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  1. Banana plugs are great if you have to disconnect and reconnect a lot, but if you don't, then think about this. A spade to banana jack adapter + wire to banana plug + plug to jack is THREE contact connections that can fail due to loosening or corrosion. Compare that to tinning the ends of some wire or soldering the wire to a spade and then tightening a knurl nut down on it: one connection.
  2. The location of the badge is another bit of suspicion. It's at the lower left corner of the grill, vs the lower right location normally seen on ARs. My guess is that someone stuck an AR badge on a no-name speaker. Or it's an AR-branded speaker from the Audiovox era, which is more or less the same thing.
  3. I'm guessing you didn't have to clean out the member's basement to get the speakers. That's at least $50 right there.
  4. If they're in a basement and you can't even look at them without doing the work yourself, that translates to "free, you come get them."
  5. One looks more like pine with a stain to me.
  6. Looks at least a bit more substantial than the later AP units. Wonder how well they'll hold up over time.
  7. Any chance you could pry one of those open for photos? Would really like to see what the wiper looks like.
  8. If all the tweeters are dead and the woofers are Radio Shack, it's cabinets, crossovers, six mids and six tweeter rebuilds for Chris.
  9. Yes, but without an index to the drawing titles it's a pain finding things.
  10. The AR drawings we had on this site didn't include those models. The drawings we did have accessed through Adobe Flash, which is now obsolete, and we will need to come up with a new interface to access them.
  11. They also don't appear to have that solid wood face frame, now that I see a closeup.
  12. Are those thin moldings just stuck onto the fronts of the standard US beveled face frames..?
  13. From the photos and schematic, the mid is a 3-pole, 3-position (3P3T) rotary wafer switch. The tweeter is a 2-pole (2P3T), but you could use a 3-pole and just not use the 3rd pole. From the width of the wiper, they appear to be shorting ("make before break") switches (if they were nonshorting ("break before make"), then the sound to the driver would momentarily cut out when you change the switch position). Some NOS here: https://www.electronicsurplus.com/oak-industries-171-102-switch-rotary-3p3t-shorting?gclid=CjwKCAiAsaOBBhA4EiwAo0_AnHDW2N1-pvhugWMEjiHA1W3NJBJW_luQYyuUztp47LhnzIf7ZA
  14. Moving this to the For Sale forum. If you figure out your price for these, it will probably help attract more interest.
  15. genek

    New Veneer?

    If you want this to look right, best bet is get some pau fero (aka, Bolivian rosewood or Santos palisander) and cut new front trim. Coloring walnut with a rosewood-like stain can work reasonably well, but not when its right next to real rosewood.
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