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  1. I got that last piece in the mail today. Might be enough to do a pair of AR7's or AR18's. Looks like its time to search around for a alternative to this 18 count lambs wool linen. Problem is that unless the material is actually in hand it is almost impossible to tell from a computer monitor what it is really like.
  2. I run my 9's with one of these Crown XLS2502 Drive Core amps. I know it is a pro amp but it is crystal clear and deadly silent. I have never had the fan turn on. Somewhere around 700 watts per channel at four ohm's. All this for less than $700.00. And here's the kicker, this amp is 2 ohm stable.
  3. Cat your post got me paranoid. I bought some 18 count lambs wool from 123 Stitch last winter for a upcoming restoration. Had to put on my reading glasses to check. I have had nothing but good experiences with 123 stitch. My only issue with them is that they ship the fabric folded. I immediately put it on a roll to let it relax. I have even got the iron out a couple times. I also source grill fabric from the Dorr Mill in New Hampshire and Q Components in Ontario. They actually ship with the fabric rolled up in a long box.
  4. Wow this thread is 15 yeas old. I have a pair of TSW510 speakers with mismatched woofers. The one on the left is the original poly cone and on the right a AB Tech replacement. The original reads 3.7 ohms. The AB Tech replacement reads 7 ohms. Believe it or not they don't sound too bad together. If anyone has a original poly cone woofer for the TSW510 please let me know.
  5. Ok I am familiar with the AR48S and AR48B models and have seen pictures of the AR48BX and AR48BXi models. The AR48LS is new to me. Could you post pictures of your speakers with the grills off? I always like seeing un familiar AR speakers.
  6. Those Sprague electrolytic caps look more like filter caps than crossover caps.
  7. What about the tiny wire leads from the voice coils of front wired AR3/3a tweeters and midranges. What gauge are those? Blue Jeans Cable and SVS will make you any kind of speaker cable you want. I made my own from Parts Express binding post blocks.
  8. I have a set of those I purchased for my AR10pi's. They are nice, the correct open pore foam, but the bevels are not the same as the originals I have on my 14's and 12's. Last summer I made two pairs of wood frame grills for one of my 11's and the other one for J Kents restoration of some 11's you can see on page two of this post. I wish I had your tweeters for my first generation MkI 10pi's have the later MkII black dome tweeters.
  9. Both are great classic AR speakers. I see you have the early version of the 10pi's with the cream colored tweeter domes. They were just talking about those a couple post down. Do you have the foam grills for them?
  10. These cabinets also have a different size grill.
  11. I love that cabinet style. I have AR5's and 2ax's with euro cabinets. Your 3a's are fantastic.
  12. Hi Jon, It looks like you have done a excellent restoration on these 2ax's. Glad you are enjoying them. A question and observation. Did you save the original tweeters? Possibly one day you might want to get them rebuilt to like new condition. The woofers repaired by Millersound appear to have filled fillet (Boston type) surrounds. These are the surrounds I prefer to use. Why not get the best performance out of your woofers. Bill does nice work.
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