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  1. The sweeetest sounding receiver I have ever heard and owned was a KLH Model 52A. I believe it was rated at 33wpc RMS, and also had the DynaQuad ambience recovery system aboard. The rear speakers were hooked up via RCA inputs on the receiver, requiring you to fabricate speaker cables with male RCA's at one end, and bare wire at the other ends. It also lacked a separate volume control for the rear speakers. Those were the only squawks that I had with it. I never used it with the DynaQuad circuit employed, but I am a big fan of the original QD-4 Quadaptor and what it can add in realism to a system when used judiciously, and with four of the exact same speaker. I've had an awful lot of receivers go through here over the years, but that little KLH was a standout. Just as sweet as syrup when used with New England classics.
  2. Thanks to Kent and ra.ra for the kind words and offer. I want this stuff to go to people who feel that these items are all (almost all) very important contributions to the world of audio, just as I do. People who revere the two guys who were told, "What you're trying to do is impossible" along with "We have a lot of talented guys here already, and if there was anything to your ideas, they would have been onto them." I sure wish I could've been a fly on the wall for the resultant conversation... "You want to start a speaker company?" "Not really, but I guess we could/should. Especially if we want 30% of the speaker market within three years." The integrated amp I offer is an AR (not AR Inc.) branded, headphone jack w/switch installed, heat sinks exposed model.
  3. LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING. I am 10 minutes from either Exit 5 or 7 on the Jersey Turnpike. Please don't ask, shipping is not happening. AR-4x – A pair of oiled walnut time capsules. NEVER USED, still cherry in the original boxes with all paperwork. One speaker is still wrapped in the brown “butcher” paper that AR used before boxing them. Speaker terminals are the shiniest silver I have ever seen. I am convinced these speakers were never used at all. Grilles are perfect naturally, and not easy to remove. I am not going to over attempt to remove them. $300 AR-28S – Not a bad 8” two-way at all. In wood colored wood. Need re-foam. $50 AR 338 – In cherry (vinyl), not a scratch. $250 AR Integrated Amp – Fascia in nice shape, body not badly scratched, no wood case. $200 AR Tuner – In nice shape, has wood case. $250 AR XB91 Turntable – Works and looks fine. No cracks dustcover. Will come with two extra AR headshells for a total of three (none has a mounted cart). $300 Allison Model 6 – Cabinets nice, need a re-foam, one speaker took a hit right in the face cracking the plastic grille slightly, and deforming the tweet a little but it still works fine. Crack in grille can be aligned by hand to the point it is invisible from across the room. $100 RA Labs “Mini-Reference” – Bought these right out of the Massachusetts factory in 1994. Great little 6” two-way in black. $200 Advent 300 Receiver – Nice shape. $250 KLH Model 18 Tuner – Real nice shape. $100 Thanks!
  4. Or "LA Express" which was the release before it. Great stuff.
  5. The downward firing 10" aren't too bad coming out of the cabinet, but they can be a bear to get back in without puncturing the new foam surrounds.
  6. The Radio Shack "Minimus 7". They sound great and come in a bomb-proof little package.
  7. Same here Dave. I'm happy they went to a good home to be used and not parted out!
  8. These speakers appear to be sold to the gentleman who inquired. Thank you.
  9. Quite the living room presentable cabinets and grilles. All cone drivers (2x12"/2x10"/2x8") will need re-foam. One upper mid-range/tweeter module is completely inop. $150 for the pair, local pick-up only here in South Jersey. I tried to send this info to JKent before I went public, but he can't accept any more messages. These speakers are what's left after I purchased two pair, in order to provide a bud with a single, working pair.
  10. If that's what is making a counter-weight tough to find, I'd be happy to trade an AR headshell for one.
  11. I need a tonearm counterweight and I don't care if it comes from XA or XB as long as it does the job. I can pay, or perhaps trade something. Thank you.
  12. Will do sir, thank you. Gentlemen, It appears I was initially contacted by Kent (last night), then Roy C, and then Minh Luong. I have dealt with Kent previously, but if the speakers are still available when he and I are finished talking, they will be offered again in order of contact. Thank you very much.
  13. AR-3 Dark wood cabs are not torn up at all, but a square planter was placed atop one, and the veneer is starting to split. Woofs need a refoam, one of the mids seems to work, and maybe one of the tweeters. I'm half-deaf so it's tough to tell. Grilles are "cane" type material, and I didn't try to remove them when they put up a lot of resistance to being removed. Screw-in type AR badges are there. $75 AR-28 Living room presentable 10" two-way, woofs need foam. $45 DQ-8 Living room presentable in black, one needs a tweeter. It's there but seems inop. $60 I also have Ohms, other Dahlquist, Fried, and maybe a few others. All very presentable, all needing foam. I'm in South/Central Jersey.
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