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  1. Access looks poor ? Gradual removal of sufficient of the hardened glue with a dremel type tool may help to some degree ? You may be able to clear enough away to reveal a decent enough connection/area to solder to. I have come across this glue in AR 9 speakers, but the access is pretty good for these through the opposing 12" driver holes. Any work would be much easier if you could remove the whole crossover board, but I am not that familiar with the AR-3a, so maybe this isn't possible ? Good luck !
  2. Looking at the pictures, by golly they knew how to make things in those days. I wonder how much it would cost to just buy the wood and then make something to that basic standard of construction in this day and age ? Literally solid basis for a speaker project, if only to play with non original drivers and experimental crossover/s ? If they were on my doorstep I would consider them at the starting price/s, just to "play with". But then I am a sucker for rescuing old stuff and I like working with wood. Being what they are I suspect they will always have some sort of future re-sale value as time moves on ? Can't see if the serial numbers are close or not, but labels are present ? I had better say that I have no allegiance or relationship with the item/s or seller ! I am in the U.K. And if anyone on here buys them, please don't hold me to account ! My opinions are my own, and I sometimes seriously wonder if I should keep them to myself !
  3. Is it worth considering that the, what is now "tired", veneer will have preserved the original cabinet ? It may (ever the optomist !) be pristine underneath ? Or of course the veneer may have been applied after the surface was subject to some degree of damage, to hide a multitude of sins ! I built a pair of speakers with KEF drivers some 40 years ago and veneered them myself with, to my mind, great success. I know the wood underneath will be pristine, shame it's only MDF !
  4. Thanks Bill. I am intrigued as to what the difference (if any/much) in bass control/sound might be ! I have read some glowing reports of Acoustic Research and Carver turning out to be a match made in Heaven. Actually I believe the AR 9's were made (assembled ?) here in the U.K. and apparently the PM-1200 the U.S.A. and finally the PSC-50 Japan, so a bit of a cocktail. At least none of it's Chinese (no offence intended) ! There are an amount of less glowing reports regarding some Carver reliability. However we only live once so it needs to be tried ! The 9's have the low bass capability, I figure what's wrong with trying to make the very best of it ? I don't know, boys and their toys. Something to play with and for me a tick off the bucket list ! Lance.
  5. Thanks for the replies, both John (?) and Bill. Really good information and somewhat reassuring support . Partially on the back of these replies (no potential future subsequent blame will be attributed !), I have gone ahead and it looks like I may have snagged and await the impending arrival of the following; Carver PM-1200 and a Carver PSC-50 pre-amplifier. To reiterate, I am hoping as previously stated, that they (and more particularly the PM-1200) will be a good match for my AR 9 speakers ? I currently bi-amplify them with a pair of British Quad 606 amplifiers, and Quad 66 pre-amplification. A couple of things, I may be on the lookout for a remote control for the PSC-50, I believe it's a RH-5 ? If someone has one lying in the bottom of a drawer, please let me know ! Also, I have managed to download an owners and a service manual for the PM-1200, but have only found a service manual for the PSC-50. Does anyone possibly have an owners manual that I could have a (scanned). copy of ? Also, again any further advice greatly appreciated. I am thinking these things are well over 20 years old now, the previous owner has allegedly had them for the last 22 years, I doubt he bought them new. Although, again allegedly, he has used them very little, and it appears thay are coming from a domestic environment so hopefully not flogged to the point of death, I am wondering what preventative maintenance aspects I should perhaps be considering. I have taken on board the power supply capacitor advice (thanks johnfalc), but without being overly paranoid is there anything else likely to be critical that I should consider with either amplifier ? Thanks again. P.S. I appreciate that this is the Acoustic Research speaker area of the site, but if you could all (maybe admin' ?) bear with me for the moment before you throw me off somewhere else, I would appreciate it !
  6. In the U.K. Carver equipment is pretty rare, as are AR 9 speakers. I am lucky enough to have a good pair of the latter, and may now have the opportunity to get hold of a carver amplifier to drive them with. Specifically, it's a Carver PM-1200. From researching this forum over time I perceive that Carver amp's can be a good match for the AR 9. Could I kindly ask what opinions people/users may have ? I do have some reservations, as I believe all of the Carver amp's are fairly old now, and that some models can be a pain to repair due to their complexity. I don't know who could now be relied upon to repair a failed amp', certainly more so in the U.K. Any reply will be appreciated.
  7. Probably an idea to look at and put a saved search on th'e-bay internet site, then if anything crops up you should be automatically notified. Of course some kind soul on this site may have something to offer ? If you are particularly fond of the specific speaker model, and/or depending how serious you are, perhaps try to source another complete working pair of speakers whilst waiting for a driver or drivers to "turn up" ? You could also then possibly have the option to switch the driver/s over to your original speakers. If in time nothing materialises replacement driver wise sell your original, or the replacement "slightly less than perfect" (being kind !) pair of speakers to offset the costs. Hope the above makes sense. I suppose it could be seen by some as an extravagant way of going about things ? IMHO it's a shame to see these things unneccessarily broken up or thrown away. Do also give some serious thought as to how/why your original tweeters blew ? Good luck !
  8. Any conclusions worthy of mention now that you have had time to experience the fruit of your labours ?
  9. lance G

    Thanks to admin'.

    As the title suggests, gratitude to any and all involved in the support and administration of this site. It would appear that there has been a prolonged issue apparently now resolved ? I would be most saddened should this site ever be lost, having found it it to be a most fascinating and extremely useful resource. Well done !
  10. Now you have run them for a while, what are your conclusions (before and after) ? I have enjoyed following your interesting ( to me ) journey. Well done, I hope the outcome was worth the work !
  11. Get that second one done and see how they work as a pair. Awaiting the result !
  12. "Have everything connected now. About to close this one up for a test run". Good luck !!!!!
  13. £ or $ or something else ? As with all things I guess it would very much depend upon condition and an ability to function. Any pictures possible ?
  14. I don't know how many others are following this with interest, I know I certainly am. Hats off !
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