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  1. It is working out pretty well. The sound seems to become smoother after month's playing. I would rate it as good as my Adcom GFA 555-2 which I had before. The ability of playing down to low impedance (2 ohms) gives me comfort in driving stacked Infinity R253 in parallel with a pair of Peerless midbass ! I have since acquired another Crown XLS 1502. George
  2. Regarding a tweeter capable of crossing over as low as 1200 hz, I want to mention that Carlspeak has identified Dayton RS28F-4 as a candidate. In fact Carspeak used RS28F-4 crossing at 1000 hz to a big 10-inch woofer in Advent Loudspeaker. Carlspeaker even came up the proper crossover for the above system. Therefore, it is very likely this tweeter could be used as a replacement for AR4x tweeter with some adjustments to the crossover. Later, Dayton came up with a replacement for RS28H-4, the new model is called RST28-H4, which retains much of the characteristics of the original tweeter.
  3. "In realtà, quel valore non è Fs ma Fc; tutti questi dati sono relativi al woofer installato nell'altoparlante e collegato al filtro crossover. Quindi il Qts è il Qtc, Qes è il Qec e così via. È anche evidente dal titolo, AR3a (European)." Translation: In reality, that value is not Fs but Fc; all these data refer to the woofer installed in the speaker and connected to the crossover filter. So Qts is Qtc, Qes is Qec and so on. It is also evident from the title, AR3a (European).
  4. That is good to know. I tried Dynaudio D21(3/4" dome with a semi horn) before in AR3a. The treble sounded too prominent. Now I know why. George
  5. Just a couple more notes about the Peeless 835025 aluminum woofer used in this MTM design. I just found out Mike from AMPsLab had three designs using this woofer. Mike praised its performance and reasonable cost. Here is an example: https://ampslab.com/blog/2021/01/21/grosbeak-tbfc/ I continue to like my MTM speakers. They sound more authoritative and more solid than typical small speakers. In this way they remind me of classic AR speakers with 8" or larger woofers. If anything I like the the treble range to be less analytical and more transparent.
  6. Yes, ported. Each woofer sits in a 0.49ft3 enclosure and one enclosure sits on top of another to make the whole setup portable. I found the sound is well balanced(to below 50 hz) and has good details and I don't normally need a subwoofer even with Enya's music. These Peerless woofers have HD motors and cast frames and are very easy to use. George
  7. The latest iteration of my high sensitivity satellite speakers use Peerless HD 835025 6-1/2" aluminum cone woofers which went for one-day 50% off sale at Parts-express that I just could not resist. Each satellite has 2 woofers and one Dayton RST 29 A4 tweeter in MTM configuration. Each woofer has about 87db sensitivity so this MTM with both woofers in parallel would have the potential of about 93 db sensitivity. I first tried MTM satellites over 20 years ago with 2x AR TSW- 105 4"woofers and Dynaudio D28 for each channel. They produced some of the most musical sounding midrange(especially
  8. No, I have not tried Crown's built-in crossover yet. At this point, I am trying to refine the voicing in my satellite speakers. As for the 2xJBL 706G/RST 28 A4 system, the bass range is quite robust, about equal to Revel's 8"woofer. Therefore the Revel is only used with stacked Infinity R152. A common problem with trying DIY speakers is getting those parts to work together! George George
  9. It is only a 12mh sledge hammer steel core inductor (made by Madisound) for a gentle 6db/oct blending around 100 hz. I tried a full 12 db crossover using a 150 uf shunt cap. The single inductor sounds better. I am sorry I missed your question last month because I have been busy with tuning my newest project. In the picture you can see it is a two way satellite using a pair of JBL706G 6.5-inch woofers and a Dayton RST28A4 tweeter for each channel. The tweeter is mounted on top of the woofers and fastened with rubber bands. JBL 706G is used in some JBL synthesis and L series and has cas
  10. Reading schematics can be a little confusing. Here is the equivalent circuit for just the speaker without the crossover.
  11. Genek Thanks, now the pages can be enlarged for viewing. Since I have dabbled a little in speaker DIY. The modern(but debatable)thinking has been flat overall response. However, AR speakers sound good using drivers which have smooth response individually(and wide dispersion) , in spite of the interference between drivers. Would wide dispersion unavoidably result in interference? George
  12. Wiring the filter externally is an excellent idea if you want experimentations. BTW, golden oak stain on Baltic Birch looks very nice. I ought to try that. George
  13. I had a pair of AR8B for a while and they sounded pretty good. You may be interested in the review here. http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/acoustic-research-ar8b-349.html George
  14. It would be interesting to connect two or more AR speakers for each channel and hear the effects. In the simplest term, AR LST is like 4 Ar3a connected as one for the mid and high range. I expect lower distortion and cleaner sound.
  15. I would remove the 15 v caps, since you plan to use your own filters. BTW, from the KLH 5 crossover schematic, I did not see any 5 Mf 15V capacitor connected in the woofer circuit. Usually when a cap is used in a speaker crossover, the voltage rating is typically 50v or higher. George
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