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  1. I used the liquid. It cleaned well, dissolved the accumulated grime and didn't disturb the lettering. Please test it first as your experience may vary! Following is the "after" picture. The one above was "before". Note the PAS3X with very shiny knobs on bottom. Prior to cleaning the finish looked the same, but the plating difference is readily apparent after cleaning (at least it is in-person).
  2. Coincidently, my little fleet of three PAS3s got cleaned up yesterday. I successfully used something called Goo-Gone Pro-Power, purchased at a local paint store, which did not disturb the lettering at all. Minor lettering disturbances did occur years ago when using seemingly benign dish detergent & water. Go figure. I will attempt to post before & after photos to show the big difference made by cleaning. Be aware that I found the knobs on my PAS3X to have a slightly different type of plating than the earlier PAS3s and they shine-up much brighter.
  3. Having owned both, I'd keep the EPI 100s; not much of a contest there. As for future value, you won't get rich from either pair so I'd call that a tie.
  4. That's a really good question. I guess it's kind of ironic that one of the main sonic strengths of the X is also its chief weakness: the glorious Philips midrange, which in this case, gets crossed over fairly low, making it vulnerable. IMO, you'll be fine with the Dyna amps.
  5. Florian, J'ai un beau 2a qui est complet. Je suis a los angeles et je pense que les frais de port vers la France sont très élevés. M
  6. Beware of having to refoam certain Walsh drivers as some of those surrounds are unobtanium.
  7. Thanks, Transmaster. Remind me to never say anything negative about the 901.
  8. Finally got a pair of ADC 303AX after searching for a very long time. It was a personal teen-aged goal to own every one of the five check-rated speakers in the infamous (infamous because of the Bose lawsuit) May, 1970 Consumer Reports loudspeaker article. The other check-rated speakers in that article were Dyna A25, KLH 6, AR 2ax, Scott S15. The ADC was the only one that never found its way into my listening room, until now. I am happy to report that they sound remarkably good, low-frequency output is nothing short of excellent. They can probably benefit from a recap. More on that as it d
  9. A connection is probably loose either at the tweeter or crossover. Why not pull the tweeter out & see if it works properly outside the cabinet? Just don't put low frequency signal through it.
  10. Il a dit qu'il l'a frappé avec un maillet en caoutchouc.
  11. Martin

    OLAs again

    Nice work!
  12. The price of those University speakers shown is absurd. One should never confuse them with coaxial Tannoys or Altecs. I've owned their lightweight siblings, 6303s, a nice, cheap jukebox speaker. They may look like Tannoys from behind, but they sure don't sound like them.
  13. Pay attention to what Doug G. says, above, because he is correct.
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