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On 10/22/2019 at 5:03 AM, DavidR said:




My AR Towers

Already published, but given the title, I add photos of three of my "towers" AR

AR-1MS, AR2, AR2a


AR4xa, AR LST, AR10PII Replica, AR3a, AR78LS


3 x AR7 pair, 2 x AR4x pair


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2 hours ago, ligs said:

It would be interesting to connect two or more AR speakers for each channel and hear the effects. In the simplest term, AR LST is like 4 Ar3a connected as one for the mid and high range. I expect lower distortion and cleaner sound. 


Others have pondered this solution.

 The LST is a special animal, sui generis.  All of the LST drivers have predetermined output settings and the mids remain at an invariable matched output.  Additionally the baffle is shaped to maintain flat power response to 32hz when it is placed against the wall.   Doing this with multiple AR3as would require in wall mounting or an equivalent which would not allow for angling the mids and tweeters, and you still must figure out how to sync the output of all the drivers while having zero control of the bass driver. Not saying it can't be done but it would not be as simple as connecting multiple identical ARs to the same signal source.


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I have been listening to the AR-LST speaker system since 1989 after acquiring my set of five in mid 1987. That’s almost 32 years ago now and I’ve seen, read and heard stories about people attempting to replicate the LST speaker. Fat-Chance.  I've been an avid AR owner/aficionado since 1971, 50 years of AR sound in my life so, I'm not parroting newly discovered information off of the internet nor was I educated about such matters through the internet, for me, it's all first-hand as a 'user' and avid electronic-buff since childhood.   So, started production in 1972 and I wasn't able to hear them until 1989, that's a 17 year wait.

Attempting to replicate, imitate or approximate AR-LST on one's own is an exercise in futility.  I’ve never heard, seen of read about any success stories regarding such a fool hardy attempt though some think they can.The only way is to be a devoted AR-LST hunter and with cash in hand, find them or a set of two pair, use the requisite high power and quality amplification and then, one can truly enjoy themselves.

Otherwise, there’s no duplicating their glorious and beautiful sound quality. If I’m not mistaken only 1500 pair were made. There’s an additional rumor that maybe 3000 pairs were made, or maybe it was 1500 or 3000 individual cabinets that were made as the truth about these has always been elusive at best. The true number has not been confirmed one way or the other although, I’ve asked here a few years ago but, the number wasn't a definite certainty. 

So, elusive, wonderful sounding, and expensive requiring strict and proper room placement and in the AR classic-period, AR’s ‘TOTL’ is something few fortunate individuals will experience by acquiring a pair or two.

P.S. But, one never knows, do one? And hope springs eternal, doesn't it?   I dreamed about owning even just a single pair since they were first offered in 1972. It was like forcing yourself to forget about a beautifully attractive and desirable woman you passed by on the sidewalk knowing you will never, ever have a chance to experience the glorious enjoyment of her company.

I myself had to bargain and re-bargain many times until the price I paid was acceptable to my budget at that time. Now, I’m the ultra-proud owner of three pairs and the two pair I use regularly are and have been the answer to my dreams since.

So, it’ll forever be a dream unless one makes a concerted effort both monetarily and being able to commit to the proper room placement/set-up and the high power they require.

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