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  1. ah ok , I am in the UK and the boxes say Dunstable, Beds UK , so H denotes Holland
  2. There isn't a problem The manual says "4 to 16 ohms dependant on switch positions" I just like to know in what position to set the switches for 4, 8 or 16ohm
  3. "4 to 16 ohms dependant on switch positions"
  4. Great pic David , whats the turntable, looks like a Sansui ?
  5. It is 4 to 16 ohm its just the switch position thats confusing me
  6. Really confused now the manual says highest impedance as -6db and pi (switches to the left)
  7. So David, your photo shows the switches all to the right position so 4pi and 0db are 4ohm , thanks , was getting confused lol
  8. So the three level control switches , bass pi 2pi 4pi , mid and high -6db -3db 0db actually change the impedance so 4ohm is pi / -6db I thought they were all about sonics or is impedance sonics Sorry new speakers for me Thanks to all for your help
  9. Thanks, yes been looking at vintage Japanese amps just dont know how much power is needed and wether I need to get an amp that has speaker outputs that will serve 4ohm speakers
  10. No phono input , is 35w into 8ohm per channel enough to power AR10s ? Consensus seems to say they are power hungry ?
  11. And finally back in , thanks to all for the advice
  12. Thanks , but really after something a bit more vintage , and not needing any of the digital parts , streaming usb etc of a Vena , my main usage would be vinyl
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