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  1. Thanks! Yes, I'm really happy with the C20 and wanted to make sure if I was going to upgrade that the amp would be a good match. Going by the numbers the 2105 is a little easier to drive, but the 2250 falls within the recommended numbers for impedance matching and sound wise it's a great match. Yup. Hard to believe, but the difference between 105 and 250 watts have made a difference, and not just on volume. Also, the 2105 was last restored in 2012, while the 2250 had it's restoration in 2018. So it's a little fresher. The bass and the clarity of the amp is immediately evide
  2. Thanks! 80lbs. 3lbs more then the 2105. Was my workout for the day getting it up on my makeshift rack.
  3. Thanks! That was one of the reasons I went for it. Also, it was local, and had been restored by a local tech that is highly reputable. Got a pretty good deal, and went for it.
  4. Whatever would make you happy, professor.
  5. Just got this McIntosh MC2250 to throw some added muscle at my 3a's. The 2250 is a very limited version of the popular and highly regarded 2255. They only made only 499 of them between '82-88 generally designed for the commercial market. At 250+ watts, he's a brute. The 3a's love him. I was using a McIntosh MC2105, which, with it's rated power of 105 watts , was fine with the 3a's, but the added wattage of the 2250 was immediately noticeable in more bottom, and more overall clarity and separation. Also using a McIntosh C20 preamp to have some tubes in the chain.
  6. I have mine about a foot from the back wall , and about 3 feet from the side walls. They are vertical, on stands about 2 feet off the floor. No toe in. I've tried them pretty much every way possible in my room(higher and lower off the floor, closer and further from walls, toed and not, horizontally and vertically) and have found the present set up to sound best. That said, they have never sounded anything but great, and the differences with placement in my smallish room have been minimal. Ultimately experimenting is your best friend. There is no wrong or right, only what sounds best
  7. I bet that sounds great! I've tried a 500C and other low powered tube amps with AR3's and 3a's and very much enjoyed the experience. I finally decided that for full time listening I preferred a bigger amp for my 3a's(which is the speaker I listen to the most, although I do enjoy my KLH Model Five's as well) so am using a a McIntosh MC2105. But I didn't want to give up tubes entirely so have a McIntosh C20 preamp driving the 2105, and the combination is just right for me.
  8. The MA"s can usually be found for what I would consider a reasonable sum plus they're less prone to failure then the much more expensive 1-30's.
  9. I believe CSP member Sonnar has done some changes to his AR2's of the type that Ken is considering. Perhaps he will see this thread and comment. I have used both JansZen 1-30 's electrostats and Micro Acoustic microstatic tweeters with my AR2's, and both additions were worthwhile. I presume some Realistic bullet super tweeters would works well also.
  10. I would suggest experimenting as much as possible. I've done that with my 3a's, and have found that they sound excellent no matter where I place them. I've had them on traditional 11" stands, both close to the walls, and pulled out further into the room. I've experimented with heights, placing them first about 3 feet up, then about 4 1/2 feet off the ground. With this placement, I have them lying horizontally, pushed back against the walls(actually, curtains that are in front of the walls). and the result is an excellent soundstage and deep bass. I suppose I'm trying to replicate the placemen
  11. Beautiful 2's, Nes! Congratulations on your great find. Looks like you're the right guy to do the restoration job, too. And thank you Tom for again providing such great and interesting history. I got my set of 2's (serial # 61825 & 61932)a couple years ago and have been rotating into the system with my 3a's ever since. I was fortunate enough to find a minty pair of JansZen 1-30 external tweeters not long after, and together with the 2's it's hard to believe such amazing sounds coming from a speaker set that is as old as I am(Also March '57). All original, too!
  12. I have a 2 motor, earlier "TA" version of the XA. It's been restored by Marc Morin, and it's a wonderful sounding and looking table. I rotate it with my other belt drive manual, a Fairchild 412. I have trouble deciding which one I like more. They're both great! I also have 3 automatic idlers that get a lot of time, particularly when I'm lazy. Hard to determine which table I could live with forever if I had to choose just one. Luckily, I don't(at least for now...).
  13. Hi, and welcome. Sounds like a wiring issue of some sort. Check your connections on the speakers, making sure that no wire is touching each other. That's the first thing that came to mind . What receivers are you using?
  14. I'm envious of Giorgio's collection, too! I like the 73. It needs some restoration, but as I said for what I use it for it meets my needs. Yes, it's a ZX-7.
  15. Giorgio you have a good memory. I do have a pair of 2's and still use them occasionally. They are completeley original, and I use them with a pair of JanZen 1-30 tweeter arrays. If I didnt have my 3a's I would use them a lot more. They presently sit under the 3a's so that when I want to use them, I simply remove the 3a's, put the 1-30's on top, and I'm ready for action. That is a 2105, but alas the tuner is only a lowly MR 73. But it meets my needs and does sound good.
  16. Beautiful job! How do you like them horizontally? I've tried mine both ways, and I think I like them vertically just a bit more. Seems like a I get a little better bottom end. But it's negligible and I could easily live with them horizontally if I had to.
  17. Welcome back! Love the Berkshires. Grew up outside of Boston(Newton) and spent a lot of time over the years in various locales out there. I'm now in California but would love to get back to a visit and see some old friends. Yes internet radio is great. I listen regularly to shows in New York, the UK, SoCal(in in Nor. California), and others. I still prefer a McIntosh tuner for local radio(we have a lot of good stations out here) and the fidelity is quite a bit better with, IMO. But the ability to listen to all kinds of shows from all over the world is a very good thing. And
  18. Got it. Thanks. These are priced at $2200. They look nice and fairly unmolested, but like I said too much for my blood, and I'm happy enough with my 3a's and 2's at this point.
  19. Different seller. Mine is in NorCal, the Ebay is in SoCal. And mine is selling them for several hundred more. He claims that the speakers "this speakers plays but need to move the nubs back and forth to get them to play.I can don't know if all parts are originals.Thanks." I'm not going to buy them, but you don't see many 1's in these parts so they are intriguing. Any idea what the blue wire in the back would be for?
  20. These are for sale not far from me. Seller doesn't know much about them, or if everything is original. From the back it looks like something was done to them. Have no idea what the blue wire is all about. They look to be in excellent shape, and looks like the drivers are original. Would appreciate opinions who know more about these rare speakers then I do.
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