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  1. Nice find. I picked up a pair of threes a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!
  2. It is also easy to upgrade LSi with the addition of two resistors, one each at the umr and lmr.
  3. My 9ls have a "U" in the serial number. The speakers are not difficult to refoam.
  4. You are correct. The woofers should have a date stamped on the magnet.
  5. Price reduction to $295 for the 98LS speakers. Won't go any lower. Only selling because I have a pair of 9LS again. If they don't sell I'll have a lifetime supply of replacement drivers for the 9LS :-).
  6. Allison speakers sold. Nice pair AR98LS still available!
  7. I have one you can have. PM or email me your address.
  8. Does it have peg on the back or is it flat?
  9. Allison Ones in great condition. Cabinets nice, grills painted with Krylon Fusion satin black paint to renew and strengthen a bit. Woofers recently re-foamed. All drivers original. AR98LS in good condition. Grills recovered, woofers and lower mid-ranges re-foamed a couple of years ago. Cabinets are solid and the tops and sides are in good shape except for some rough spots along the bottom side edges. The speakers sound great.
  10. Thanks toasted almond! It was pleasure meeting and doing business with you.
  11. Hi, Still available? Thanks for letting me know either way. Dave
  12. I find the high power Hafler amps a good match. They are reasonably priced, reliable and still serviceable if necessary. I use either a Hafler 9270 (200 wpc /4 ohms) or a Hafler 9500 (350wpc/4ohm) with 98ls speakers and have used the 9500 and an older Hafler pP505 (professional version of Hafler 500) on AR9 and AR9ls. All have given good results.
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