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  1. Are the grill cloths on a frame or pressed into the face plate?
  2. To all the answers I thank you. Putting these into perspective for what they are instead of what I would like them to be. He will have some of your words to gnaw on as I reevaluate my wanting these. I sort of expect a more "rescue them at any price" response which would have placed me in a different level of value. These will be for me if I like them and may keep them. Willing to work on the wood finish and able to dissemble, replace capacitors, clean the lpad's, it would be what I would expect. The unknowns of restoring the drivers, at what cost is the gamble. I can look into that. Thanks f
  3. These belonged to his brother I think along with other things he ended up with but had no interest in. I may be able to look em over good before buying but most likely they are original condition. All I was able to see is the tops and the big 3 on the grill. It was not well lit. Any idea what rebuild costs on the drivers are??
  4. How right you are. The pictures available do not reveal these details. I understand the cabinets are solid with staining on one of them. The original cloth and cloth frames are still on them. They are buried in a basement and it will be my job to dig them out. I cannot test them ahead of time. If I had more info I would have certainly added it to the question. Can anyone give a estimate of driver restoral? It will be figured into the price.
  5. A good friend has a pair and is willing to let me buy them. He wants a fair price and I am willing to pay but the range we find is all over the map. Some sales are old & what not. I suggest they will need rebuild most likely so we are asking what would that cost be. Assuming it is just the normal due to age rebuild? Can anyone give us a number? What is the bottom line he should accept in todays market?? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi These are for sale?? How much do you want and where are they?? You can reach me here. Just put Lowboys in the subject. Thanks champ_co@msn.com
  7. Just recently saved a pair of 630's from certain trash heap. No one wanted them from the estate sale. I had to get then to safety even if i am 700 miles away. I negotiated (begged) the inlaws to grab them. And secure them until I can get there. They look great. The owner has a nice coat of ivory pain on the cabitets which looks good with the tan/gold grill cloth. Can any one tell me the probable specs on these. Power ratings??? Frequency range? Thanks
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