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  1. Funny. I will be able to appreciate the humor once i get this speaker fixed. In the mean time, resolving to take it easy.
  2. I thought about connecting them in series, but for some reason that just sounds wrong.
  3. Actually, I did not take out the drivers, I took out a mid range and hi range tweeter. Thanks for the thoughts Mr. Kent on the source of repair of the AR3a
  4. OK. Thank you for telling me what I already knew. And I was so hopeful. I love this amp, and the speakers are oh so perfect. With the blown AR3a I have substituted a pair of Bose 501s for the secondary speakers. I can drive the heck out of these, and as long as I don't go above 75%, I do not have any problem with the amp limiter circuit. So, this brings another question. What vintage receivers would drive the two pair of AR3a? Maybe I should seek an external amplifier. Any suggestions? Really like this forum.
  5. So I have determined I may be making huge mistakes in my choice of amp/speakers. I have two pair of AR3a in very nice condition. Driving them with a Pioneer SX-1280 (185W per channel). I have one pair connected to Speaker A and the other connected to speaker B. Usually drive both sets together. These speakers are 4 ohm, and my receiver specs are written for 8 ohms. There is even mention in the service manual where I may have problems with the limiter section of the amp driving speakers less than 4 ohm. However, the guys at the local stereo repair shop say the amp should have no problem driving these speakers. They do sound great, and I have not hit the limiter much and only when the gain is 80-85%. So my questions; Am I making a mistake driving 4 ohm speakers with an 8 ohm amp? And considering 185 Watts per channel may be too much, should I insert a fuse inline to protect the speakers? Thanks, Ray
  6. Looking for advise on how to repair one of my AR3a speakers. I have two pair. One older front wired set in very nice condition and a newer pair that are working well but not as nice. On my older pair, I drove them too hard (another topic later) and the mid and tweeter cut out on one of them. Using the restoration guide, I tested and disassembled and have determined the mid and hi tweeters on one of them are probably damaged. I get infiniti ohms on both of them. From reading this forum, it looks like there may be some restoration possible. Can anyone provide advise? Both of these speakers appear to be original, there are no part numbers on either one, but there are dates stamped on the speakers indicating March/April 1971. Should I try and get these repaired? And if so, any suggestions on who I should contact? If replacement is more in order, I have been reading about a newer replacement for the tweeter, (P/N 12000840) that will most likely require the addition of a cap and a coil? Have not found much on the mid range yet. If I go the replacement route, should I just fix the one speaker or should I replace the speakers on both to maintain similar sound? I really like these speakers, the sound is so clear, even to my 62 year old ears. Thanks for your help.
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