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  1. Hi all i have a pair of AR3a Improved speakers and one has had a replacement woofer fitted . The correct woofer is p.n. 200003-0 1972-1974 with a wooden (masonite?) ring, should be A3 of the restoration guide. In one speaker this was replaced with a Tonegen 1210003-2A wich is much less compliant than the original 20003-0. The Tonegen woofer is in perfect working order and aesthetic condition so i could also trade that for a decent 200003-0 even if it needs a refoam . Either way, looking for the correct 200003-0 woofer. Only snag is i am in Italy
  2. Thanks for the info! I assume you guys have actually used these kits? The parts express kit seems to have a wider roll width than original (19mm Vs 16). The other two I can't find the info. I was looking for a general consensus and got three different answers ? I apologise if I offend anybody, I'm cautious only because I have to order these from the states (I'm in Italy) and will also pay customs fees....really want to get the perfect kit first time... At the moment all I know is that the kit I bought here in Italy was way too stiff and the roll width was too narrow. Hope you understand. Thanks again Mat
  3. Good evening. Tonight one of my ar3a improved woofer foam decided it had had enough (crumbled to pieces). After buying these speakers 6 months ago I originally refoamed one of the woofers with a cheap locally sourced kit which was way to stiff, just to check the speakers worked ok. As the speakers Ara I keeper, I'm looking to refoam both woofers with the correct size and compliance foam. What is the general consensus on good refoam kits? I was looking at vintage ar, but fleabay says they are out of the office untill the 18th of march.... Please forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find this information with a "best ar3a refoam kit" search. Regards Matteo Tirinnanzi PS I have taken my JBL l40s out of the garage while I refoam the ar3a, but I have to say that for the money they are a really good speaker. Yes the bass is a little woolly and doesn't extend down as far as the ar3a...but I can make do for a month is so....
  4. Yeah the single foam I bough is definitely not the correct item although it is sold as though it is. However this is not an issue. The plan is to try the speakers and see how much I like them. If all is good the I will search for a 200003 woofer and at that point will then refoam both at the same time with the vintage ar kit, and sell on the freshly refoamed TNG. Is running a 30hz through the woofer a common practice to soften up the new foam?
  5. Hi all just finished my first refoam (of the tonegen woofer). I can confirm that The foam was glued to the front of the cone. The foam width of the 200003 woofer is the correct 5/8th and is extremely soft. The new foam for the ring is specific for the ar3a but the roll width measures about 15mm as opposed to the 16mm of the original. Main difference is that the new foam is obviously stiffer than the older one on the other speaker. Any suggestions on how to speed up the breaking in of the foam?
  6. The other woofer has a round magnet. And some metallic mesh on the basket. Could be A4 or A5? Mid seems to be the A13 and the tweeter A20. I think I will refoam the tonegen woofer and keep my eyes peeled for another 20003 woofer in the next few months. For some reason I can't seem to upload pictures....at the the end of the upload I simply get a -200 warning
  7. Hi all first post here. I am the proud owner of a pair of ar4x and as of yesterday a pair of ar3a improved (I live in Italy). Found them at a reasonable price because a young couple bough a house which was cluttered withe previous owner' junk...including a (what looked like) pristine pair of ar3a improved. Got them home and it is clear they have been very well looked after by the original owner. Only thing is, that on opening them I discovered that one of the woofers is incorrect. One speaker has a 20003 which must have been refoamed some years ago (which I believe to be the correct part for this speaker), and the other has an ar1210003-2a . Now, this later woofer is in need of refoaming which leads me to believe it was a new replacement at the time of fitting. My question is: is this woofer truly the same as the original ar 20003 ? Is it worth refoaming or should I start looking for another 20003? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mat
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