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  1. What you have is what we call OLA (Original Large Advent) though Advent never used this name. For a more detailed discussion about your crossover look at this thread. RTally is right about no mods are really needed. Identify which revision your crossover is and go from there.
  2. If I remember correctly the AR8 was only available in a simulated (vinyl) wood grain finish. Thus holding the price down.
  3. Wow Those look factory fresh. Probably better than to ones the Smithsonian has.
  4. Nice looking Mk1 AR10pi speakers. Those 12 in woofers....Ouch. I would pull them to see if the baffle is still able to accept the truncated AR woofer. It may take some time but I would start patrolling the auction site for the correct A4 woofers. Even A5 woofers which were used in the Mk2 versions. Those egg crate JBL type foam grills are interesting. You have the makings of some very good 10pi speakers. Tons of information available on this site. Peace out LarryinIN
  5. Animal has been around for quite some time now. He sells on eBay and craigslist. I think I have talked with him once about some AR9LS's. I wonder why he doesn't post in this forum. He is defiantly a AR guy.
  6. lARrybody

    Sad news

    I considered Robert a friend. He used to live in my town. His advise and ability to provide documentation will be missed. My deepest condolences to his family.
  7. When I re-foamed the midranges on my AR48S speakers I was unaware or I did not pay attention to the paper spacer ring. I glued the new surround to the metal frame. Now I probably don't have the proper cone height. Just when you think you might have some expertise in restoring these speakers authentically you run across new information. I don't know how adversely I have compromised the performance. I remember reading a post about re-foaming 4 in midranges in some AR12's by GD70. Fortunately my 12's came to me with midranges already done. I left the dust caps in place using a tone generator app on my iPhone to center the voice coils. If I ever revisit my AR48S's I may correct the foams. I wonder if you can paint them cream like the originals.
  8. Those have to be birch. The only other blonde veneer offered was Korina, and that grain is totally different. Here are my Korina AR2a's. I think I may have some birch AR 6's that were stained walnut. Those are some rare birds. I would keep the lacquer finish restoring them. I am jealous.
  9. Yes I did order the 20 count lambswool. If you go to the Wichelt website they list it. You have to order it from one of there preferred retailers. I chose a shop in Minnetonka MN (Stichville USA). The owner called me and said they have not received the 20 count yet, but she had a yard of the 18 count lambswool so that's what I got. If you look around at various Cross Stich stores you might find it. Since then I have found more 18 count. It would be interesting to get ahold of some 20 count for comparison.
  10. Nice blonde cabinets. Have you looked at the drivers yet. Which midrange do they have?
  11. Gaston I have a pair of English made AR 12's which may be the same veneer as yours. It had after market woofers that were installed with some kind of gasket sealer and I had the same damage when I removed them. I stabilized the damaged particle board with Zpoxy a epoxy recommended by member GD70 who is a expert on veneer repairs such as you are working on. I used q-tips to keep the epoxy out of the T-nut holes. Here they are with the correct woofers installed with gasket tape. Good luck on your AR11'b project. Looking great already.
  12. RaRa sent me this 1962 Edgar Villchur book several years ago. I tried to read and understand it, but I am just a regular guy. Did not know who Henry Kloss was till my father bought two pairs of Large Advents in the very early 1970's. Went with him a few years later to check out a Advent Tri Beam. First large screen TV I remember seeing. Henry was a visionary and a great marketer. If his name was associated with it you might want to check it out.
  13. The new KLH company headquarters is less than 5 miles from my house. I would like to hear them compared to my originals. I bet they are better. The 2 grand price includes the steel stands. They have veneer and grill cloth options. When compared to the price of L-100 Century's they are a bargain. Samsung and Harman might have to reconsider the price on the JBL's. Do I need another pair of speakers? No Do I have room for more speakers? No Would I like to hear these in my family room? Yes
  14. What tweeter did you use? I would of used these dome Advent copies or looked for the original fried egg tweeters used. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/advent-replacement-tweeter-p85c00019.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwqcKFBhAhEiwAfEr7zTqNFEFexKYYxuQc2B_9-CZSDo0is6gfWw1ISQ7HhOjeQmHj6TvNLBoCnn8QAvD_BwE
  15. I get 24 threads per inch.
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