were clearly crushed and remained so for years, one of the two, the one with the greatest deformation also had two holes, one of which is smaller on the suspension . Manually, even by heating the two mids. I can not restore the original shape, I discarded the use of a vacuum cleaner a priori and I decided to make the domes resume their shape with air injection inside, for the occasion I used a 20 ml syringe. and two cannula needles of 14g respectively for the perforated middle and a tiny 23g for the second dome.
  9. Thanks to a kind thought by Saso, https://community.classicspeakerpages.net/profile/181507-saso-knez/ a member here, I came into possession of my 23rd pair of Acoustic Research speakers! These AR91s were purchased new by Saso's father when Slovenia (the state of Saso) was still part of the federation of Yugoslavia, which was part of the Non-Aligned Countries at the time: not the western or eastern block of the time, but closer to the former USSR than to the West. Probably at the time in Yugoslavia these import speakers in addition to an increase in price, were burdened with heavy
  10. Roy, if you look closely at the photos of the 2 speakers, in those of the first (you can see better in the photo of the woofer only), on 4 fixing screws there are only 2, in one seat, the hole is covered by the sealant, in the other one sees the screw passage hole. It is clear that the screws present are original, but if you look closely, both on the woofer and tweeter the screws are mostly clear, on the woofer with the 4 complete screws, 3 are black, one is clear. In my ARs (22 pairs), the only pair that has screws equal to those with clear galvanic treatment are the '74 AR4xa, from the e
  11. Hi, two notes on the screws: the original screws should be black, not with the clear galvanic treatment that should appear in the AR4xa late, circa 1974, probably the woofers have previously been removed from the cabinets, so either screws have been lost and replaced, or the female insert may have come off posteriorly, so there was no possibility to insert and tighten the screws.
  12. Controls: -Woofer only check that there are no detachments from the masonite ring from the basket, both above and below the Spider. Fabric suspension sealing treatment may be required. -Replacement of capacitors definitely out of specifications -Checking and cleaning the pots! If all right, they will sound like a pair of Early AR2axs should sound.
  13. Good Genek, you gave a great answer to Jim Pearce! You made it clear that the Hi-Vi tweeter behaves the same or almost frontally to the AR3a tweeter, though: But above all you have perfectly defined the behavior of the AR3a tweeter which also defines the Acoustic Research Sound with the remaining midrange and woofer. Giorgio
  14. They've already given you some good advice, refoaming woofers, changing capacitors, cleaning the cabinets and you'll find the "magic" and beauty of an early AR6 pair. They were born and designed to sound good in the original configuration; Regarding amplification, either you set up your amplifier or buy another one with at least 60W x 2 that works well, you connect it to your AR6 and you will have years of good listening.
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