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My next ARs...

Giorgio AR

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After fourteen years of waiting, the longed-for AR3s will arrive at my house in a few days.
They were bought at the time in Singapore by a relative of mine together with a pair of AR4/AR4x (I don't know the model as I haven't seen the back labels yet).
I think I'll get both pairs...one owner and untouched for nearly 60 years!!


P.S. there is also a rare Pioneer SX-9000 receiver with them, this will also arrive at my house!




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1 hour ago, lance G said:

I can sense your excitement from here !

Can you imagine...the photo above is from 2009...I've been waiting for these Acoustic Research for 14 years, I'm still waiting a few days, it's moments compared to the 14 years so far!!

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On 9/7/2023 at 12:29 AM, Illf8ed said:


On an aside I see you are into old motorcycles also.  From my garage to you.

Splendid... even with the valid front disc brake, much more efficient than the small drum brake of the time! I have owned about twenty motorcycles...14 at the same time, I only have a '85 BMW R80 and four mopeds left (very practical and above all with low weight and easy use).
The last motorbike of mine that I sold (I could no longer ride it due to its size and tiring riding position) and which I still regret today is the BMW K1... a Teutonic marvel (sold when it was 29 years old and with 22,000 km travelled, equal to new!!).

Below is a part of my former mechanical vehicles...


...and in detail a nice view of my BMW K1



16 hours ago, Markkb said:


That’s really exciting. How do they sound? Does the Pioneer work?

At the time the Pioneer receiver worked, it had been turned on for the occasion by the owner... 14 years have passed since 2009, it is probably still working (fortunately it is multi voltage and even if I don't have a variac, I can turn it on and make it work for a few minutes at 110v with the 240v selector, and then switch to our 220v electricity).
To date I still haven't managed to get the Acoustic Research photos... but they don't run away from where they are, they wait for me in rigorous silence!
As soon as they arrive at my house (I will probably also get the Pioneer receiver) I will immediately provide news and photos of these splendid musical instruments.

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Fun to see a few bikes here ... I've had too many to recall over my life.  I still own the BMW R75/5 I bought new in Germany in 1972 (and rode for nine straight months with my girlsfriend on the rear, sleeping in a mountaineering tent - Europe, Moroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, Corfu, Greece, Cypress, Israel, Egypt, then back across Europe and the UK and a ride across Canada to home in California), plus a 1979 R100T and a 1988 R100RT (rode it 500 miles last weekend up to the very sad last Reno Air Races).  Before these it was most of the British bikes, including two Triumph TT Specials, BSA Gold Star, Vincent, AJS, etc. 

These past three years of Pandemic plus two back surgeries have cut into my riding but I'm happy to still be able at age 77.  I do find the comfort and technology of my Tesla seductive.

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