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  1. Holy moly man! You must've built up some fantastic karma to get a haul like that. Those are beautiful and super early! Let us know how they sound when you get around to it. And that Empire is fantastic. A wonderful table and of course matches up perfectly with the 3a's. Enjoy!
  2. Stunning does not even begin to describe how wonderful those look! Congratulations on such a fantastic job!
  3. Welcome. Pretty good price and certainly easy enough to repair/restore. Lots of folks here can direct you on what's entailed to make these speakers great again. And once restored properly, they are great.
  4. 😁 Guess I better look for a bigger AR.
  5. Another new one. Having fun driving both the AR3's and 3a's effortlessly.
  6. I use a 2105(same as 2100 but with meters) with my 3a's, and while rated power is 105 watts, these normally bench at closer to 150. Plenty of power and headroom for the AR's. And I agree with you about it being musically right.
  7. Had a quick look at the manuals, and I think you can probably use the "audio out" jacks on the back of the Yamaha to use it as a preamp, but I'm not sure. Those are both home theater receiver's, and it's not clear to me if either one can be used as a preamp. Again somebody else will probably be around to add to the conversation. The Crown has it's own gain controls, so you can just plug your source component(CD player, for example)directly into it and control volume with the Crown(or the cd player, or any other source component if it has their own volume control). If you hav
  8. That's a really nice amp and will drive the 3's perfectly. If your receiver has "Preamp Out", you can use it as a preamp. What kind of receiver is it?
  9. Hi, and welcome. Congratulations on acquiring your dad's 3's. Not only did you get a fantastic pair of speakers, but you have distinct knowledge of their history which makes them even more special. First thing would be to make sure the 3's are performing as they should. With speakers this old, you probably will need to consider some restoration. In the library there is an excellent guide for AR3a restoration, which can be followed for restoring the 3's as well. When determining what to drive them with, you want to make sure that anything you buy is able to d
  10. Can't remember exactly but I know Mingus Ah-Um was in there somewhere. Been tossing a lot of everything at it/them(the 3a's are presently residing on top of my 3's...they're powered by a McIntosh MC2105, and the 3's by a McIntosh MC2250. Levels are matched, it goes through a McIntosh C34V pre, then that goes to a McIntosh CR7 remote system that controls the overall gain. Sounds fantastic and can create quite a racket. Also allows me to isolate either pair if I want to.
  11. The first thing that jumped out at me was how much they didn't. Jump out at me, that is, compared to the HiVi's. Much more subtle and balanced, and yet while not as blunt, the really sparkle on the highest end. My hearing isn't what it was when I was 20, but getting my ear up close to the speaker I could really notice how they now blend in with the overall presentation of the speaker, as opposed to being the dominant presence that the Hi's seemed to be. The 3a's, while always sounding good, became that much easier to listen to, and much closer to the 3's then they were pre-op.
  12. Yes! You can have the originals rebuilt, which is by far the best option. Both forum members RoyC and Chris1this1 rebuild them. I can speak from personal experience with Chris as he rebuilt the tweeters in both the 3's and 3a's that I own.
  13. Never saw the ad before you referred to it in your original post. But this would provide some clue as to how long he's been waiting for a buyer: "Listed 15 weeks ago in Summerville, SC" And yes, I agree with your points about how to insure a reasonably quick sale. You see a lot of his type on Craig's List, as least I do locally. Stuff that just sits and sits, never a price reduction, questions hardly or never responded to. Scratch your head situations. Takes all kinds I suppose. "
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