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  1. Anch'io preferisco il 200003 e il 200003-1, al TNG che, a mio avviso, esprime un basso più leggero e meno "magico", tuttavia le differenze sono lievi e calibrando la quantità di assorbimento del cabinet si attenuano così tanto. Con identici valori di Qtc, sia con il TNG che con il 200003, la qualità dei bassi è simile, inoltre la disposizione in camera degli altoparlanti aiuta ad ottenere bassi molto simili.
  2. Di seguito sono riportate le misure di woofer, midrange e tweeter dell'Ar10Pigreco Replica.
  3. The hand-corrected label (with a 1 in place of a 3), has the initials 1200013-1 which was the one attributed to the Ar3a Replica's hard paper dome tweeter.
  4. The filter diagram I attached fits the 2010 Scanspeak tweeter which is 8 ohms. Everything is described in the thread. You have to eliminate the 6 nF capacitor and exclude the potentiometer that are part of the fitro for the Ar3a 4 ohm tweeter.
  5. Hi Giorgio, yes, I have the measurements of the woofer and tweeter Ar/TNG, as soon as I recover them I'll send them to you on Whattsapp; given the treatment, I think I won't post anything here anymore
  6. This is the last pair of Ar LST's I restored about a month ago. The owner's name is Marco, he lives in Pisa. He brought them to my home in Ravenna as several other owners of Ar speakers have done over the years to entrust me with the restoration or maintenance, so I had the opportunity to test and measure several drivers. I own a pair of 200010-1 midrange speakers that I jealously guard as a spare and do not sell. I joined this group because since 1970, I have been an Ar enthusiast. I joined because I like to compare technically, with due respect and education to all, no one excluded. I'm not a salesman and it's not my habit to tell lies. What I have stated in my previous posts on this thread is due to technical considerations, but I respect your opinion that comes from your decades of experience in the field. This is not a competition between you and me to see who can piss the farthest. Best Regards Giovanni
  7. Every time I restore a speaker I measure all the drivers and, over the years, I have measured a lot of them, I have restored three pairs of Ar LSTs that have a total of 24 midrange drivers and many other Ars with the 200010-1, so thirty might be a few. It is true, as we age, the Fs of the drivers decreases but, if Ar claims 400 Hz for its new 200010-1 midrange, I would have expected that the ones I measured, being old, would have values lower than 400 Hz. In my opinion the mid 200044 is not compatible with Ar11 (and similar), with a cut between woofer and midrange at 525Hz because it has a too high Fs that is not mechanically controlled with the external damping wool held on the dome by the external grid as on the midrange 200010-1.
  8. I measured at least thirty Ar 200010-1 midrange drivers and six Ar/TNG 121010-, the lowest Fs was 458Hz in the Ar/TNG, while in the Ar200010-1 550/580Hz, I never found a driver with Fs of 400Hz, while in the 200044 that I measured the Fs values varied from 685Hz to 730Hz, for this reason I consider the 200044 midrange not compatible as a substitute for the 200010-1 without having to modify the crossover filter for eventual use in the Ar11/10, Ar3a/Ar3a Improved.
  9. The attached filter scheme is deliberate, to be used on Ar3a and Ar3a Improved but also on Ar11 and Ar10pigreco
  10. If you have Ar3a's, I don't understand the reason to build a new crossover filter, the Ar3a's sound good with the filter that Ar came up with, it doesn't make any sense to change it, especially in the way you outlined.
  11. But which speakers are you going to install those tweeters in?
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