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  1. I assume you have a pair of AT 3a improved midrange drivers. You can switch between them to see there is significant difference. At least you can determine which one is faulty.
  2. Would it be possible to buy a replacement midrange with the option for returning? The chance is 50/50 that one may find the sound of either one is fine, especially after carefully adjusting the mid frequency control. To me, your midrange does not show any glaring deficiency.
  3. Have you detected any difference in sound after recapping? When I recapped the 40uf in my AR11, I had to turn down the mid frequency control more than before to make it sound right for me.
  4. Can you also measure the frequency response of the speaker? If you overlay the total response with the that of the individual drivers then any problem will be more apparent. In properly designed speaker, the overall response tends to be smother than the individual drivers. Here is an illustration. http://averagejoeaudiophile.blogspot.com/2015/12/infinity-reference-r152-infinitys-high.html
  5. The three drivers are not authentic AR's. The woofer seems to be a PA woofer with according edge. Phase Tech has good reputation and It supplied drivers(or even deigned ) for McIntosh.
  6. AR 3a is much more satisfying than AR 2ax due the better bass. AR11, IMO, is more transparent than AR3a, probably due to less sound diffraction around the front baffle and grill(foam instead of cloth as I remember). I would grab a pair of AR11 if I had the chance.
  7. I love to see AR try something like its limited Model 3 speaker. I have never heard the sound of it. However, the crossovers contain 12 awg air cored inductors and arrays of polypropylene capacitors are truly a feast to my eyes.
  8. Yes, each capacitor can introduce subtle changes in the frequency response as well as relative spl level. As Adams emphasized, trimming with LPads are often needed to bring back the original sound. I seem to remember AR used to keep a few sets of reference speakers and would measure the current production models with the reference to insure the consistency in sound quality.
  9. If you are satisfied with the bass then they will be ok. Connoisseur 50 and TSW-610 have much larger cabinets(2.6 ft3 ) then AR3a(1.7 ft3), I would have guessed that your speaker will not reach as deep as the real 3a.
  10. Adams, that is a nice solution for balancing the stereo speakers! I have seen many people comparing speaker a with speaker b with all the level controls turned all the way up. This way none of the speaker is sounding at its best. In my DIY speaker building the midrange is the most difficult range to get it right. George
  11. ligs

    AR MGC-1

    Here is the schematic for AR MGC-2. I suspect MGC-1 would be similar except for the bass section. AR MGC-2 x-over.tiff
  12. I had one AR 18 woofer which rattled. It turned out a part of the the voice coil became unglued.
  13. I ran my AR9's to Adcom GFA 555 -2 in a bi-wired fashion using 2 pairs of AWG 12 wires and felt the presentation was cleaner than a single pair of 12 AWG to each channel. When bi-wiring one should enjoy the benefit of reducing the overall resistance while not as much as paralleling 2 pairs of wires to each channel(reduction by 50%, in the latter case). Since I don't have the speakers nor the amplifier anymore, I could not test bi-wiring vs simple doubling the wiring for each channel. Perhaps people who bi-wire their speakers can try this comparison and share the results to the readers? George
  14. I had a pair of AR Hi Res 15 at one time and liked them very much. They had 6-inch Magalloy one-piece woofers and one-inch Diamond coated Titanium dome Tweeters! So both drivers are made of metals. Some of the old links that provide more info are no longer working.
  15. ligs

    OLA's I Just Bought

    Speaking of keeping these as close to the original as possible, It is interesting to note that the original Advent woofer has inverted foam roll as in this instruction video.
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