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Ar3a refoam kits


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Good evening.

Tonight one of my ar3a improved woofer foam decided it had had enough (crumbled to pieces).

After buying these speakers 6 months ago I originally refoamed one of the woofers  with a cheap locally sourced kit which was way to stiff, just to check the speakers worked ok.

As the speakers Ara I keeper, I'm looking to refoam both woofers with the correct size and compliance foam.

What is the general consensus on good refoam kits? I was looking at vintage ar, but fleabay says they are out of the office untill the 18th of march....


Please forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find this information with a "best ar3a refoam kit" search.




Matteo Tirinnanzi


PS I have taken my JBL l40s out of the garage while I refoam the ar3a, but  I have to say that for the money they are a really good speaker. Yes the bass is a little woolly and doesn't extend down as far as the ar3a...but I can make do for a month is so....



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Thanks for the info!

I assume you guys have actually used these kits?  The parts express kit seems to have  a wider roll width than original (19mm Vs 16).  The other two I can't find the info. I was looking for a general consensus and got three different answers ?

I apologise if I offend anybody, I'm cautious only because I have to order these from the states (I'm in Italy) and will also pay customs fees....really want to get the perfect kit first time...


At the moment all I know is that the kit I bought here in Italy was way too stiff and the roll width was too narrow.

Hope you understand.


Thanks again





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I have used the Speakerworks foams. I have not used Rick Cobb but he has an excellent reputation. I never used the PartsExpress ones but  ou want the "filled fillet" or Boston Acoustics style. I don't know if the PE foams are but I assume Aadams knows.

No offense taken. Do your homework and be thorough.


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The CURRENT Parts Express kit has a reputation for being correct.  I referenced it because they are easy to find and talk to with extended hours.  I have used Speakerworks which has a decent web presence and ships internationally but is a family operation separated from you by nine time zones.


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The best reason I have found to use P.E. surrounds is that a number of years ago they spoke of an additive used in their foam formula that promotes longevity.

I've been using these for over 12 years now and have never experienced any problems or issues. I have yet to have one of theirs disintegrate or wear due to my hard driving of the AR 12 inch woofer. The very high power I use has not revealed or  shown any signs of wear, fatigue or growing thin from much extension and flexing. Be it from strong powerful classical music to hard driving rock and also jazz.

As a side note, I used one of the first 'joined' surrounds which was the only available surround as long ago as 1990 and to my knowledge there weren't any other sources at that time.  I started using P.E. surrounds when I became aware of them and can highly recommend their product.


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A few years ago I got a set from Simply Speakers. They seemed a bit stiff, so I got another set from Rick Cobb. Much more compliant and perfect fit. Have used at least 6 sets by now. Still have the set from Simply Speakers.



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