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AR9 LSU? info? rare? worth going after?


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Hello folks. I am in communication with a gentleman that has a set of what he is calling Nines with an LSU designation. Can't find any info on these and figured I would throw it out there for some input from the more knowledgeable.

He is going to be sending some pics and will post once in.


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LSU? Hmmm..... I'd guess they might be 9LS or 9LSI (which may have been just a simple crossover revision). There are several threads in this forum as well as AK.




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So I have heard back from seller. It is still unclear to me exactly what model they are but here are a few pics. The black baffle is not what I see in the brochure pictured here of the 9LS. The driver description is new to me as well.

I see an overlapping foam on the 12", is that normal?

Am I treading in "modern" as opposed to vintage here?

From what I have read in posts (thanx Robert for links) it sounds like this was a flagship model of it's time.

I'm so confused.

I think I want these damn things.





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The AR-9LS was manufactured between '82 and '85, and replaced the AR-9 as the top-of-the-line model.

It has a different tweeter/upper midrange system than the AR-9, a single 12" woofer, and a single 10" downward-facing woofer firing into that foamed chamber at the bottom.

The 12" woofer's original foam surround was probably replaced with a non-standard surround, which would account for the seam.

I've never looked inside one of these, so I'm not sure of how to get to the 10" woofer to check on its surround.

Valuation? I'd expect to pay about 50% of a comparable-condition AR-9.

As parts, the combo mid/tweeter has some value.

The 12" woofer and 8" midrange are commonplace, and the 10" woofer doesn't seem like something that would be worth very much.

The next generation of these (the AR-9LSI in your catalog photo) went right off the cliff, covering the whole shebang in vinyl.

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I can't pretend to know anything about this model from experience, but there are two relevant drawings in the library - - one shows the cabinet construction and the other is a detail assembly dwg. for the combined dome driver (tweet and UMR), which is also used in the smaller 98LS. The appropriate brochure for the speaker that you've shown (AR-9LS) with the black baffle is attached here.

Because this brochure is a bit difficult to read and the library dwg. is for cabinet only, I am not 100% certain about this but I believe this model has a total of five drivers, whereas you only see four on the front baffle. I am pretty sure there is also a horizontal 10" down-firing woofer located below the 12" woofer, which accounts for the purpose of that slotted opening at bottom of the baffle. Still, by all appearances it remains an acoustic suspension speaker. Also of interest, the 8" LMR is built into its own chamber.

Just me, but I don't like that overlapping 12"woofer surround, but who knows, it may function just fine and could always be replaced if necessary. If you do go inspect these, be on the look-out for that concealed driver I mentioned - - either take a flashlight and mirror or remove the 12" woof.

post-112624-0-26723600-1430187418_thumb. post-112624-0-44224900-1430187958_thumb.

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So, maybe the U is part of the serial scheme?


TomT mentioned previously that the letter prefix on the classic series indicated the model's relative position in AR's production dating scheme going back to day one, i.e., the AR-4x used a prefix of "FX" indicating it was the 6th speaker system produced by AR and that it was version "X."

I think I remember RoyC saying replacements for the combined driver unit for the 9's has dried up in another thread which means you will need two sets of these if you are interested in the long term, one for parts.

On the other hand I imagine these are less expensive than a pair of ADS-L1590 towers. Some reflections on GAS by TomT: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=4429&p=73852


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yup, these are 9LS's, the U I believe is part of the SN....

and the 12" driver refoam is half-a$$ed with a cut down surround. the correct surround can be sourced pretty easily.

wonder if they refoamed the 10" down firing driver as well...

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