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  1. Was just looking for answers and I found the legacy focus speaker $20000 has the same cone material & double roll cloth surrounds on their midrange too. So mine should be good since they’re also a 4 way I’ve cranked them up for 4 months now and they sound great . 400 watts a channel so I’m selling the 3.6rs Thanks for the help
  2. I have a pair of original large advents fried egg tweeters KLH woofers advents we’re missing cabinets solid but scratched will trade for AR 9 lower mids or upper mids
  3. I just want to put my 2 cents in You got nothing to lose If these folks are doing all this cabinet work and stuff they must like them a lot l recently got 9s they were reconed and they still put my Maggie 3.6 & rel subs aside for now I have finally found synergy after all these years. 80s electronics updated hafler with updated linn and modern cd rega I’ve heard the 100s almost got them but bought the Maggie’s instead I’ve had countless brands most American few English couple japan and the nines are just perfect for me . And if you think about it most have been renewed in some wa
  4. The best price I can have them for not sure what you want for them. I have 9s just got them. The lower mids were reconed I was going to try to make back to original
  5. Are the speakers still for sale I’m interested in the woofers if they are are you thinking of parting them out
  6. They also have the correct baskets 200027 and 200003 with the little red sticker although the guy had one of the woofers wired out of phase fixed that and more importantly gaskets and oually bass you all no about thanks again
  7. As I said they were reconed and the mids have a double roll cloth surrounds cone material is different than any pics I’ve seen but the magnets and spiders are original I added the trim ring from my advents and the extra screws for good measure 8 holes why not 8 screws . I just was wondering if anyone else had there’s reconed. I put my Maggie 3.6rs aside so I’d say they sound damn good. I am an original guy so I’ll look for the correct cones but all have been redone in some form or another. Anyone have any spares or info that will help thanks in advance
  8. Are the speakers still for sale I’m interested in the woofers if they are
  9. My recently added ar 9s Maggie 3.6rs off to the side for now
  10. The previous owner had all this work done and didn’t have gaskets on the woofers and old gaskets on the rest here’s a picture of the woofers appears to be same cone material
  11. There’s so many different things out there I have the same square magnet same number and mine have 8 holes not 4 tried pics wouldn’t load keeps saying -200 what’s that mean
  12. They are totally reconed as well as the 12 inwoofers same cone material ribbed paper but they have foam surrounds all magnets appear to be correct 20003 & 200027 I probably got taken but they sound great and I put aside my magnepan 3.6rs & rel subs
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