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  1. Not my picture, but I keep it around to clarify the wiring of a original pot and a l-pad.
  2. Would real RMS power be stated as "XX wats per channel, 20-20,000Hz with less than 0.XX distortion". I have a Fisher 400 that I have listened to with some AR2a speakers circa 1962 and also some 1963 KLH Model 6 speakers. How about some of the 8 in variants like the AR 18, 18s, and AR 25.
  3. I had the same thing happen to a 2ax woofer. The best bet is to follow Aadams recommendation and look for a replacement. It wasn't hard to find even though there were two sizes for the woofer basket on 2ax's. Mine were the early 6 hole baskets. The later ones were four hole. If you want to get it repaired the two guys Aadams listed are the best I know of.
  4. They are sitting on a hardwood floor now. The backs are 6 in high and the fronts are 7 1/2 in. high.
  5. Just got a set of these JBL JS-120 steel speaker stands yesterday. They were designed for Century 100's, but are a perfect fit for my AR3a's. I think they have a 5 degree rake. Set them up in another room today and have been listening off and on all day. I think they point the tweeters and midranges more toward my listing position than the previous flat stands.
  6. They are brighter. A little too much for me I think. I am currently running my 58S’s at -6 db on the tweeter and flat on the midrange. My 91’s have been out of rotation to long. Currently working on my third pair of 3a’s. I do like their sound.
  7. DAA. Have you ever listened to the AR 91 or the AR58S ? They are basically the same speaker, different cabinets. To me that is the ultimate version of the AR3a 3 way. The AR 11 is very good But the redesigned dome tweeter and midrange really shine on the AR 58S and 91.
  8. After looking at the second woofer on my home computer screen instead of my phone in the daylight, I am not so sure that surround is cloth. It may be foam that is coated over with something yellow. Here are woofers from two different sets of 2a's that I have.
  9. Everything looks right on the first speaker. The second speaker looks right except for the cone and dust cap. Interesting in that my 2a’s have the yellow cloth surround of the second pictured woofer. Was the speaker re-coned and the original surround reused?
  10. I haven't stacked 2ax's yet but have stacked AR5's on top of AR2ax's. While two identical power amps receiving the same signal might be preferable, I just used the speaker A and B outputs on a receiver. Since both speakers are 8 ohm that would be the same as wiring them in parallel. Just make sure the amp has enough power and can handle 4 ohm loads. Not being identical speakers the dome midranges of the 5's were quite prominent, but the overall voicing was close.
  11. I too use a Crown XLS 2502 to drive a pair of 9's. I have used several preamps, but currently use a vintage Yamaha C70. I use a Art CleanBox pro to convert the unbalanced RCA outputs from the Yamaha to XLR balanced inputs to the Crown. There is no noise. I use decent but not expensive interconnect cables. I definitely prefer this combination over my previous Adcom GFA 5500 II and GFP 5500 II setup which wasn't all that bad. Isolate where your noise is coming from and nip it in the bud. Again I ant say enough good things about the Art CleanBox pro.
  12. I have used the acrylic blackboard paint sold at Michaels with no problems. Here is another idea. KLH used to do this. Get some of the sheere black speaker grill cloth from Parts Express. https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-speaker-grill-cloth-black-yard-70-wide--260-335 it is 100% acoustically transparent. Cover your frames with it first and then cover with your 18 ct lambswool. You will not see any cutouts. I usually glue the black cloth then staple the lambswool.
  13. The 100uf Callins caps in my AR91's tested close like your 80's. The 24uf were way off. Interesting to see they are rated 50VDC. I went back with Mundorf E-Cap Plain. I would guess the 82uf and 22uf + 2.2uf in parallel might work. No problems with the lower voltage of these caps so far. I have never herd the 92's but yours are going to be exceptional with the wood veneer. Great acquisition.
  14. Briodo, you have turned those cabinets into a silk purse. They are looking excellent. How did you attach the crossover boards? Get those drivers installed and hook them up.
  15. If the tweeters and mid-range show DC resistance I would sell them separately. More value in parts than the whole speaker and much easier to ship. The cabinets, well maybe somebody in Indiana might want them.
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