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  1. 16 uF va a 32 uF ?? I don't understand, with the switch in INCREASE, C1 and C2 are put in series and in this case, the capacitance is halved and becomes 8uF. Am I missing something?
  2. In realtà, quel valore non è Fs ma Fc; tutti questi dati sono relativi al woofer installato nell'altoparlante e collegato al filtro crossover. Quindi il Qts è il Qtc, Qes è il Qec e così via. È anche evidente dal titolo, AR3a (European).
  3. The spiders are fine; after the refoam, I checked the T&S parameters, all ok.
  4. The capacitors are original Sprague, but the wiring harness wires are not original. The wiring harness has been redone. The AR10's are among the earliest produced, they have the external protection fuse next to the input terminals.
  5. They sound very good; in my opinion, they are tops among the various Ar6 models
  6. Ar3a con tweeter ricostruito installato. The foam, unfortunately, is not 5/8". However, in my opinion, they sound very good.
  7. A prototype of Ar10Pone with slide selectors, was sent for testing to SUONO STERO HI-FI magazine in 1975. The test and measurements of the loudspeaker was conducted by engineer Renato Giussani (later ESB 706 designer), who reproduced, in the crossover filter scheme, the high pass of the tweeter with the 8 uF capacitor; by the way, the 8 uF value is also reported in sheet 15 of the spare parts list issued by Acoustic Research and indicated as spare part for the AR 10 (see attachments), part list 830025.
  8. If I am not mistaken, the light hazel dome tweeters, which do not have ferrofluid, in the very early versions of Ar 10 Pi One (the ones with slide switches), had the high pass filter with 8uF capacitor and 0, 1 mH inductance, while all later versions had the 10 uF capacitor; Roy, could you kindly give me a confirmation about the tweeter and the 8 uF capacitor, thanks
  9. Tweeter Ricostruzione AR3a: 1) Apparecchiature mobili e gruppo magnetico 2) Misurazione del peso dell'equipaggio mobile rotto 3) Misurazione del peso dell'equipaggio mobile rotto 4) Misura di R 5/6) Tweeter completato e cablato 7) Controllo e verifica centratura 8) Misura dell'impedenza e parametri T&S
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