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AR-2 in Heathkit AS-2 clothing


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I have just  acquired a pair of  Heathkit AS-2 speakers. I have not listened yet, but woofer seem pliable, and no noticeable damage to the drivers.

I am wondering if these were offered concurrently with the AR-2 which I am told they were badged AR OEM.

Any input/ comments would be appreciated.



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Hey Glen. Welcome!

I had a pair of Heathkit AS-2 cabinets for a while. Ended up giving them to a fellow CSP member but I can say yes--replace the caps. But you should not need to replace the pots because Heathkit used different pots than AR.  They used a 15 ohm 20% 4 watt control for the dual tweeters. Early AS-2s used marine plywood for the cabinets and used grille cloth that was different from that used by AR. Cabs came in Mahogany, Birch and Unfinished.

Interesting thread here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/1342-heath-as-2-by-ar/ and you can download the full assembly manual (!!) here: https://www.vintage-radio.info/heathkit (OK--it's the 2a version with supertweeter but otherwise virtually identical).

The AR-2 is a really nice speaker but very rolled off at the high end. You may want to add a supertweeter like the MicroStatic array or some other external supertweeter.

Please post photos!


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Hi Kent

Thanks for your input. and the links.

My apologies, my CSP notification went to spam. Hence my tardy reply. Random.

I am coming off a busy month, ready to get back to the audio desk. I will update when I get to these. 

We have local audio show/swap annually  called Vintage Voltage ( http://danacain.com/vintage-voltage-expo/ ) I am a vendor this year hoping to sell off a few odds and ends, but mostly to see what the other vendors have to tempt me. 

Cheers, Glen

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I'd be interested if you ever got around to updating these. My experience with my own 2's were that the caps were oil filled, which are unlikely to need changing out. Would be interested if that was what Heathkit used. 

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On 7/28/2018 at 7:08 PM, samberger0357 said:

......the caps were oil filled.....Would be interested if that was what Heathkit used. 

Not my speakers shown, but here's what I've seen regarding AS-2 crossovers.

AS-2 x-o.1.jpg

AS-2 crossover.jpg

AS-2 schematic.jpg

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