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  1. I've got their slightly older, bigger cousins, 312HO's. are you sure the woofer is metal? my 312's midwoofs are smooth poly w/rubber surround, IIRC.... these were pretty darn good speakers for their price point when they came out IMHO, but yes, they only share the name with the classic era AR's....and maybe some of the tweeter technology of the TSW eras (titanium domes on these as well, IIRC)
  2. you're seeing the phenomenon you're describing in the classic car marketplace.....the tin lizzy through 40's cars are stagnating/depreciating as large numbers of enthusiasts from these eras age out/die off, and there's softness in the 50's/60's cars as the boomers start to do the same, and there's some strength in some of the rarer cars of the 70's-90's as gen X'ers like me start pursuing the dream cars of their youth now that they have some disposable income (i.e. buick GNX, etc) same thing with the motorcycle market....why is Harley struggling? because their clientele is aging out of the market.....
  3. my biggest reason for leaning towards this route is these woofers are designed very similar to the AR woofer: acoustic suspension mounting and natural rolloff w/o any sort of crossover....looking through 8" woofers at parts express, a lot of the higher ones, the T-S parameters lend themselves much more towards vented designs, or the Qts is so high (>1) that you'll end up with a sharp bump in response and fast fall off on the low end, and a lot of them have a response peak at 3-4khz instead of a smooth roll off at 2khz that will require at least a coil to tame... the Oaktron by MISCO are intreguing (and I believe made in the USA), but their T-S parameter lend more towards vented designs, I feel... https://store.miscospeakers.com/products/find-oaktron-high-quality-speakers?size=94
  4. if I were buying new, that's the one I'd gravitate towards....
  5. geez, if you needed to lighten the load a bit, you could have dropped a few pair at my house in MI (:
  6. I've owned 1977 vintage AR18's, 1973 vintage AR2ax's, early 90's vintage Holographic Imaging M5's, 1980 vintage 58S, and late 90's vintage 312HO's....they're all fantastic speakers....all have foam of some sort....I've done surround replacements on all except the 312HO's I bought new...foam on the woofers is still fine after 21 years as far as holographic all around sound, I'd rank them this way: H.I.M5's (those were fantastic speakers....put them in the corner and in room response goes into the upper 20's), 58S, 18's, 312HO, and 2ax (although in defense of the 2ax's, the tweeters were on their way out) don't be afraid of foam....if you don't want foam, personally I'd go for the early 90's 303's/303a's unless you want the vintage look, in which case, a 3 or early 3a is it...
  7. if you wanted to try get your other woofers fixed at some point, Circuit Shop Loudspeakers in Caldonia is a more local source to check out...I'm about 50 miles from them over in Grand Haven https://circuitshop-com.3dcartstores.com/About-Us_ep_7.html
  8. quit flappin' yer gums, and make a bass bin for the woofer the same internal volume as some 3a's or slightly larger (IIRC Qsys of a 3a is between .8 and 1)....I'd cast it out of 2" thick concrete, personally.... (:
  9. basically the same drivers as the AR18, but in a larger cabinet, one about the same size as the 17, so it's -3db cutoff is about 8-10hz lower....should be nice speakers....I love my 18's
  10. the woofers down in the cab are pretty easy to refoam. The holographic series (at least the M5 & 6) used film type caps that shouldn't need to be replaced in the mid/tweet circuits. I've seen a few holographic series where the dust cap is missing...they're a very flexible rubber....not sure where to find a similar one. most I've seen are cloth, paper, or hard plastic. these were the only ones I could find http://www.speakerrepairshop.nl/index.php?action=page&group_id=10000097&lang=en#.WlAbBXlG1WI
  11. IIRC the bottom internal drivers on the M4's, like my old M5's, have paper cones and foam surrounds. you'll probably need to refoam them.
  12. teledyne bought AR in 1967 and sold in 1989.....so a large number of "classic era" AR's were teledyne era (Ar3a, AR5, 6, 7, the redesign of the 2x) though the ADD series, the vertical series, the LS series, to the TSW series.... Allison left I think in '71 and didn't have further involvement with AR after that
  13. I'm guessing the spiderless, 12 only mid was also an expensive option to cover the gap from the woofer to the 3/4" tweet a relatively flat response 4-5" cone that reaches down the 300 hz seems like it should have been easy to source even back in the 70's....
  14. it's an open cell foam . I've made some out of felt on mine, and have also cut out foam rings....
  15. huh, I still have my AR 312HO's, the hi-res older, 12" non-powered cousins....the foams on the woofers are still good, and the mids are still fine... I don't think the foam surround around the mids & tweets are glued in, I think it's just a friction fit
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